Semitic Outsiders Unite to Kill Evil Whitey

By Brandon Martinez

Last year I began writing about the burgeoning Muslim-Jewish alliance to undermine our growing nationalism in the West.

Sean Jobst has been doing some good work lately, documenting further this evil Semitic alliance to kill us. He has unearthed a prescient quote from an anti-white Jewish supremacist calling upon the Arabs of Europe to forget about Palestine and to focus on spreading their “cultural domination” across Europe, which would be met with Jewish support.

The supremacist Jew’s aim is one of revenge against the Europeans for various alleged historical “wrongs” committed against the Jews. The quote, penned by Israeli theologian Avrum Erlich and found in a recent Times of Israel op-ed, states:

The implications of Jewish – Arab reconciliation on Germany in particular and Europe in general however are not so bright. The day may still come when Arab extremism ceases its misdirected aggression in the name of Allah and ISIS for a more nuanced critique of Germany and European hypocrisy demonstrated in its ill treatment of Israel. Arabs in Europe may yet say ‘you denigrated our gentle and conciliatory Jewish cousins, killed, disgraced and delegitimized them for nought [sic] and now we, more assertive, less willing sheep for slaughter and mockery, have now replaced them in your lands and we demand recompense for their spilt blood and humiliation’.

Indeed a future is not far away when Arabs may justify their cultural domination over Europe while championing Israel and demand re appropriation for the centuries of Semitic denigration. They may yet argue that European values are bankrupt, not fit for governance or international respect, not fair or impartial as demonstrated in its record against Israel and therefore the epoch of European ascendency should come to an end.

This is a common theme amongst the vengeful and vicious Talmudic rabbis, who constantly harken back to alleged Christian-European persecution of the Jews during the middle ages to justify modern-day revenge plots. And now they are actively recruiting amongst the growing Arab and Muslim populations of the West to join them in their Kalergiite crusade to extinguish white European cultures from the pages of history.

Following Donald Trump’s election, Muslim and Jewish organizations based in the West initiated a “reconciliation” program, pointing at the “common threat” of rising nationalism to animate their new-found friendship. Both groups began clamouring for each others’ support to fight the rising tide of “racism, nationalism, xenophobia” in the West as our homelands are drowned, by design, with rampaging migrants from the third world.

An LA Times article noted:

Donald Trump may not be able to forge peace in the Middle East, but he is doing wonders for relations between Jews and Muslims in the United States.

Jewish and Muslim activists in the United States are forging alliances like never before in reaction to the president’s rhetoric and action toward Muslim immigrants.

A similar Times of Israel piece highlighted the Muslim-Jewish rapprochement and the formation of a Muslim-Jewish advisory council that would “help draft domestic policy legislation and advocate on issues of shared concern.”

It also noted that the ADL, a Zionist-American group dedicated to defaming critics of Jewish power, would begin to “increase its efforts to provide support for legal and legislative efforts in the fight against anti-Muslim bigotry.”

Trump has said nothing critical of Jews or Israel and stupidly supports them, but his proposals to exclude specifically Muslims from entering the US was seen by the Jewish elite as an authoritarian nationalist move that could, if commandeered and modified by more principled nationalists in the future, be turned against the Jews too.

We can clearly see that Muslims, even those who front as anti-Zionists, largely side with the elite Jews on this issue of mass immigration because it serves their own interests of flooding us with their co-religionists and spreading Islam, which is why an alliance with anti-Zionist Muslims is impossible and must be rejected wholesale.

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