Putin Refers to Torah as Basis of His Values

By Brandon Martinez

Vladimir Putin, saviour of the white race, cited the Jewish Torah as the basis for some of his values, revealing that he’s a champion of Abrahamic religion in general, as opposed to Christianity in particular.

“All that you’ve mentioned remain the eternal main values. It’s not a coincidence that the Torah says that giving up the territories is a great sin. The territories, the natural treasures and the people remain the most important factors,” Putin said.

Putin’s “wisdom” is always vague and incoherent, yet his slobbering groupies don’t seem to notice.

Putin’s fondness for Judaism is well-known. Russian Jewry has had a renaissance under his reign. He is close friends with Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar and has cited a Jewish school teacher as his main influence growing up. Recounting a childhood story about Putin, Lazar said that Putin had befriended a Hasidic Jewish family living next door, and spent considerable time at their house growing up, which informed his philosemitic views. Putin himself confirmed the story in his autobiography. Two of Putin’s closest friends today are the Jewish Rotenberg brothers, who became billionaires thanks to construction contracts from the Putin government.

Putin-worshippers have pointed to his pro-Christian statements to justify their slavish reverence, but ignore the pro-Judaism and pro-Islam references that he’s also made when trying to win support from the Russian public. Christian sects deemed heretical by the Russian Orthodox Church, whose Patriarch Kiril is a KGB asset, have been suppressed with Putin’s aid. The Jehovah’s Witnesses were actually banned.

Putin’s values clearly coincide most with Judaism, which preaches self-worship and extreme vengeance against perceived enemies. This is why anyone deemed to be an enemy or critic of Putin has been murdered in foul ways by the regime’s vast network of assassins. When questioned or criticized, Putin lashes out in an emotional rage. His face always contorts with anger when journalists scrutinize his policies.

Some religious Jews believe Putin is their messiah. At a meeting in 2014, top rabbis greeted Putin as if a Jewish King. He played into that by urging “persecuted” Jews in the West to “come to Russia,” promising them protection. This is part and parcel of Putin’s broader design to appear as a Christ-like saviour for the Abrahamic faiths, simultaneously depicting himself as a guardian of Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Borrowing from Zionist tactics, Putin’s supporters and controlled media outlets label all criticism of the Russian leader and his regime as irrational expressions of “Russophobia,” a comparable phrase to “anti-Semitism.” Both Russia and Israel have vast armies of online trolls and bots that shill for their regimes across the web. Putin himself, when confronted with criticism about Russian interference in the US election, compared allegations of Russian wrongdoing to “anti-Semitism.”

Putin has banned Nazi ideology and Holocaust skepticism in Russia, but not Zionist ideology or denial of Stalin’s crimes. He’s courted close relations with Israel while attacking the white Christian nation of Ukraine with communist rebels. He’s banned Christian sects, but not Jewish sects.

Russia has clearly paid off Western neo-Nazis to promote Putin as the saviour of the white race while he throws their domestic Russian compatriots in jail. This bizarre scenario continues to unfold and only a few astute observers have spoken out against this subversive Russian takeover of the nationalist narrative in the West.

New Report: Andrew Anglin was former anti-racist vegan, dabbled in hard drugs, homosexuality & pedophilia

By Brandon Martinez

A comprehensive new report, written by a left-leaning journalist for The Atlantic, details some of the bizarre history of Andrew Anglin, the “face” of online trolling for the alt-right. The exposé reveals that Anglin, before becoming online führer of the Daily Stormer, was an anti-racist vegan who once called for the white race to be “bred out” on a radio show. The article further details Anglin’s exploits in hard drugs, sex with underage girls in the Philippines, and even an episode of homosexual experimentation in high school.

Here are some highlights from the piece.

In highschool, Anglin was an outspoken anti-racist vegan:

“When Anglin entered the Linworth Alternative Program, Columbus’s “hippie” high school, as a freshman in 1999, other students found him a quiet, insecure kid who craved attention and wanted to fit in. A declared atheist, he styled his reddish hair in dreadlocks and favored jeans with 50-inch leg openings. He often wore a hoodie with a large fuck racism patch on the back.”

He did hard drugs and became unhinged:

“He also got deeply into drugs, according to half a dozen people who knew him at the time. He did LSD at school or while wandering through the scenic Highbanks Metro Park, north of the city. He took ketamine, ate psychedelic mushrooms, and snorted cocaine on weekends. He chugged Robitussin, and “robo tripped” so much that he damaged his stomach and would vomit into trash cans at school.’

After breaking up with a girl, he allegedly experimented with boys:

“After the breakup, Dan Newman, another friend at the time, remembers Anglin once bashing his head into the walls of his bedroom in such a frenzy that his mother had to call the police. Several classmates told me that Anglin didn’t date again in high school and sometimes tried to kiss other boys, including one black student he especially liked. Whether this behavior was authentic experimentation or just for shock value, it’s notable in light of the extreme homophobia Anglin has since expressed on The Daily Stormer and elsewhere. He has advocated, for instance, throwing gays off buildings, isis-style.”

While he was attempting to live the lifestyle of a cave-man with a primitive Filipino tribe, Anglin allegedly banged a 14-year-old Filipina:

“Edward told me that Anglin acted like he was smarter than everyone else, and in a country where young white men are “treated in a godly way,” Anglin’s ego only grew. He had a complex about being short—he claims to be 5 foot 7, but several people I talked with put his height closer to 5 foot 4. In Davao, however, Anglin hit on every pretty young Filipina he saw and had success with many of them, sometimes taking advantage of their hope that an American husband could be an exit from poverty. Most of these girls were 18 or 19 years old, but Edward says some were younger. He remembers Anglin once picking up a 14-year-old in a bar and bringing her back to the Sampaguita to spend the night.'”

Note: these are not my claims but those of the journalist Luke O’Brien and people who knew Anglin.

