Alt-Right Complains About Free Speech Suppression in West but not in Russia

Putin dindu nuffin wrong says the pro-Bolshevik Alt-Right

By Brandon Martinez published an article decrying hate speech laws and prosecutions in Britain. I, of course, agree with that critique. But this is the same website that openly exalts Putin and the Russian dictatorship which has been suppressing free speech in that country on a more routine and severe scale than in the West. Russia’s hate speech and extremism laws have been used to silence critics of Putin, opposition leaders and radical nationalists.

In 2012 Putin banned Nazi ideology and symbols and in 2014 he outlawed Holocaust denial and criticism of the Red Army. Russian bloggers and social media users have been fined and jailed for posting government-critical content. A Ukrainian library was shut down and its owner arrested and charged for carrying “Russophobic” literature. That’s not to mention the dozens of assassinations of dissidents over Putin’s reign, the latest being the drive-by shooting of oppositionist Boris Nemtsov. The alt-right is not only completely silent about this tyrannizing over the Russian people, but actively supports it and demonizes anyone critical of Putin’s oppression as “liberals,” “leftists” or “globalists.” Meanwhile they whine about free speech suppression in the West. Seems to me that they support curtailing the speech of people they disagree with, but then cry foul when their own speech is scuttled by authoritarians on the political left.

A report in USA Today revealed that rabid alt-right Putin-worshipper, Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer, mailed in his vote in the 2016 US election from Krasnodar, Russia:

Anglin likely hasn’t lived in Ohio for months. He has voted as an Ohio resident only once – in the 2016 presidential election. (He registered as a Republican.) He sent in his ballot from Krasnodar in western Russia, according to records from the Franklin County Board of Elections. 

Richard Spencer and Matt Heimbach also have deep connections to Russia and the Dugin cult. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that certain elements of the alt-right are being directly sponsored by the Russians to only criticize the West for things that are much worse in Russia, whilst falsely fronting as “pro-Western” white nationalists.

In a recent screed laying out his war strategy against the West, Dugin spoke of Russia’s “agents of influence” in the West who would be “entrusted to criticize the West…with predictable results.” Could Anglin, Spencer and Heimbach be some of these “agents of influence”?

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3 Comments on “Alt-Right Complains About Free Speech Suppression in West but not in Russia”

  1. Anglin is certainly an FBI agent. His over the top anti-jew, hollywood neo-“nazi” stuff are exactly the content the SPLC and the ADL are looking for in alt-right websites to prove their point. Sadly the “alt-right” changed in the latter half of 2016 (maybe especially with that Spencer “hail victory” thing which is also suspicious) towards a friendly stance towards ppl like Anglin and Heimbach. The likes of Jared Taylor, Sam Dickson, and maybe comedian Ramzpaul were put aside in favor of the exhibitionist types. This new face of the “alt-right” is shilling for Russia. Certainly in Spencer’s case because of this mediocre-looking bitch. But what crosses my mind is this question. Are they useful idiots of Putin’s global propaganda? Or could something more sinister be happening like FBI and American intelligence trying to derail identitarianism towards russophilia which would be seen as treason by most of the american public and there for shunned without a second thought? Bottom line i think it’s fair to say that the loosely defined group called “alt-right” has been compromised at this point which is exactly what the establishment wanted.

  2. I think the Russophilia is a clear indication that they’re being paid by the Russians. Some of the writers on Spencer’s website are actually ex-pats living in Russia. Anglin appears to be hiding out in Russia too. Heimbach’s mentor is full-time Russophile Matthew Raphael Johnson. The Dugin cult runs part of the alt-right from Moscow. When this is pointed out they resort to trolling and other dishonest KGB tactics.

  3. Edward Waverley (“Kantbot” on Twitter) along with “Aristokles Smith” (and others) are the typical obscurantist, National-Leftist Duginist types you find in social media. To think that the Right would be completely consumed by these “Esoteric Duginists” on the one hand and generic “Judeo-Christian/Liberturd” cuckolds on the other is disgusting.

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