In Defense of NATO


By Brandon Martinez

Many pundits on the alt-right, alt-left and the broader alt-media promote the agenda of Russia, China and communists everywhere by constantly agitating for dismantling NATO.  They spend countless hours penning degrading propaganda against NATO and agitating for its demise, whilst glorifying the communist killers running Russia, China and North Korea as our saviours.

But NATO is Europe’s only defense against Russian, Chinese, communist, Islamist and/or Israeli invasion and subversion. Dismantling this treaty alliance between Europe’s best nations would be suicidal. NATO is a legitimate and necessary alliance, created to counter the imminent communist threat in Europe following Stalin’s sweeping conquests after stupid Western powers helped him to victory in World War II. The Soviet communist threat and menace was real and NATO was a valid response to it. Why shouldn’t the best of the white nations work together to oppose common threats?

Since 2001 NATO has been diverted from its original mission to protect Europe from Russian Bolshevik invasion. Jewish neocons have partially hijacked it, sending it off to fight Israel’s wars in the Middle East. The Zionist regime in Russia also benefits from having NATO bogged down in unwinnable dog fights with primitive goat-herders and tribesmen in Iraq and Afghanistan.

NATO should by no means be dismantled. Rather, it should be reformed and better people put in charge of it to get it back on track doing what it was made to do: defend Europe from Russian and Chinese communist subversion. It should also be put on alert that Israel is another enemy state working with the communist Russians and Chinese to kill us and execute a white genocide.

The traitors in the alt-right, alt-left and alt-media promoting the death of NATO must be exposed as enemy agents of Russia, China and Israel.

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A prolific writer, historian and social commentator, Brandon Martinez is a 21st century counter-cultural heretic and rebel intellectual for the new European Reconquista.

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2 Comments on “In Defense of NATO”

  1. Brandon I have followed your commentary for some time (non aligned media). I admire you for your work and especially your neutrality and clear thought. I however think that you have a tendency to become a contrarian to what you see (rightfully so) as stupid. Like eurasian dugin stuff and idiots like Richard Spencer etc. However I think it’s a bit over the top to support anything related to NATO. It has been a destructive force and it will probably always be. I think you have been pissed off (understandably) by these eurasian morons, supposed to be right-wing but supporting these communists in eastern ukraine. However being pissed of doesnt mean I will endorse the opposite army. Cheers!

  2. Like I said, NATO was hijacked and diverted from its original mission to protect Europe from communist advances. It must be put back on track, not dismantled. And it does still somewhat serve that function by helping arm up and train Eastern European countries to protect themselves from Russian aggression. Only Russia, China and the communists benefit from the dissolution of NATO.

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