Russian Internet Troll Reveals Aim to “Turn Americans Against Government”

By Brandon Martinez

A paid Russian internet troll revealed to Russian media outlets that his job was “to turn the Americans toward Russia” as well as “set Americans against their own government” by provoking unrest and discontent through divisive issues like LGBT rights, gun control and gay marriage.

The troll revealed how a secretive Russian troll factory had three “desks” with different tasks, all essentially aimed at sowing discord and havoc in Western countries, whilst at the same time glorifying Putin as the world’s saviour.

An investigation found that the Internet Research Agency, a Russian company behind the troll factories,¬†“hired 100 American activists over the internet to hold 40 rallies across different US cities. Those people did not know they were working for a Russian organization, according to the investigation.”

Two of the dupes Russia paid to push its propaganda were a pair of semi-literate African¬†YouTubers, a hip-hop duo called “Williams & Kalvin,” who vlogged against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. A Daily Beast investigation found that Russia hired the two low-IQ Africans as part of its influence campaign to swing the election for Donald Trump.

All of this nefarious Kremlin activity fits the “chaos strategy” championed by the likes of Alexander Dugin and his duped followers. In his maniacal screed about a “coming great war” with the West, Dugin advocated full-blown influence operations designed to exacerbate the discontent of dissident elements in America and the West, with the ultimate aim of provoking devastating civil war within Russia’s rivals. Dugin specifically outlined the need for Russia “to create the entirely negative, monstrous, satanic image of the United States and the West in general” in order for Russia to triumph over its stated Western enemies. That’s where Russia Today and its offshoots come in, with substantial help from bought off pro-Kremlin and Duginite voices in the alternative media.

Unfortunately, the Duginite network has tricked and brainwashed much of the alt-right to support their own destruction in the service of Bolshevik Eurasianism. They parrot with precision the Putinist saviour narrative, touting Russia in utopian terms as the “white man’s paradise,” a white nationalist twist on the former Marxist appellation of the “workers’ paradise.” If they really believe Russia is a paradise for disenfranchised white males in the West, then why don’t they go there and see for themselves, instead of just acting as the KGB’s fifth-column?

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