Anglin has caused tremendous harm to the alt-right brand by associating it with degenerate, skinhead neo-Nazism. His troll antics have made a joke out of the movement and discredited any mainstream appeal it might have had. Richard Spencer’s embrace of the freakish Anglin-Weev brigade, in addition to his open support for the anti-European Russian satanist Alexander Dugin and his Eurasian ideas, have sunk him further in the gutter.

This shows that the American branch of the alt-right is being led by incompetent crackheads like Anglin who are deliberately driving the movement straight off a cliff. The more respectable leaders, like Spencer, have been bought off by the Dugin Cult to champion our demise in favour of a Eurasian empire.

Russia Today Forced to Register Under Foreign Agents Act

By Brandon Martinez

Russian propaganda channel RT has finally registered under FARA, a US law requiring companies to identify themselves as agents of foreign governments.

RT is clearly little more than Putin’s personal tool to propagandize the West into his personality cult. RT’s Western-based pundits are whining about the US government pressuring RT to register under FARA, hubristically complaining about “freedom of speech” being suppressed.

These are the same traitorous pundits who vigorously cheer on the Putin dictatorship (as well as other tyrannies like Venezuela, Iran and North Korea) which has monopolized virtually all Russian media under Kremlin control, forcibly shutting down or taking over numerous stations that weren’t towing the Kremlin’s line. That’s in addition to assassinations of journalists critical of Putin, like Anna Politkovskaya and others from Novaya Gazeta. Neither were any of these hypocrites complaining when, in 2014, Russia blocked Voice of America from broadcasting in Russia on grounds that it is “subversive propaganda”. The LA Times reported on that:

The Russian government has cut off broadcasts of Voice of America after a leading state media figure denounced the U.S. government-funded radio as “spam on our frequencies.”

VOA’s contract with the Russian media oversight agency wasn’t renewed after it expired at the end of March because the Kremlin could no longer tolerate “its subversive, sanctimonious, self-serving propaganda,” the Voice of Russia said in its account of the cutoff.

A 2014 US embassy statement on the lack of media freedom in Russia noted that:

“In the last year, the Russian Government has passed laws imposing unprecedented censorship and restrictions on media and online publications,” the embassy statement said. “In the past few months alone it has blocked independent websites and blogs; turned the respected news wire service RIA Novosti into a propaganda service; denied visas and accreditation to foreign professional journalists; and forced leadership changes at several media outlets simply because those outlets dared to challenge the Kremlin’s extremist policies.

One pundit lamenting RT’s new status as a foreign agent was Marcus Papadopoulos, who is very likely a Russian active measures agent directly in the pay of the Kremlin. Papadopoulos is a run-of-the-mill Marxist apologist for every Third World dictatorship under the sun who has developed a special affection for the Putin and Assad regimes. This lousy traitor appears regularly on RT to parrot the Kremlin’s script. Jeremy Corbyn caused a scandal by recently dining with Papadopoulos. Corbyn, the radical leftist leader of the British Labour Party, is notorious for his own affections for Putin and apologism for Islamist terrorists in the UK whose actions he blames on “racism.” Essentially, Corbyn wants to coddle terrorists so they don’t attack British civilians.

Papadopoulous and the whole pro-Putin brigade of Western pundits are loserish opportunists who use RT to build their alt-media brands while RT uses them to forward Russia’s expansionist foreign policy in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

It’s amazing how both the alt-left and alt-right push the same line on Russia, and even North Korea, touting these despotic tyrannies as our saviours or at least our friends. That shows clearly how Kremlin money has bought off elements of both the far-left and far-right, using them as useful idiots for Dugin’s satanic Eurasianist agenda to Bolshevize half of Europe.

Treacherous Spanish Marxists Promote Destabilization of España

Image result for Roures Junqueras Iglesias La Cena de los idiotas
Three Marxists devoted to the break-up of España: Podemos leader Iglesias, Catalan separatist Junqueras, and self-professed Marxist billionaire Roures

By Sean Jobst

On 26 August, an important dinner-meeting was held at the Barcelona home of the self-professed Marxist billionaire Jaume Roures, at a conclave sponsored by Catalan separatist businessman Oriol Soler. The guests of honor included Catalan leftist historian Xavier Domènech, Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias, and Catalan separatist and Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) leader Oriol Junqueras. The order of business: Formulate joint strategies for the break-up of España, not only in Catalonia but nationwide.

Photos were leaked to El Confidencial of Iglesias and Junqueras arriving at the meeting. Their strategy was to create a new “Popular Front” between Podemos, ERC, Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE), and separatist groups. Iglesias and Junqueras discussed close cooperation between Podemos and ERC, with Iglesias being so devoted to separatism he sold out the regional branch of his own party, in preference for direct deals with the ERC. If we examine the activities of each of these individuals, we reveal much about their motives and how deep is this effort to destabilize the nation.

Image result for Roures El Plan de Iglesias y Junqueras

Roures is managing partner of the Barcelona-based media conglomerate Mediapro, with several TV networks and newspapers under his control. He is best known outside Spain as producer of several Woody Allen films set in Europe; he attempted to turn an art school that was used by Picasso into a museum dedicated to Woody Allen but scrapped the plan after local opposition against this blatant eradication of history. “Unfortunately, Spanish culture prevails in the media,” Roures lamented in an interview with the New York Times in 2016.

During the Franco era, Roures was an activist with the underground Trotskyite Liga Comunista Revolucionaria (LCR), which merged with a splinter-group of the Basque armed separatist ETA in 1973. The group consistently supported communist separatist groups in Valencia, Catalonia, and the Basque Country. Representing the transition from economics into Cultural Marxism centered on social issues, LCR was involved in organizing Spain’s earliest “Gay Pride” parades. Pablo Iglesias founded Podemos from a splinter of the LCR.

Image result for communists against spain catalonia

Roures is dedicated to the famous approach of Italian Communist theoretician Antonio Gramsci, that instead of an armed revolution a society can be changed through the culture. He openly admits the goal of his newspapers, “La Sexta” and “Público“, to ending what he termed the “regime of 78”. This refers to the Spanish Constitution that gave unprecedented autonomy to his native Catalonia; two of its seven framers were Catalans, and which was overwhelmingly ratified in Catalonia at a higher percentage than other regions of Spain. Catalan independentistas push a historical myth of an oppressed Catalonia. The facts and privileges of autonomy are an embarrassing thorn in the side of the false narrative promoted by the independentistas.

