Bolshevik Russia Continues to Meddle in Spain

By Brandon Martinez

Russia continues its meddlesome behaviour in Spain, sending its Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev on a state visit to Catalonia this week, on a mission to establish ties with Catalonia’s separatist regime. According to a Spanish news report, Medvedev set up an office in Barcelona to facilitate bilateral ties between Moscow and the separatist regime of Catalonia which is currently locked in a stalemate with Madrid over independence.

El Pais reported that Medvedev met with Catalan businessmen and opened a new South Ossetian embassy. He’s quoted as comparing Catalonia’s independence drive to that of South Ossetia, which was annexed and made “independent” by Russia in 2008 after a short war with Georgia.

The Spanish report noted how Medvedev arrived in the Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto just as they were petitioning for more autonomy from the Italian central government, showing how Russia is clearly interested in promoting fissures and unrest in Western states to serve its Bolshevik agenda to weaken the EU/NATO bloc of nations.

This is all shockingly hypocritical coming from Russian officials who banned separatist pleas inside Russia and violently rejected self-determination for Chechens when elements there sought to secede from the Federation, with Moscow waging two wars, in 1994 and again in 1999, to extinguish Chechnya’s separatists.

El Pais highlighted Russia’s digital war to influence internal politics in the West, writing that in recent years the Kremlin has heavily invested in endless media and internet campaigns to injure our countries while it forwards its long-term plans for a Eurasian empire:

En años recientes, Rusia ha invertido una gran cantidad de recursos en medios propagandísticos como RT y Sputnik y en una verdadera guerra digital en redes sociales con la que ha fomentado divisiones en las elecciones de Estados Unidos el año pasado y Francia y Alemania en este. