George Galloway – Classic Sabbath Kaffir

By Brandon Martinez

I recently found this video pretty much proving with his own words that former British MP George Galloway is a crypto-Muslim.

Galloway made a career out of shilling for Arab and Muslim causes in the Middle East. He routinely traveled throughout the Middle East lecturing to Muslim and Arab audiences about the evils of the West. Domestically, he bent over for immigrants, especially Muslims, who make up 25% of the population of Bradford, the British city Galloway represented in parliament. Within Britain Galloway was a left-wing communist shill for multiculturalism, open-borders and hate speech laws. He variously called for “Holocaust deniers,” anti-Semites and critics of Islam to be thrown in jail. This is what happens when a white Westerner converts to Islam: they become poisoned with its alien Semitic culture and totalitarian ideas that are antithetical to Western freedom.

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2 Comments on “George Galloway – Classic Sabbath Kaffir”

  1. In 2011, Muslims made up 24.7 per cent of the 526,400 Bradford population.

    Probably over 30% in 2017 as many in Britain do not complete the census. There are also thousands of illegal aliens and new arrival ‘refugees’ in Bradfordistan.

    Luton – 2011 census
    Christian – 96,271 – 47.4%
    Hindu – 6,749 – 3.3%
    Muslim – 49,991 – 24.6%
    Sikh – 2,347 – 1.2%

    80% of Muslims live in inner-city areas – 1,012,000 in London alone.

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