He has used the pages of Público to promote what he defines as “culture”. On 7th Nov. 2009, he printed the entirety of Leon Trotsky’s “The Permanent Revolution in Público as one such “cultural promotion”. His film productions include the pro-Putin American director Oliver Stone’s 2003 film “Comandante” idolizing Fidel Castro. Roures also produced the documentary “Las colocas de Interior”, which aired throughout Catalonia on his three TV networks – TV3, Público TV, and Gol TV. With testimony from Pablo Iglesias and other prominent separatists and communists, the documentary presented a “corrupt and authoritarian” Spain in its “dirty war against Catalan sovereignty”. It was clearly designed to manufacture public opinion towards the separatist cause, being aired during the lead-up to the referendum.

Roures is the epitome of the champagne socialist, daydreaming about “the Revolution” while counting the profits from his media empire. “I read ‘The Communist Manifesto’ and it does not say anywhere that people have to be poor”, as he justified it to the New York Times. Roures’ Mediapro exploits its rights to broadcast  Spanish football and the UEFA Champions’ League, by politicizing football through FC Barcelona. The club has long been a focal point of Catalan nationalists, and recently released an official statement supportive of the independentistas. Preferring to stay in the background is Roures’ fellow Catalan oligarch Oriol Soler, known for his separatist intrigues and tasked with coordinating their efforts with the Generalitat.

Image result for Pablo Iglesias Basque flag
Leader of a “Spanish” national party proudly holds the Basque separatist flag

The specter of any manifestation of Spanish nationalism is an obsession of Iglesias, even while he actively promotes the nationalism of regions. He has recently led demonstrations in Madrid in coordination  with Basque, Catalan, and Valencian separatist groups. He is so eager with the Catalan independence prospect that he rushed again to Barcelona on the eve of the referendum, to express his solidarity with the independentistas. In the Andalusian city of Málaga, the Podemos “cultural center” of La Casa Invisible portrayed a Spanish flag as a hanging noose, while the North Korean flag continued to fly unhindered above. This was their statement against the “repression” of Spain against Catalonia, while simultaneously extolling the “freedom” of their Communist paradise of North Korea.

Image result for Malaga Podemos North Korea
Podemos’ Casa Invisible en Málaga

Iglesias speaks constantly about “political prisoners in Spain”, while not saying a word about political prisoners living under regimes he praises, including Venezuela and North Korea. Indeed, he hosts a show called “Fort Apache” on HispanTV, a Spanish-language news station operated by IRIB, Iran’s state-owned public broadcasting corporation, and with links to other state-owned networks such as RT and teleSUR. All of these stations have been actively promoting Catalan separatists and presenting Spanish unionists as “fascists” and exaggerating the Spanish police “repression”, which is laughable considering the situation in those countries. One can only conclude that Iglesias bases his loyalty on the money he gets from foreign regimes, while blatantly supporting every cause meant to weaken anything patriotic or traditionalist in Spain.

Despite his own paychecks from TV networks owned by foreign governments, at a press conference in Brussels on 9 Sept. 2014 Iglesias dismissed Spain as “not independent of NATO” due to its policy against the Russian annexation of Crimea. “We must not forget that the European Union favored an illegal transfer of power in Ukraine and the entry of a neo-Nazi party into the Government of Ukraine,” said the Kremlin mouthpiece Iglesias. His faithful towing of the Russian line didn’t go unnoticed by the Kremlin: “Russian leader Vladimir Putin has invited the Spanish leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, to meet in Moscow as part of a strategy to gather support from European alternative social movements after his recent meeting in St. Petersburg with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras,” according to a June 2015 report by mil21.es. “Putin seeks in Iglesias and Tsipras two ‘holds’ with which to try to weaken the Euro-Atlantic offensive against Russia.”

Image result for Pablo Iglesias yarmulke
Yarmulke-wearing Iglesias at Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, an obligatory ritual for any opportunist politician

Iglesias’ predilection for opportunism can be seen in his photo-op of wearing a yarmulke at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, despite his party’s lip service to the Palestinian cause. His partner at the Roures meeting was Republican Left of Catalonia leader Oriol Junqueras, former vice-president of the Generalitat. Junqueras met Oren Bar-El, minister of political affairs at the Israeli Embassy in Madrid, on 26 April 2012, in a meeting described as “intense” and “positive” by the Catalan Nació Digital. This was only one out of the many Israeli links to Catalan separatist leaders. Junqueras stood alongside Puigdemont at the Catalan declaration of independence.

Junqueras’ ERC is the same party cited by Salafist imam Abdelwahab Houzi in his speech calling for the “Islamization” of Catalonia. His party has actively promoted mass-immigration, perhaps to change its declining fortunes, while rejecting Catalans’ relationship to other Spaniards. On 27 August 2008, Junqueras wrote a column for Catalan nationalist newspaper Avuí wherein he fantasized about their genetic distinctiveness: “In particular, the Catalans have more genetic proximity with French than with the Spaniards, more with the Italians than with the Portuguese, and a little with the Swiss; while the Spaniards have more proximity with the Portuguese than to the Catalans and very little with the French.”

Image result for pablo iglesias qatar
Iglesias with the Qatari Ambassador to Spain

Its indeed strange that an admitted Marxist would engage in such fantastic racial theories, obsessed at separating from Spain, and even stranger that same party actively promotes the demographic change in its own region so long as the migrants will speak Catalan and vote for the ERC, unlike the Spaniards who move from other regions. Its interesting to consider Qatar’s funding of a massive mosque project in Barcelona, with Pablo Iglesias’ own meeting with the Qatari Ambassador to Spain, Mohammed Al Kuwari. This project is expected to profit not only the Qatari government but the local Catalan government, which would receive cuts from the contracts. Iglesias has his own questionable financial links, being listed as an “ally” in documents from Soros’ Open Society European Policy Institute, with such “Open Society” networks funding Catalan separatist think-tanks.

