Unemployed Communists Fight for Russia in Ukraine

By Brandon Martinez

Communists from around the globe have been traveling to eastern Ukraine to help Russia colonize the region and impose Moscow hegemony. One unemployed British communist named Benjamin Stimson was recently jailed for 5 years in Britain under its terrorism act for joining and fighting with Russia’s rebels. Stimson joined Russia’s rebels in 2015 to, in his own words, fight as a “soldier of new Russia” and “kill Nazis.” The video below contains testimonies from this new “International Brigade” of communists who volunteered to colonize Ukraine’s east for Putin, the majority of whom say that they are fighting in Ukraine to oppose “fascism.”

Here are some Spanish communists with the rebels:

These ignorant communists clearly swallowed up all of the Kremlin’s propaganda through outlets like RT which served as recruiting tools for militants to their proxy war. One Greek communist volunteer for Moscow’s shock troops said he went to Ukraine to kill “Germans” (which he equates with “Nazis”). The Jerusalem Post reported that an Israeli communist and other Israelis were fighting with the rebels to combat “anti-Semitic” Nazi Ukrainians. It’s predictable that communists are attracted to the war in Ukraine because the Moscow-backed rebels are openly communist and Stalinist.

The communists see it as a renewed struggle against “Nazism”. Since communism has always been little more than a tool of International Jewry, communists put their lives on the line to kill people they believe are anti-Semitic. These facts make it all the more puzzling that Western “fascists” are supporting communists in Ukraine. One of the first acts of the revolutionists in Ukraine who deposed Yanukovich was to tear down communist symbolism throughout the country, including the giant Soviet red star above their parliament building, which triggered communists who support the mass murder of Ukrainians by Stalin. But when you understand that Putin pays both communists and “fascists” to do his bidding, it begins to make sense.

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