Dictator Groupie Eva Bartlett Now in North Korea

By Brandon Martinez

Globe-trotting Social Justice Warrior and dictator-groupie Eva Bartlett has surfaced in North Korea, showing her “solidarity” with the Kim Jung-Un dictatorship by waving around that country’s flag like a silly schoolgirl. She’s been posting weird virtue-signalling pics of North Korean women and children on her blog in efforts to glorify the country and its regime. Yeah, you can find smiling children in every country, including the worst hell-holes on earth. That proves absolutely nothing.

Last year I became increasingly critical of these fake leftist journalists who went touring around the third world looking for oppressed brown people to support against the “white man’s imperialism.” I predicted Bartlett would start shilling for North Korea at some point if that country came under any pressure from the US. And boy was I right. She’s now running around the Hermit Kingdom snapping photos of the “worker’s paradise” in defiance of “US aggression.” I wrote this in a December 2016 blog post:

Where will her [Bartlett’s] social justice crusade take her next? Perhaps to Africa, where there are no shortage of despotic regimes looking for sympathetic, self-hating whites to take up their cause. Or perhaps she’ll head over to fun-loving North Korea, if ever that regime runs into serious troubles with the West, where Bartlett will doubtlessly take up a prestigious post in Kim Jung-un’s propaganda ministry.

Of course, the hypocrite she is, Bartlett says nothing about the wild threats and provocative behaviour of Kim Jung-Un who just test-fired a missile over Japan. How is that not aggression? Bartlett and other radical leftists are notorious apologists for war and aggression when it’s waged by their favourite dictatorships in the third world, especially ones that identify in some way with communism or socialism.

These idiots have also been shilling hard for Venezuelan socialist strong man Nicolas Maduro’s savage crackdown on protestors and opposition.

Most of these leftist journalists are self-hating white women who endeavour to illustrate their self-hate by kissing up to non-white dictators. It’s such a weird phenomenon. They have a “thing” for powerful non-white strong-men who “stand up to the West” in some way. It’s like they’re living out some revenge fantasy against the white race. They’re like rebellious teenage girls who start dating black men to piss off their “racist” parents.

This stupid Australian communist professor Tim Anderson also attended the boot-licking homage trip to North Korea with Bartlett, openly praising the regime. He and Bartlett were previously on a full-time mission to keep Assad in power in Syria. Then they shifted focus to Venezuela and now to North Korea. That’s the typical commie human shield circuit.

Why won’t these Marxist fools just live in North Korea with their hero Kim Jung-Un instead of parasitizing off the West while soliciting its downfall and propagandizing for its enemies?

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