Following the same pattern is an upstart separatist movement in Andalusia, led by poet and playwright Pedro Ignacio Altamirano. Centered in Málaga, he has admitted contact with Podemos, and has posted a picture with Junqueras on his Twitter. In fact, he declared the establishment of the Andalusian National Assembly (ANA) while a guest of the ERC in Barcelona. Like Roures, he is a figure in the cultural realm with a Marxist activist background and political ambitions. “If Catalonia leaves, we’ll be the next to follow suit,” Altamirano declared at a presentation in Barcelona on 18 May 2017. This Twitter revolutionary who revels in media attention given to him as aspiring leader of his own state, says the ANA will declare Andalusia’s independence “on social media” on 4th December.

These separatist movements promote a historical myth, and in the ANA’s case it is the oft-promoted liberal myth of a Moorish convivencia at odds with an España they view with contempt. Altamirano has praised Malaga as “the City of Paradise” under the Moors. He rewrites history by lamenting the Reconquista as the “expulsion of Andalusians”, about whom he fantastically claims “are a very old people, 3,500 years-old”, as he told Russia Today. “In the toughest period of the Franco regime, I was meeting with Jews and Muslims,” Altamirano boasted in an interview with a Catalan website. “The great Andalus has always aspired to recover the independence of the Caliphate. In terms of today, we are not talking about a Muslim Andalusia, but it does recover that.”

Image result for Pedro Altamirano Crimean
Andalusian separatists meet with Russian parliamentarians in occupied Crimea. Altamirano is fourth from the left

Like their separatist counterparts in Barcelona, the ANA project their own imperialism against an España that “oppresses” them from Madrid. The expansionist Altamirano aspires to lead more than the province of Andalusia: “We claim Murcia, the Portuguese Algarve and the Rif of Morocco. All this is Andalusia. This is our Andalusia.” Another phony “separatist” movement not sincere about devolution, but aspiring to central control over its own expanding state. Like the Catalan separatists and the Italian Lega Nord, the ANA is headed by privileged, wealthy elites who propagandize by peddling ahistorical fictions on social media and promoted by media outlets linked to a foreign power.

The Ukrainians are right to warn about “an element of Russia’s hybrid war” when a delegation of Altamirano and other Andalusian separatists visited Russian-occupied Crimea on 10 April 2017. They met with Russian parliamentarians in Simferopol, with the stated objective to establish contacts with businessmen who operate with impunity under the Russian occupiers. In his social media networks, Altamirano boasted at his “treatment at the level of Head of State” by the Russians. Much like the disproportionate media attention it gave to Lega Nord and Catalan separatists, Russia Today highlighted the delegation for a special program on “the Andalusian and Catalan policy”, wherein Altamirano stressed “future ways of international collaboration between both parties and between Crimea and Andalusia.” Altamirano and his sidekick, Salvador Garcia Urbano, told the Kremlin network that the sanctions against Russia have “damaged our country Andalusia”, invoking the same business concerns as the Lega Nord elitists: “It’s excellent what we have seen in terms of investment and the future of Crimea after its integration with Russia.” Not one to rest his imagination, Altamirano spoke of Ukraine as “the worst dictatorship” while meeting with representatives of Putin’s Russia.

Image result for Terra Lliure
Terra Lliure

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, militants from the ERC’s youth wing trained with the ETA, as did the armed communist group Terra Lliure, which fought for an independent Catalonia. ERC leaders and other Catalan leftists, such as Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau, have lionized these armed militants as heroes. The various separatist groups in Spain have been mostly Communist in ideology and inspiration, as are the current leaders promoting the destabilization of Spain. And behind every “good” communist is the deep pockets of those on whose hand the glove moves their “revolution”.

Avigdor Eskin: Right-Wing Zionist Fanatic Behind Duginism

Image result for Avigdor Eskin

By Sean Jobst

A hardcore Jewish-Zionist named Avigdor Eskin operates a leading position in the Kabbalist Dugin’s Eurasianist networks. This adds another overlap between the Duginist and Zionist programs to destabilize Europe, while advancing the interests of Russia and Israel among certain co-opted “nationalist” and “far-right” movements that form Trojan Horses within our nations.

Eskin is the fanatic who extolled Russians and Jews as “the spiritual and messianic people” to a thunderous applause on Russian State TV in 2014. Eskin was born in Moscow in 1960, into an assimilated Jewish family with no connection to Judaism. He had an “awakening” as a youth, rediscovering his Jewishness and converting to Orthodox Judaism. He also became a devoted Zionist, only too eager to make “aliyah” to Israel while still maintaining a “foot in the door” back in Russia.

While still in Moscow, Eskin studied Hebrew under Leo Ginblum, a member of the Jewish Defense League (JDL), the Jewish terrorist group associated with the Kach movement of Brooklyn-born Rabbi Meir Kahane. Eskin was so impressed by Kahane that he translated Kahane’s “Never Again” into Russian and upon immigrating to Israel in 1979, he met Kahane and became one of his leading spokesman and associates. Kach is an extremist group that calls for the establishment of a Jewish theocracy within an expansionist Israel, devoted to the Torah and Talmud. Yet, this didn’t stop Kahanists from fighting against “anti-Semitism” and opposition to Israel in the U.S. and Europe with a series of terrorist bombings and street attacks, forming a Zionist terror network within our societies.

Eskin served a stint in the Israeli Army in Lebanon and also began working as a journalist for several Russian media in Israel. He travelled to the U.S. on a JDL fundraising trip for Soviet Jewry in the early 1980s. He actively lobbied politicians and was credited as the one who turned Senator Jesse Helms, a conservative then known for his opposition to U.S. foreign aid to Israel, into a staunch Zionist. Eskin made a successful deal with Helms, that he would support Reagan’s policies in Central America in exchange for Helms’ crucial support for Israel. Eskin admits involvement with some elements in the Iran-Contra Affair.

