Proof The Russians Bought Off Marine Le Pen

By Brandon Martinez

Starting at 13:30 of this video, substantial evidence is shown demonstrating that the Russians bought off Front National leader Marine Le Pen with a multi-million dollar party loan from a Kremlin-linked Russian bank and a Russian oligarch.

Shortly after the loan was made, Le Pen started taking strong pro-Russian positions defending the annexation of Crimea and calling for an end to EU sanctions against Russia. The video shows a series of leaked texts between two Russian officials celebrating Le Pen’s instant recognition of the Crimea land-grab, stating that “she hasn’t disappointed us.”

The video also shows Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie, the former FN party leader showing off posters of Putin in his house. The man literally worships Putin.

This is part and parcel of a broader Russian soft-power influence operation to co-opt European rightist and leftist parties to push the Kremlin’s interests.

Russian politician┬áVladimir Zhirinovsky is interviewed in the piece and admits that it’s Russia’s goal to break up the EU and dismantle NATO.

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One Comment on “Proof The Russians Bought Off Marine Le Pen”

  1. Marine Le Pen is a joke, she turned Front National into a civic nationalist party. Ironic, she, like all other civic nationalist parties, supports homosexuality, while homosexuality is almost banned in Russia, yet both are allied.

    Anyway, what’s your opinion about the rivalry between USA and Western Europe and Russia? Don’t you think that it’s almost a big fraud to fool the people, like the cold war? Putin himself said that Russia and USA would again ally if a Fascist menace would rise again. You once stated that they want this dialectic game.

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