Alt-Righters Must Avoid Russia Cucks and Duginists Leading the Movement

By Brandon Martinez

The nebulous alt-right, which is presumably focused on a Western renaissance and rebirth, is being led by extreme Russia cucks and Duginists pushing the National Bolshevik agenda of Eurasianism. That much is clear from the self-imposed leadership of Richard Spencer, the American Russophile whose wife Nina Kouprianova is some kind of KGB tool running PR for the Putin regime in the West. At least two of Spencer’s chief contributors on, Vincent Law and Trey Knickerbocker, physically live in Russia and wield their pens in the service of Putin’s cult of personality as well as Dugin’s dream of a Eurasian imperium subduing our Eastern European brothers under the communist Russo-Sino jackboot. Daily Stormer editor Andrew Anglin, a demented kook who once called whites a “dangerous” menace needing to be “bred out” shortly before going “Total Fascist” while pimping KGB communist Putin as our saviour, was recently traced to the Russian city of Krasnodar where he mailed in his vote in the 2016 US elections.

It’s hard to tell whether these shady individuals are currently being paid by the Russian government and/or Dugin’s henchmen directly, or are simply mouthing Putinist talking points in the hopes of securing funds from them in the future. For his part, Spencer appears to be an unscrupulous opportunist, hustling for cash from anyone who will give it. Years ago on Radix Journal he solicited funds from right-wing Israelis of the Likud bent in a proposed “Alliance With the Jews.” He has in interviews with the Israeli press expressed sympathy for Zionism, calling on hypocrite Jews to respect him as a Zionist for whites.┬áSpencer’s opportunism and proclivity for fundraising aside, his overt Moscovite wife makes his Russophilia and Putin worship more sinister, bordering on criminal treason as he advocates against his own country when its interests conflict with the agenda of Putin. The situation resembles that of Bela Kovacs, a former high-ranking official for the Hungarian nationalist party Jobbik, who was charged with treason as a spy for Russia and whose wife had been working for the KGB for decades.

Then there’s Matt Heimbach, the leader of the Traditionalist Workers Party, who models his own organization, movement and goals on Dugin’s National Bolshevik principles. He employs the class-obsessed lingo of Marxism (bourgeoisie, capitalists, etc.) in his critique of the financial and political elite in the West, including in his critiques of Jews. Yet he never applies those same critiques to Russia’s rapacious financial elite, which consists of 110 billionaires controlling much of that country’s economy, 25% of whom are Jews. While Heimbach and others constantly harp on corruption in Western countries, they are astoundingly silent on the industrial-scale corruption in Russia, and even overlook the influence of Jews in Putin’s circles. Meanwhile, they recoil with horror at the sight of even one Jew in the inner circle of a Western politician. Heimbach was mentored by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, an “orthodox medievalist” and full-time propagandist for the Kremlin. Johnson helped popularize Putin worship among the American “patriot” crowd during his tenure as editor of the Barnes Review, where he wrote steaming piles of factually incorrect nonsense glorifying Putin as an anti-Zionist saviour.

Spencer’s rallies in Charlottesville have featured foolish dolts parroting the Russophilic chant “Russia is our friend!” while they supposedly lobby against the removal of Confederate statues. What does Russia have to do with confederate statues and why are Spencer’s followers chanting about Russia when they’re supposedly trying to save America from cultural rot and mass immigration? Obviously exalting Russia and shilling for its interests is high on the agenda of Spencer, who has instilled the same deranged love affair that he has with a KGB killer in his sheep-like followers.

But the alt-right has no organizational structure and no figurehead that dictates policy to underlings. The term basically describes a loose coalition of disenfranchised whites who favour nationalism and a strong cultural and racial identity. While Spencer, Heimbach and other subversives try their best to lead rank-and-file lemmings astray into the trap of Russia worship, many others who would fit the definition of alt-right have resisted that tendency and called it out as a dangerous suicidal cult that serves our Bolshevik enemies in the East. Alexander Dugin is a nihilistic Bolshevik who hates the West, favours non-whites over whites, and actively plots the demise and death of our civilization.

Anyone promoting him as our ally is either a dupe or agent of the Dugin cult. Dugin is not for nationalism but an Eurasian empire that uses Eastern Europeans as slave-labour in Russian gulags. He and Putin have spoken favourably of the genocidal communists Stalin and Lenin, and lament the collapse of the Soviet Union. Putin’s proxy rebels in eastern Ukraine openly exalt Stalin and model their “peoples’ republics” on Soviet communist principles. Most of their foreign volunteers are communists who vowed to “fight Nazis” in Ukraine. Yet we have certain factions of the alt-right siding with these enemies on the basis that Putin’s regime passed a law against the promotion of gay propaganda to minors. Stalin used similar ploys to win over religious Russians to his various agendas. During World War II the tyrant relaxed laws suppressing religious expression and freedom when he wanted to recruit cannon fodder for his war with Germany. Putin is utilizing the same Stalinist technique as he plots the demise of the very people waving pom poms in his favour.

It’s hard to get good information these days. And it’s even more difficult to hear analysis that doesn’t play into one of the various traps that our enemies have set for us. That’s why it was necessary for me and others to create this website which will provide a more accurate, knowledgable and reasoned big picture perspective that will help us win the fight to save the West from destruction.

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