German AfD Party Explicitly Rejects Islam

By Brandon Martinez

Germany’s populist Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party won 12% of the vote in the last elections, giving them 90 seats in parliament. The party has echoed euro-skeptic populist positions, criticized Merkel’s anti-German open borders policies and explicitly called for rejecting Islam. Some of their members have clear nationalist tendencies, but their leadership has cucked out at times, rejecting and expelling members that are genuinely far-right.

Their stance on Islam is solid. Here a party spokeswoman explicitly says that the party rejects Islam as a hostile alien force determined to gain political power in Germany:

A BBC breakdown of their positions says that the party “would ban foreign funding of mosques in Germany, ban the burka (full-body veil) and the Muslim call to prayer, and put all imams through a state vetting procedure.”

If true, that’s great and should be applauded. Germany is a white, Christian nation. Seeing any number of Muslims walking around with burkas and, god forbid, burkinis on the beach is an absurdity and slap in the face of both Christianity and the German nation.

German mosques have been funded by the obscenely wealthy oil barons of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two nations that promote and export the extremist bloodthirsty death cult of Wahhabism, which animates the professional beheaders of Daesh. If the reprobate rulers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar got their way, they would send their Shariah death patrols through the streets of Berlin to collect disobedient infidel skulls and put them on stakes, like their terrorist proxies of Daesh have been doing to the people of Syria and Iraq. Every known extremist Muslim should be swiftly expelled and their mosques of origin shut down and padlocked forever.

AfD is promising but they’re ultimately weak on core issues. They mimic the populist rhetoric of Nigel Farage and the anti-Islamism of Geert Wilders, but stop far short of making their stand against immigration an explicitly racial issue and, predictably, cower in fear of the Jews. AfD needs to start calling out Jewish power as an oppressive alien force holding Germans down since the end of World War II. The suicidal policies of mass immigration and multiculturalism have been exclusively the sinister handiwork of Jewish elites and their hand-picked self-hating stooge, Angela Merkel. Living out a Talmudic revenge fantasy, vengeful Jews like Gregor Gysi have openly applauded the low birth rate among Germans, lobbying for more genocidal immigration as Jewry’s “final solution” to the “Nazi problem.”

Their goal is clearly a white genocide of Germans to prevent any kind of nationalist backlash to Jewish power from ever occurring in the future. That’s the whole aim and purpose of cultural marxism since its founding by the Jewish supremacists of the Frankfurt School.

Another good sign is that leftist crazies have been screeching and wailing in the streets since the victory of AfD, chanting their Antifa slogans like mindless zombies. But uncucked white Germans, oppressed for decades under a Jewish-imposed tyrannical thought control regime, are rising up against their ethnic displacement. However, it will be a tough fight to wake up the whole country, as there are far more self-hating hippies than nationalists at the moment. But nationalism is clearly on the rise, and it cannot be stopped.

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