Image result for Avigdor Eskin Dugin
Dugin and Eskin at a Kabbalistic conference in France

He left the Kach movement over tactical issues, but still maintained a close friendship with Kahane, and a close overlap remains between Eskin’s groups and Kach members. It was a shared interest in the Kabbalah that first drew Eskin and Dugin together. “The Russians consider him a very interesting figure. He has good ties in the Kremlin and is considered a distinguished representative of Israeli society,” Dugin told Haaretz  about his fellow Kabbalist. Eskin introduced Dugin to several oligarchs who funded the Eurasianist movement from its inception:

“The main benefit to Dugin from the acquaintance, however, was one Mikhail Gagloev, a wealthy South Ossetian banker and friend of Eskin’s, who came to sponsor Dugin’s various political activities for much of the coming decade. Gagloev’s business activities focused on Moscow’s army football club, CSKA, and he was a key player in a ‘business group’ known informally in Moscow circles as the Luzhniki group, after the city’s main football stadium where CSKA played. The business front for the group – which included a Ukrainian ex-mobster, Evgeny Giner, and the deputy speaker of Russia’s parliament, Alexander Babakov – was a UK Channel Islands-registered company called Bluecastle Enterprises. Gagloev’s Tempbank had the distinction of financing all Bluecastle’s transactions.” (Charles Clover, Black Wind, White Snow: The Rise of Russia’s New Nationalism, New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2015)

Gagloev was both CEO of the Kremlin-linked Tempbank and vice-chairman of Dugin’s International Eurasianist Movement (MED). Yevgeny Giner is a Jewish businessman very active in Russian football clubs. In 2012, Putin appointed Babakov as his envoy to Russian organizations abroad, a role which includes subverting countries such as Ukraine, Moldova and the Baltic states through Russian-speaking minorities. Babakov met with two officers from Marine Le Pen’s Front National to arrange a loan with a Latvian bank known for its links to the Kremlin. Both Dugin and Eskin have close links with Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Duma’s foreign affairs committee and then ambassador to NATO.

Image result for Avigdor Eskin Alexander Dugin

Along with his Kach associate Yossi Dayan, Eskin participated in a Kabbalistic ritual called pulsa dinura (lashes of fire), which invoked a “death curse” against Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin for the Oslo Accords in 1995. Rabin was assassinated, but after the 30 day period that the “death curse” is supposed to work. In December 1997, Eskin was arrested with Chaim Pakovitch for plotting to throw a pig’s head with the Qur’an stuffed in its mouth, into the complex housing the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque. They also planned on placing a pig’s head on the tomb of Izzadin Qassam, the Palestinian guerilla fighter who fought the Zionists in the 1930s, and set fire to the offices of the leftist Dor Shalom organization, the Jerusalem Post revealed during their trial for incitement.

After his brief prison sentence, Eskin returned to Russia where Dugin gave him a seat on the newly-founded Eurasia Party in 2001. He continued his Zionist activities within Russia, appearing on a TV program hosted by Vladimir Solovyev, a member of the Russian Jewish Congress whose other prominent members includes the Chabad Rabbi Berel Lazar and oligarch Mikhail Fridman. On the program, Eskin called for the destruction of the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and its replacement by a Jewish Temple, and called Palestinians “the people of Antichrist”. An undoubted boon for Dugin’s idolization of “chaos” for the sake of chaos and his transcontinental effort at destabilization.

Working alongside Eskin and Dugin are Russian-born, West Bank-based Rabbi Avram Shmulevich, co-leader with Eskin of Be’ad Artzeinu (For Our Land), a fanatical Zionist group that supports an anti-Western, pro-Russian Eurasianist policy for an expansionist Israel. Shmulevich was elected to the leadership of the Eurasian movement at its constituent congress in Moscow on 21 April 2001, an event where he praised the examples of “the ancient Mongol empire and the Khazar kaganate” and where he represented Berel Lazar, Chief Rabbi of Russia and member of the Jewish supremacist Chabad movement. They represent a growing segment of Israeli leaders who advocate the Russian-Israeli alliance, with Eskin promoting the false line of Israel allegedly being “subservient” to the United States rather than AIPAC subverting U.S. foreign policy. This fits in perfectly with the Duginist propaganda that identifies “the West” as the epitome of evil.

Image result for Avigdor Eskin Alexander Dugin
Member of the Israeli wing of the Eurasian Youth Movement tears up Ukrainian flags in Tel Aviv

Towards this end, Eskin is a leader of the Israeli branch of the Eurasian Youth Movement, whose members have held anti-Ukrainian protests where they tear up and desecrate Ukrainian flags while adopting the Dugin/Boris Spiegel/Kremlin line of Ukrainians being “Nazis”. From the very beginning of the Maidan Revolution, Eskin called for a Russian invasion of Ukraine and has lobbied the Israeli government for support of the Donbass and Novorussia separatists. According to Haaretz: “Although Eskin is currently persona non grata in the United States (possibly because of his Kach background; ten years ago he was refused entry to the country) he still possesses a certain political power there. Thus he was able to help muster the support of 10 congressmen for his candidate for presidency of Ukraine: Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Russian candidate who won the election in February. Eskin also appended the signatures of 36 Israeli MKs to letters opposing the glorification of Ukrainian heroes [Stephan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych], who collaborated with the Germans during the Nazi occupation.”

Alarmed at the cooperation between Ukrainian and Baltic nationalists, such as at a March 2015 rally in Vilnius that brought together thousands of nationalists from countries targeted by the Kremlin, Eskin has referred to “European thugs” forming a “Neo-Nazi international”. He is a frequent guest on Russia Today, whether its slandering “Neo-Banderists” in Ukraine or guilt-tripping Poles for their history of “anti-Semitism”. Banned from the Republic of Georgia for his subversive activities, Eskin is nevertheless a frequent guest in both Armenia and Azerbaijan, where he plays off those two countries’ hostility towards each other for the benefit of Duginite-Zionist destabilization. The two causes are linked, as Eskin’s Knesset friends sent a letter to the European Parliament, against the “anti-Semitism and Russophobia” among “the Nazi trend” in Ukraine. And not surprising given the role of both Israeli and Russian interests in Catalonia, Eskin has also expressed support for Catalan separatists in their destabilization efforts against Spain.

