Inviting Barbarism to Our Lands

This video shows Shia Muslims ritually cutting themselves and bleeding out. They do this to mourn the death of their prophet’s grandson in some ancient battle.

These people believe that abusing and mutilating their own bodies is loyalty to god and the cracked-out warlord Muhammad. How stupid are we to allow people with such primordial traditions and culture to filtrate into our lands?

Don’t be fooled by Muslims pretending to be our friends against the Zionists. They’re only saying that so they can invade our lands, rape our women, kill us in terrorist attacks and then get free stuff from our traitorous, cucked governments. Muslims come here to get a piece of the white man’s pie only to condemn us for being decadent infidels while they play around on their brand new android smartphones and watch ISIS beheading videos to entertain themselves.

The only solution is Reconquista.

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A prolific writer, historian and social commentator, Brandon Martinez is a 21st century counter-cultural heretic and rebel intellectual for the new European Reconquista.

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3 Comments on “Inviting Barbarism to Our Lands”

  1. Hmm. When studying the history of the Christian religion, it’s evident that self-flagellation rituals took place in Europe during plague outbreaks in the Middle Ages. Self-flagellation still happens in majority catholic christian Latin American countries on Good Friday. Sure muslims could be devious, but self-flagellation is not alien, not for catholic europeans. As to analyzing history, the most pesky, marauding, belligerent for catholic christian europeans were the sunni muslims of the Ottoman Empire and of the north african Barbary Coast. Shiite muslims lived far away in Iran and Iraq. They had no physical land borders with christian european states. Iran or Iraq were not christian anyway at any point in time as to justify reconquista. What was christian- Constantinople and Anatolia.

  2. @Roman

    Virtually no European Catholics today practice self-flagellation. Maybe some primitives in Latin America but not Europe. Show me the equivalent self-flagellation practiced by Catholics. Look at this barbarity. Islam is in its own category of insane next to the voodoo religions:

    Reconquista refers to the removal of Muslims from our lands not from their own lands.

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