Shocking Proof of White Genocide in France

By Brandon Martinez

A video I encountered on Twitter shows a busy street in France where an unrelenting stream of Black Africans can be seen walking with only a slight sprinkle of White faces among them. This is crystal clear proof that Whites are rapidly being replaced by imported foreigners from the third world. This is a monstrous genocide taking place before our very eyes!

A once great and powerful nation, France will slowly descend into African-level poverty, crime and total corruption. The country is already unrecognizable in certain parts, with Arabs and Africans forming a majority in major French cities. The France of old – a once prosperous, soaring nation of musicians, poets, inventors, scientists, explorers – is slowly dying. Without the White French people to sustain it, the nation will cease to exist, becoming something comparable to Zimbabwe and other decrepit, failed states in Africa.

What’s happening in Europe is a great crime against humanity. Yet members of our own race are, at the behest of Jewish globalist Kalergiites, supporting the erasure of our people. Maniac leftist politicians have openly proclaimed their desire to leave no part of Europe untouched by diversity, like this crazy madman Frans Timmermans:

“Diversity is our destiny,” the traitor proclaimed, as he laid out his preferred roadmap for white genocide. Then there was this leftist German politician, proudly standing up in her own parliament to applaud the dwindling demographics of native Germans and their replacement by foreign invaders:

What diseased madness! What remorseless evil! The enemies of Europe are numerous, they’re powerful, and they’re determined to erase us from history. Our obviously genocidal enemies are waging war against us and we must defend ourselves to survive. Our only option is to fight back with all that we have!

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A prolific writer, historian and social commentator, Brandon Martinez is a 21st century counter-cultural heretic and rebel intellectual for the new European Reconquista.

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5 Comments on “Shocking Proof of White Genocide in France”

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  2. The ground for all this nauseating BS was set psychologically and will have to be recovered in the same way, not by the average dupe, but those who can decondition and lead. But those who lead have to also be physically really tough. Men don’t fully respect other men who are just “really smart.” The mind and body have to come together in both cleverness and toughness. There has to be the ability to temper all things without an ounce of compromise to principle and in this kind of dance, not just movements of the mind but that of the body harmonizing with the mind in strategies that GROW their own tactics organically are essential. I know it sounds vague but this is what creates the real “badass” as opposed to just some garden variety “tough guy.” From my own experience, the most harmful physical substances to avoid are alcohol and refined sugars. These are just killers of the body and what energy is lost in the body cannot be used by the mind and vice versa.

    What will probably happen is that the White Europeans will naturally form their own groups and refuse to deal with any of these rabble, at which point more and more restrictive laws will be passed FORCING them to deal with them or jail time. Then, in countries where there are some testicles left and the people still refuse to deal with these invaders, civil war will be started just like they did in the American South, and these douchebags will then arm the invaders to fight the already mostly disarmed Europeans. They could care less if any of these goyim massacre each other. The more the better.

    You live in Toronto right? Look at this disgusting crap that is pasted in your own subways:

    Notice how they even made it a cartoon to attract kids. If they did this, even in the already degenerate 1970s, there would be a riot in that subway and all those posters would have been smashed to pieces and torn down. They still had some morals back then. They have ZERO, nothing today. Spineless bunch of slugs, the whole lot of them. This kind of shit doesn’t belong anywhere outside of the INSIDE of a faggot club, invisible to all but the homos themselves. Needless to add, nude and lewd heterosexual cartoons don’t belong on the subway either but inside nudie magazines (and behind “kid-safe” restricted internet access to the point that it is possible).

    So-called “sexy” heterosexual images though are NOT EQUAL to similar homosexual images, because one is a natural relationship which has produced every human being ever born and the other an unnatural one which produces mostly mental disorders, and if practiced by everyone, would mean the end of the human experiment itself.

    Isn’t it enough that the entire internet is saturated with every kind of porn imaginable? They still have to come out and stick it in everybody’s face? It’s very obvious that this stuff has been carefully planned for years and even decades ahead of time and decades of slow psychological brainwashing has set the ground for the plowing that is going on now. And it is a plowing. White Europeans of all stripes are just bending over and taking it.

    What happened to all the “tough guys” who can kick everybody’s ass? What are they afraid to be called “racist” or “homophobe” or something? lol Are they that nutless? What are they afraid of doing? Jail time for standing up for their own kids, even if they have no principles left? Why don’t they just let the Jews who push this crap just rape their kids, since they are already doing it psychologically through this never-ending avalanche of degenerate garbage?

    The same crap is going on in Spain:
    Obscene and degenerate cultural-Marxist murals near school grounds in Spain which no one is allowed to erase or deface without going to jail because, get this, it’s painted on some douchebag’s wall which is his “private” property. lol On what Bizarro planet is imposing your own degenerate perversions on the general public, never mind children, “private property rights”? On this planet, right now, in Europe, and soon to be coming to any and all the neighborhoods and backyards of the USA that, by some miracle or good luck, have somehow managed to avoid its poison.

    “False opinions are like false money, struck first of all by guilty men and thereafter circulated by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing.” — Joseph de Maistre

    1. Did the Papacy pass holohoax denial thought crimes legislation in 19 countries? No. Elite Jews did. And nobody is ignoring “the Papacy.” They are a major power group — just not at the top. Glad to meet another PsyOped Jew-sus worshipper. You guys are so easy to spot.

  3. Visiting Paris in October 2010 was my first time outside North America. I rode the metro and got out at different sites and walked through many neighborhoods. I was shocked at how few white French people I saw! Just from my limited experience, I was struck by how Africans seemed to be a majority in this historic city. Most of the whites I saw during my time there were tourists from other countries.

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