Islamic Colonization of Britain

By Brandon Martinez

The assumption of power by globalist Pakistani Muslim Sadiq Khan to the mayoralty of London is a clear sign from the globalists that they intend to colonize and humiliate the white race in our own lands.

Muslims preach utter contempt and hatred for us disbelieving “kuffar” while they live and benefit from the societies our white ancestors built.

The strategic positioning of non-whites like Khan into power positions in the West is a wretched sign of our civilization’s demise. The bastard Khan once commented that terrorist attacks are “part and parcel” of living in a big “global” city like London. What he’s really telling us is that daily life in the backwards nation of Pakistan where his parents are from sees routine terror attacks and bloody violence in the streets. British people, Khan implied, should get used to the retrogression of their living conditions to a Pakistani level of intolerable squalor and routine terrorist violence now that Muslims are running their biggest city and represent a major demographic block in the country.

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4 Comments on “Islamic Colonization of Britain”

  1. Mr. Martinez, let me premise this by saying that I consider you to be a truth-teller in many regards, especially concerning Jewish power and influence and Islam.

    That being said, I find it surprising that you have apparently embraced white nationalism. I remember on your old site, you devoted at least one post critiquing white nationalism’s emphasis on who qualifies as “white” and who doesn’t. I thought it was very well written. But now, it seems that you have embraced the same or a similar ideology of people you once criticized. That wouldn’t be an unprecedented change, but it is surprising.

    Am I right about your transformation? Or am I mistaken? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you!

  2. I believe that I was criticizing the fringe wing of white nationalism that says only Northern Europeans are “white” and the rest are mongrelized. I’m still critical of such people for pushing a divisive template that excludes certain white groups on the basis that they may have some slight admixture. Most of those extremists fall within fringe movements like Christian Identity, KKK, Creativity, etc. Most reasonable white nationalist intellectuals reject the divisiveness pushed by those groups. I’ve also been critical of the alt-right itself for its hardcore Russia cucking even if I agree with them on most things.

  3. Thank you for the clarification. But that leads to another question. What disqualifies someone from being “white”? For example, take the socialist and cultural marxist Jew Bernie Sanders. He looks pretty damn white to me, even though he’s anti-white. In fact, I’ve seen Jewish girls with blond hair and blue eyes that many of the daily stormer losers would fall in love with if they didn’t know they were Jewish. Would you consider Bernie Sanders to be a non-white?

    Here’s another example. Look at Assad’s wife, Asma Al Assad. She looks pretty white to me. What do you think?

  4. Yes I’d say Sanders and the Assad woman are both white. A lot of Ashkenazi Jews and some Arabs are white. Some Persians and Turks are by reasonable standards white. But the majority of them are not.

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