Eskin is a leading figure in the outreach of right-wing Zionist Jews to American alt-right and certain nationalist movement in Western Europe, turning them into useful “goyim” in their own civil war against the more leftist, liberal Zionist Jews. Like Dugin, Eskin misdirects all their attention away from Jewish dominance and towards “Globalists” instead, downplaying the Jewish role in the media and banking system or the power of Israel’s lobbies. One Alt-Right linked publication known for its watering-down of the J.Q. gave a glowing interview of Eskin as “a fascinating figure”.

It should be clear to any true European nationalist that such right-wing Zionists are not our allies. Eskin is a perfect example of why, because not satisfied with just living in Israel he actively promotes subversive activities in our midst. He slanders our nationalist brothers in Ukraine and the Baltic states, promoting secession whenever it serves Israel and Russia’s interests, and he promotes the breakup of European countries such as Spain, parroting the same claims made on Kremlin media outlets and even on Marxist outlets sympathetic towards Putin. And he constantly guilt-trips entire European nations for “anti-Semitism” and their “Nazi” past. This belies all his ideological claims of an alliance, because what unites all of these trends is a shared hatred of Europa

Semites Squabble in London Streets

By Brandon Martinez

Look at this. Mass demonstrations were held by pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli protestors to mark the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, a historic 1917 British government pledge to help the Jews establish a “homeland” in Palestine.

The pro-Palestine movement is strong in Britain owing to the fact that there are so many Arabs, Pakistanis and Muslims occupying British cities, especially London where even the mayor is a Muslim of Pakistani origin.

Muslims have a soft spot for Palestine simply because the majority of Palestinians are Muslims. If Palestinians were mostly Christians, Hindus or another faith, Muslims wouldn’t give two shits about it, hence why you’ll never see Muslims protesting “oppression” going on in non-Muslim countries or oppression by Muslim regimes against non-Muslim minorities in their midst.

Where are the Muslim protests against the foul treatment of non-Muslims and atheists in Muslim-majority states? Where are the protests against the sadistic tyranny of Saudi Arabia where infidels are either killed or made slaves? Even the non-Sunni Muslim sects like Shia are viciously persecuted in that land. You won’t find Muslims protesting that because they most likely approve of oppressing non-Muslims in countries where Muslims are dominant.

Hundreds of British leftists join with the Muslims in the pro-Palestinian protests. These self-hating whites are willing to get off their sofas to promote the interests of a foreign people and land, but couldn’t be bothered to protest the occupation of Britain by these same foreigners. The displacement of their own people is just a vague afterthought: brown foreigners and their interests come first.

If these Arab, Muslim and leftist protestors think there’s an issue that needs resolving going on in Palestine, then why the hell are they still in Britain? They should pack up and head over there. Instead, they plant their two feet on British soil because they know life is better there.

Don’t get me wrong, the pro-Israel Jews on the other side are equally condemnable. These Jews want us to side with them in a quarrel that they started with Palestinians a century ago because they wanted to fulfill biblical prophesies of a magical “return” of Jews to their historic “homeland.” Zionist leaders like Chaim Weizmann bribed and blackmailed British leaders to aid and abet this Zionist project, and today’s Zionist leaders do the same. If these Zionist Jews are so concerned about Israel and its conflict with Palestine, then they should get the hell out of Britiain and go to their “homeland.” Why have a “homeland” if you’re not going to live there?

It makes no sense that Jews have terrorized the world into accepting the existence of Israel, but millions of them refuse to live there. That’s because they want the best of both worlds: raking in the cash running rackets in Western countries and then having a safe-haven (Israel) to run to when they get caught. Zionists are ruthless killers who have murdered Westerners – USS Liberty, Operation Trojan, etc. – in order to dupe us into siding with them in one of their various squabbles with Arabs.

Neither Muslims nor Jews are our friends. As you can see here, both of them are trying to rile up white Europeans to do their bidding. Meanwhile, Muslims and Jews are more actively collaborating to work against nationalism in the West, which, as occupying groups, they both feel threatened by.

We, as European nationalists, need a clean break from both these groups who’ve brought nothing but trouble to our lands.

Globalists Promoting Genocide of Native Swedes

By Brandon Martinez

This video is a few months old, but interesting nonetheless.

It shows the Nordic Resistance Movement, a nationalist group in Sweden, giving speeches outside at some kind of event. The videographer interviews various non-whites and leftists badmouthing the nationalists.

What is the logic from these non-whites who instinctively oppose the nationalism of native Swedes? Their sole argument is that the nationalists are not “tolerant” enough of the presence of tidal waves of foreigners who are demographically displacing them. They constantly say that “this is 2017” and can’t believe such people – nationalists – still exist.

The position of the non-whites here is typical: they feel threatened by rising nationalism that would, if ever to attain power, stop people of their kind from entering the Nordic Viking nation of Sweden. The non-whites want more of their kind of people in Sweden so they can gain more influence and power. They don’t want Swedes being proud of their culture and race because that would mean that they’d resent the foreign invasion displacing them culturally and demographically. That would mean less non-whites would be able to enter the country and take advantage of what Swedes have built.

Essentially, these immigrants are waging a racial war against the native Swedes, and seek to instil guilt feelings in the whites so they welcome their own ethnocide with open arms. The Bolshevik government of Sweden is aiding and abetting the ethnocide at every step, both by bringing the foreigners in and promoting anti-Swedish propaganda in the media. Insane crap like this actually appears on Swedish television:

That ad is literally promoting the genocide of white Swedes. This is where we’re at. We have Marxists controlling immigration policy, Marxists controlling the universities, and more Marxists controlling the television industry.

