Similarities Between Russia and Israel

By Brandon Martinez

Over the years I’ve observed many similarities between the behaviour of Russia and Israel. Here are some things I’ve noticed:

1) Russia and Israel both have ruthless, murderous intelligence agencies carrying out “wet-work” in foreign countries. The Mossad and the FSB (formerly KGB) are both notoriously adept at assassinations, staged provocations and other wicked chicanery. In 2006, the FSB used polonium to poison exiled Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko in London. In 2010, the Mossad crudely assassinated an operative of Hamas in a Dubai hotel room. The two agencies have carried out dozens of other assassinations of their political enemies over the years. In 2014 a Russian minister encouraged the FSB to “follow Mossad examples” by assassinating the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalist Right Sector group.

2) Both countries employ an online “troll army” of paid propagandists to forward their states’ lies and deceit. Russian and Israeli online trolls are remarkably similar in how they operate and behave. Since they have no valid arguments to defend the indefensible policies of their governments, they exclusively resort to personal attacks and trolling against critics.

3) Both nations label all criticism and opposition as an irrational “phobia.” In Israel’s case, they designate all criticism and opposition to Israel as a manifestation of “anti-Semitism.” The Putin regime and its supporters put down their critics with accusations of “Russophobia.” Putin even recently compared critics of Russia to anti-Semites.

4) Both regimes utilize staged propaganda to “humanize” their cutthroat leaders. You will often see Putin and Netanyahu photographed or filmed doing recreational activities (singing, dancing, playing sports, etc.). They will also stage photo-ops with small children or animals to make these killers appear endearing.

5) Both countries say that acts of violence against them are unprovoked and driven by irrational hatred, while justifying their own violence and aggression against others as necessary acts of “self-defence.”

6) Both regimes are willing to sacrifice the lives of their own people to advance the agendas of their elite.

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