Choosing Ukraine Over Putinist Bolshevism

By Brandon Martinez

Two weeks ago there was a massive gathering of Ukrainian nationalists to mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army led by nationalist godfather Stepan Bandera, who was assassinated in 1959 by a KGB hitman.

Russian media cucked right the fuck out as they customarily do when Eastern Europeans show any signs of patriotism or nationalism which falls outside the control of the Bolshevik mafia rulers in the Kremlin. Kremlin outlets refer to Ukrainian nationalists as “far-right radicals” and always make sure to throw in the “Nazi-collaborators” smear against the movement’s founders. This coming from the mouthpieces of the Putin regime, which Kremlin cucks in the Alt-Right believe is uncucked and pro-white? What delusion.

Ukrainians are strong patriots and nationalists, and have a forceful nationalist movement there which participates openly in politics. The Right Sector and Svoboda are Ukraine’s most recognizable nationalist organizations, but there are many other smaller groups and parties that share a similar populist-nationalist platform. The Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists encompasses all the different Ukrainian nationalist organizations, counting tens of thousands of members.

This is way bigger than any nationalist movement in Western Europe or North America. The American Alt-Right can barely manage to get 100 people out to a rally, and half of them appear to be Alt-Lite goofs, whereas Ukraine’s nationalists have held grandiose marches with thousands chanting patriotic slogans and proudly honouring the memory of their forefathers.

During the events of 2014 when Ukrainians rose up against Putin’s stooge in Kiev, the US-based Alt-Right largely sided with Putin’s communist rebel army, condemning Ukrainian nationalists with baseless smears of being “Jew puppets.” The Duginite Nazbol wing of the American Alt-Right really showed their true red and yellow Bolshevik colours, backing Putin’s “war against fascism” in Ukraine while they LARP as Nazis themselves. This idiocy continues today, with Nazbols (National Bolsheviks) or Nazbol-friendly personages in charge of the main Alt-Right websites and groups like, Daily Stormer, The Right Stuff, Traditional Workers Party, etc.

Ukrainian nationalists associated with Right Sector and Svoboda are pan-European. They even run a website called Reconquista Europe promoting cooperation between European nationalists. They tend to work more closely with other Eastern Europeans who aren’t mind-slaves to Putinism and Bolshevik Eurasianism. It seems that the further West you go in Europe the more likely it is that the nationalists there will be under the spell of the Putin/Dugin cult. Not feeling a direct threat from the Putin danger, nationalists further West are more susceptible to Putinist/Duginist propaganda. Also, Russia Today and other Kremlin media sources are more influential in Western Europe than East, so it’s predictable that we find more Putin worshippers there.

Ukrainian nationalists are our natural allies and deserve our support. They are great on all the main issues and promote a Third Way nationalism that doesn’t subordinate itself to some big power. The sovereignty of Ukraine, the Baltics and Eastern Europe generally should be respected and protected with NATO power. We must fortify Eastern Europe with an Intermarium of nations to form a united front against Russia, China and the Bolshevik anti-white coalition of BRICS. Russia cucks among us should be deported to Siberia where they can stew in the fiction of the “white man’s paradise” sold to them by Duginist con-men.

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One Comment on “Choosing Ukraine Over Putinist Bolshevism”

  1. Good article. I’m glad that somebody of the right-wing on the West analyses the truth about “Putin’s Russia being the last stand of the white race and traditionalism” and another propagandist bullshit coming Russian politics, used for their own aims, fooling the right-wing worldwide. I’m not sure if it’s known for you, guys, but beside the most of right parties in Europe, Russia also sponsors the leftists (for example, “Die Linke” in Germany). Muslims from Caucasus have a huge rights and autonomies in Russia. The leader of Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadirov, who killed Russians in 90-s, has an order of “The hero of Russia”. Also the Checnya is the most economically developed region in Russia. Muslims and non-whites from middle-asia rape Russian girls and do the “Namazes” (Islamic pray) on the Red Square in Moscow. And if we look at those little facts, how can anybody still think that “Russia is the white race’s last stand” and etc?
    Really makes you think…

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