A new report tells us that Sweden is changing some of its road signs from Swedish language to generic symbols in order to accommodate non-Swedish immigrants:

As of December 1st, some new road signs will pop up on Swedish roads and will be illustrated with symbols rather than text in a bid to make them more comprehensible for non-Swedish speakers. One of them is the road sign that warns of an accident ahead.

“The warning sign shows a vehicle tipped on the side. It’s much faster to comprehend than text. In general, symbols are easier to read also for those who don’t know Swedish,” Niclas Nilsson, at the Swedish Transport Agency, said in a statement.

Another sign that will be replaced and which was previously only understandable to Swedish-speakers was the one indicating 24-hour restaurant services. The text “nattöppet” (open at night) is replaced by a clock face and the number 24 written inside.

Is this not a foreboding sign of a creeping genocide against the Swedes? They’re slowly edging out Swedish language and culture from public spaces in an organized campaign to pave the way for the “New Sweden,” which will be a dystopian melting pot of every culture in the world with hardly any genuine Swedes.

This evil plot must be stopped in its tracks!

Right-Wing Zionists Are Not Our Friends

By Brandon Martinez

Some in the alt-right have proposed an alignment with Israeli Zionist elements, with hopes of soliciting funds from them. Richard Spencer did just that in a deplorable 2010 blog post, asking, “Who knows? Israeli nationalists might want to help finance the far Right in Europe and North America. Certainly, if the two camps could grasp that their interests are complimentary, an improbable grand alliance might be in the cards.” In his endless quest for shekels, Spencer ignores all the dangers of aligning with known backstabbers who have stolen and sold Western military secrets to our enemies in Red China and Russia, just to make a profit. Jonathan Pollard was the single most damaging spy in US history, stealing thousands of classified documents and giving them to Israel, who then passed them on to the highest bidder. Benjamin Netanyahu lobbied for years to get the spy Pollard released, and to this day pleads for him to be allowed to live freely in Israel.

Daily Stormer editor Andrew Anglin, who fled the US to Putin’s Russia, similarly appealed for more cordial relations with right-wing Jews in an interview with Israeli television, wherein he praised Netanyahu’s son Yair after he posted an anti-Soros meme on Facebook. Anglin opined, “I’ve just become informed that there is a Jewish-Israeli alt-right. I’m happy about this. I’m happy to see this; they’re using some of our memes.”

This is the same Anglin who, shortly before embarking on his Nazi revolution, called Whites a menace to the world who need to be “bred out.”

Any “alliance” with Jews or Israel entails the inevitable stab in the back. Right-wing Zionists are friendly with the anti-Islam populists in Europe with the knowledge that they’re cucks for both Israel and Jews domestically and will omit any criticism of the liberal open borders Jewish elites in the West, putting all the focus on the cultural dangers of Islam. These same Zionists hate and work against the genuine nationalists in Europe that criticize Jews and don’t cuck pointlessly for Israel. That shows that Zionists are not genuinely interested in helping any nationalist cause in Europe insofar as it’s not putting Jewish interests first.

Right-wing Zionists also caused us to bankrupt ourselves fighting Israel’s war on terror. They duped us into these wars by manipulating witless Muslims to attack us instead of them. The Netanyahu clique cooked up the war on terror in the 1980s, lobbying for years to have the West kill itself trying to make Israel stronger and its enemies weaker. The Iraq war was, without question, a war spawned by Jewish neocons aiming exclusively to benefit the Netanyahu faction in Israel. Saddam Hussein, while a vicious tyrant, was no threat to the West. But he was a thorn in the side of Israel, and foreign policy theorists of that state had been advocating his removal for years before, finally, tricking the fool George W. Bush into doing it for them.

Right-wing Zionists are less concerned with degrading the West internally with immigration, but they’ve debased us in other ways by sucking us into wars and conflicts that serve their interests and harm ours. They care not for the West, manipulating, bribing and blackmailing our elected officials, forcing them to allocate resources to ensure their state’s survival, while our people are suffering and without decent jobs. What possible benefit do we get from having our politicians bend to the will of a trouble-making foreign state that wishes to pull us into their regional squabbles and use our money and soldiers to defend them?

Israel, at the very least, knew about 9/11 in advance and did nothing to stop it. Some evidence indicates that Israel played an even more sinister role, actively conspiring to make the attacks happen in order to forward the Netanyahu agenda of toppling Arab regimes opposed to Israel. Instead of warning America, Israel’s Mossad sent operatives to New York to “document the event.” Witnesses described seeing roof-top spectators in New Jersey, who were later confirmed by the FBI as Mossad agents, filming the planes hitting the towers and subsequently celebrating and laughing about it. Later, they were arrested and told police the attacks would benefit Israel, hence their joy.

Barely able to contain his excitement, days after September 11 Netanyahu told his people 9/11 was “good for Israel” and helped swing American public opinion in their favour. This is what constitutes an ally? Maniacs who lie, deceive, bribe, blackmail, manipulate and conspire to kill our people so that we do their bidding in the Middle East? Zionists are not only not our friends, they’re our mortal enemies who hate and seek to destroy us. When we are no longer useful to his agenda of colonizing the Middle East for Jewish domination and exploitation, Netanyahu and his clan will gladly sell us down the river and align Israel with Russia and China, which is already happening to a certain degree.

Even the Jewish liberals, who dominate media and politics in the US and Western Europe, support a strong Israel in its current form as an ethno-state for Jews. They’re simultaneously racial supremacists for Israel and extreme leftists who peddle open borders and multiculturalist propaganda in the West. This is obviously a malicious strategy on their part to weaken us while strengthening themselves. The right-wing Jews in Israel do nothing to combat the anti-White policies of diaspora Jewry. They only complain when a liberal Jew like George Soros starts funding groups and parties in Israel that are slightly less extreme than the pro-settler imperialist faction of Netanyahu. But otherwise, these right-wing Zionists are totally silent on the predominant Jewish role in opening up our borders to the Third World, and condemn as anti-Semites nationalist critics who emphasize it.

