Attempted Assassination of Ukrainian Politician in Kiev – Russia Suspected

By Brandon Martinez

Yesterday occurred an assassination attempt in Kiev on Ihor Mosiychuk, an MP for the opposition populist Radical Party which has seats in Ukraine’s parliament. According to reports, a bomb strapped to a motorcycle exploded as Mosiychuk left a television station, wounding the lawmaker and killing his bodyguard as well as a civilian nearby. Mosiychuk said he believed that the initiators of the attack were in Moscow and had hired local henchmen to carry out the hit.

Numerous other assassinations have taken place in Kiev since 2014 after Putin sent in his communist rebel army to subsume eastern parts of the country into his planned Eurasian empire. A Reuters report noted that in 2016 a Ukrainian military intelligence colonel was murdered in a car bombing. And in March of this year, former Russian MP Denis Voronenkov, who had fled to Ukraine after having fallen out with Putin, was gunned down in central Kiev.

It seems that anyone who falls afoul of Putin’s Kremlin winds up dead, in jail or in hospital with severe injuries. Yet this kind of mafia behaviour is met with applause and praise by rightists? Putin is effectively a mob boss, contracting out dozens of cold-blooded killings of his rivals and critics to organized Russian criminals.

Putin’s fans in the alt-right simply ignore these kinds of things, or justify them as a necessary evil for their ‘saviour’ to continue to rule Russia with an iron fist while he finalizes plans to save the white race from extinction in the year 2050.

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