Radical Muslims Threaten to Kill Geert Wilders in the UK

By Brandon Martinez

I’m not sure when this video was taken, but it shows a mob of radical Muslims threatening to murder Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician and critic of Islam, for the “crime” of mentioning negative things contained in the Koran.

Openly calling for Wilders’ head on a stake, the bloodthirsty radicals declared any criticism of Islam invalid and deserving of a swift Islamic punishment, which is the death penalty. Apostates also receive the death penalty in Islam for the “crime” of realizing that the Koran is complete rubbish, Mohammed was a rampaging warlord and pedophile, and that Allah doesn’t exist.

How can it be that we allow these backwards people to come to Europe where they attempt to impose on us their authoritarian death cult, which forbids any expressions of thought that contradict the primitive 7th century logic of the Koran. Leaving behind the intolerable squalor of their own countries in the Middle East, these primitives come here to exploit the prosperity that white Europeans built while they vocally incite for our demise unless we accept as ours their Bedouin desert culture and become slaves to an invisible demon called Allah who demands that his followers slaughter and oppress anyone who doesn’t believe in him.

I have my own issues with Geert Wilders – principally his extreme cucking for Israel and Jews and his weak civic form of nationalism. He is, ultimately, controlled opposition who operates within the confined parameters that the powerful Jews who he works for approve of, making sure to keep discussions about immigration solely focused on the backwardness of Muslims and Islam whilst ignoring the racial issue altogether. He’s simply not good enough and no friend of the true alternative right. But the fact that there exists in Europe mobs of crazed Muslims baying for his blood shows how deep in the shit we actually are by having allowed such reprobates to set up shop in our homelands.

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2 Comments on “Radical Muslims Threaten to Kill Geert Wilders in the UK”

  1. I oppose all non-European immigration into Europe, but Geert Wilders is an Israel firster and rumor has it is of some Jewish ancestry. A kosher nationalist one might say. He has bowed down to world Jewry many a times. This is a dangerous trend in Europe at the moment and if this particular type of nationalism is the new norm, Europe is doomed. Just take a look at all the fallen so-called nationalist parties of the past. You had Marine Le Pen with her Jewish boyfriend proclaiming that Jews do not have to fear FN. I believe all the philo-Judaic “nationalist” parties formed some sort of coalition. The same does not come across my mind at the moment, but I know Matteo Salvini of Lega Nord was a member of it and he has said he is a brother and friend to Israel… Anyway, that’s my two cents on the issue. Muslims will not go away anytime soon until Jewish jurisdiction is ousted.

    1. Wilders has also been investigated by the Dutch Security Service for his links to Israeli military and intelligence figures whom he frequently meets with in Israel. (http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.756924)

      These kosher nationalists are traitors and are trying to misdirect opposition to mass-immigration, towards only opposing Muslim immigration on civic nationalist grounds, while also shilling for wars for Israel. (((They))) are always ready to hijack any movement and co-opt legitimate nationalist sentiment towards their own ends. I’d suspect this is also an effort to forestall genuine nationalist movements from gaining traction, by stealing their thunder as it were.

      Perhaps its the German in me, but for me there can be no compromise on the Jewish issue and those like Wilders and Marine Le Pen who do so are traitors to Europa, even though they are obviously better than the other mainstream parties when it comes to mass-immigration and Islamization.

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