As European nationalists, we simply don’t care about Israel. If they want to fight with Arabs and Muslims over a worthless strip of land until the end of time, they can go do that. It’s actually better for us that they do that. But the problem is that they work surreptitiously to involve us in their stupid quarrels with excitable Muslims, having us bleed and die so their lousy country can be dominant.

We believe that since Israel already exists as an ethno-state for Jews, then all Jews should go live there and stop bothering us in our societies. But, evidently, Jews are not satisfied with just having Israel as a headquarters and base to terrorize and blackmail the world, they want to rule our countries too. Because that’s what their religion commands them to do.

Russian Trolls Instigated and Backed Both Sides of Street Protest in Texas During US Election

By Brandon Martinez

New findings from the Senate investigation into Russia’s influence operations during the US election found that Russian trolls organized an anti-Islam rally in Texas through Facebook and also spawned the pro-Islam counter-protest at the same time.

Russian trolls manipulated a Texas pride fraternity and a Muslim organization on Facebook in order to engineer a conflict between the two in the streets of Texas during the election. That op was one of many during the US election, all part of Russia’s Duginite “chaos” strategy to pit Americans against each other.

Business Insider reported:

“Russian actors organized both anti-Islam and pro-Islam protests in the same location at the same time on May 21, 2016, using separate Facebook pages operated from a so-called troll farm in St. Petersburg, the Senate Intelligence Committee disclosed on Wednesday.

A Facebook page named Heart of Texas, whose link to Russia was first reported by Business Insider, organized a rally at noon on May 21 at the Islamic Da’wah Center in Houston to “Stop Islamization of Texas.” The account paid to promote the event, which was viewed by about 12,000 people, said the committee’s chairman, Sen. Richard Burr.

Another Russia-linked account, United Muslims of America, organized a counter protest — a “Save Islamic Knowledge” rally.

As The Daily Beast reported in September, the United Muslims of America page was impersonating a real nonprofit organization. More than 2,700 people saw an ad placed by the account that targeted people in the Houston area, Burr said.”

Last month a Russian internet troll confessed to media that his job was “to set Americans against their own government” and promote Russia and Putin as their saviour. He would sit around in a Russian office trolling social media, using divisive issues like gun control and LGBT rights to instigate fights between Americans.

The full extent of Russia’s manipulation during the election is not yet known, but Russian trolls impersonating Americans created all kinds of phony accounts on social media to foment chaos.

Satanic Kabbalist Alexander Dugin has written unabashedly of this strategy, telling readers in a screed about a “Coming Great War” with the West, that for Russia to win the battle it must “create the entirely negative, monstrous, satanic image of the United States and the West in general.”

He wrote this even while he lies to dupes like Alex Jones that “anti-Americanism in [Russia] … has vanished” since the election of Trump. He’s addressed videos to Americans, calling them “my friends in our common struggle” in a clear effort to win over dissident Americans to his satanic Eurasianist cause. Dugin wrote about this trickery as well, advocating openly the need for Russia to exploit dissident tendencies in the West, harnessing their anger towards Russophilia. In his “Coming War” diatribe, Dugin writes:

Russia should be actively involved in the struggle for influence on the American society, strengthening the explanation of the Russian spiritual position in the war, showing that Russians and Americans have a common enemy: a manic satanic elite that have usurped power and are leading the whole humanity, including the Americans, towards the inevitable catastrophe.

Writing for this website, Sean Jobst documented that Dugin is a satanic Kabbalist in league with leading Kabbalists in Israel who share his Eurasianist ideology and hatred for the West. Effectively Dugin seeks to deliver the world into a fiery chaos in order to bring about its end, and by doing so fulfill Kabbalist prophesies about the return of Jewry’s Messiah during such a time. Jobst explained that Dugin has praised the Judaic concept of Tikkun Olam, which holds that Jews are a special chosen people destined to “bring light” to the “inferior” Gentile nations by ruling over them and destroying all dissent to their satanic rule. So Dugin, with his Eurasianist quest to ignite an earth-ending nuclear war between the US and Russia, is essentially carrying out the will of Messianic Jewry.

Trump Points Finger At Globalist Zionist Chuck Schumer After NY Terror

By Brandon Martinez

Responding to the terrorist attack in New York, Donald Trump rightly pointed the finger of blame at Chuck Schumer, the globalist Jewish architect of the “Diversity Visa Lottery” program that permitted the Uzbek terrorist to enter the country.

As you’ve probably heard, an Uzbek Muslim murdered eight people in New York the other day, mimicking previous dastardly ISIS-inspired attacks by ramming his infidel victims with a truck. The Muslim terrorist proudly declared his allegiance to ISIS after being arrested, telling police that he wanted to “kill more” in the name of the unbelievably savage terror group.

The Uzbek terrorist entered the US in 2010, thanks to Schumer’s diversity “lottery” scam, which “distributes around 50,000 visas to countries where there is a low rate of immigration to the US.”

Schumer is a classic anti-goy Jewish globalist who supports total open borders for the West while he vigorously backs the Jewish supremacist ethno-state of Israel, which ethnically cleanses and mass murders Arab Palestinians, builds border walls in order to, as Netanyahu remarked, “keep out the wild animals” and sequesters African Blacks into holding pens before deporting them.

While a horrible tragedy for the victims, who happened to be mostly Argentinian tourists, one good thing to come from the attack is Trump’s populist response. He’s getting more staunch in his anti-immigration rhetoric that won him the election. After the attack, he said that he’d press congress to repeal Schumer’s disastrous diversity lottery program, and would further act against chain migration, moving American immigration laws towards “a merit-based system.”

What he needs to do is properly enact his proposed Muslim ban, which he, under immense pressure from the liberal establishment, watered down to a travel ban from seven Islamic countries. Then he needs to get the border wall up as soon as possible to stop Mexican drug dealers, pimps, rapists, murderers and assorted criminals from crossing the border, bringing their violent gang culture with them. Then he needs to really pull up his boot straps, step outside his comfort zone and declare that Israel is not our friend, and that globalist Zionists like Schumer are the enemy within.