Catalan Separatists Are Pro-Immigration Cucks


By Brandon Martinez

A telling article in Politico titled “The New Catalans” details the support for separatism of some non-white immigrants to Catalonia and the welcoming attitude of Catalonian separatists to these invaders.

The article spotlighted a pro-separatist Sikh immigrant, Gagandeep Singh Khalsa. The article states that, with rising nationalism and populism across the West, Catalan nationalists “have been remarkably welcoming toward migrants. That stance has the potential of paying off.”

The newly-arrived immigrants and their families are “fertile ground for those seeking to break with Madrid, and independence campaigners have set out to win over the region’s new arrivals with welcoming rhetoric and promises of policies that would make it easier to obtain work permits and citizenship.”

The region’s secretary for equality, migration and citizenship, Oriol Amorós, said that “the ERC intends to grant immediate citizenship to all legal residents living in Catalonia when it becomes independent.” Calling Catalonia a “nation of immigrants,” the cucked minister also promised work visas and group visas to help migrants get established and bring their families over to expedite the white genocide.

After the ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in Barcelona, the region’s foreign minister said that immigration wasn’t the problem, but people opposed to multiculturalism!

How is this true nationalism? It is a cucked form of civic nationalism based entirely on economic concerns. Catalonian nationalists would rather live with weird foreigners than true Spaniards. In fact, they hate the white Spaniards and view them as “fascist oppressors,” aligning themselves with the non-whites colonizing their land.

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5 Comments on “Catalan Separatists Are Pro-Immigration Cucks”

  1. Always the mentally ill self-hating brigade, supported by Jews and other elements of the cosmopolitan/financial class. Muslim poodles get on board too, it’s all fun to them, “exotic”. Socialism is a mind virus – as ex-KGB Schuman/Bezminov said: “once someone is infected, nothing will change his mind”.

  2. A independent nationalism which openly exploits immigration opportunism to get whatever votes they might confer against Spainish authority, promising them full citizenship and pie in the sky, is impossible to rationalize if there is not a powerful incentive from becoming part of some new international syndicate with more advantages than Spain offers. So their “nationalism” is actually more internationally orientated than the appearance of regional self rule suggests. This same strategy is similar to the way “independent republics” have set up in Ukraine and Crimea, although thankfully militarism has not played such a large part. Instead it is soft envelopment through feel good political opium.

  3. Isn’t there a Russian convert to Judaism now living in Israel who was instrumental in helping Dugin launch his National Bolshevism movement? What’s that guys name? …..”Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, an “orthodox medievalist” and full-time propagandist for the Kremlin. Johnson helped popularize Putin worship among the American “patriot” crowd during his tenure as editor of the Barnes Review, where he wrote steaming piles of factually incorrect nonsense glorifying Putin as an anti-Zionist saviour.” Harsh!

    1. Yes, that would be Avigdor Eskin. who provides a nexus between Duginists and the right-wing settler Jews of the Kahanist movement. He translated Rabbi Meir Kahane’s manifesto into Russia. Eskin is the nut who performed a Kabbalistic “death-curse” (pulsa dinura in Hebrew) upon Yitzhak Rabin. Not surprising, Dugin has his own interest in Kabbalism (

      Eskin has some influence in the U.S. through the terrorist Jewish “Defense” League, being credited as the one who turned Congressman Jesse Helms into a Zionist. He boasts how he was personally involved in lobbying ten U.S. Congressmen to support his friend Viktor Yanukovych when the latter became President of the Ukraine and is a well-known Russian stooge. (

      In 2014, Eskin called for outright Russian intervention in the Ukraine – echoing the sentiments of his friend Dugin – and has since supported the pro-Russian Donbass separatists. He lobbies for the Russian-Israeli alliance within the Knesset. (

      Eskin is banned from the Republic of Georgia due to his subversive activities, and frequently slanders Ukrainian and Baltic nationalists as part of a “Neo-Nazi International” against Russia. He was positively profiled by the Russian disinfo site Sputnik (

      Putinist/Duginist cucks within the Alt-Right movement have also wrote favorably of this Russian-Jewish Kabbalist fanatic. Eugene Girin, who has published and written for VDare, Front Mage Magazine (David Horowitz’s screed), Alternative Right and Chronicles Magazine, gave an fawning interview of Eskin in which he called him “a fascinating figure.” (

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