Cucks and libtards will yell at the sky to protest Trump

By Brandon Martinez

To protest the presidency of Trump on the one year anniversary of his election, degenerates are putting on an event billed “scream helplessly at the sky on anniversary of the election.” The raging kooks will, according to a Yahoo news article, “mark the occasion, in Boston, New York and possibly Seattle, by bellowing helplessly at the rapidly warming sky.”

The event is supposedly meant to continue “the communal primal scream begun by Yoko Ono,” the cracked-out widow of John Lennon. The New York event page says, “Join us cucks and snowflakes, safe spacers and libtards, as we enjoy a collective cathartic yell into the heavens about our current political establishment.”

At least they know what they are: cucks, snowflakes, safe spacers and libtards just about sums up these pathetic cretins. It is simply astonishing that the United States has become so infested with such idiots. What exactly happened? Cultural Marxists took over the universities and began pumping out self-hating, dysgenic, nihilistic garbage to students across the country, producing this incorrigible glop of swine that we see today doing things like this.

The leftist critique of Trump is bankrupt and hollow. They attack him on the basis that he is a strong, patriarchal white male who has vowed to roll back the immigration invasion from Mexico and the third world. They don’t hate him simply because he’s white because if he was, for example, running a similar platform to the libtard cuck Justin Trudeau in Canada they’d love him. If a white man champions the interests of minorities, they’re ok with that, but would obviously prefer that the president is a non-white, a homosexual or a woman, or all three in one.

A proper critique of Trump is one from the right. His weakest points are his cucking out to Israel and Russia and the fact that he’s not nearly strong enough on race and immigration. His Jewish family members make it impossible for him to ever embrace an uncompromising ethno-nationalism that would extirpate the Jewish hold on power. He’s essentially an alt-lite, race-blind civic nationalist, which is far better than the globalism of the money-mad lunatic Hillary Clinton, but is, at the end of the day, not nearly good enough if we are to save Western civilization from its current rapid decline.

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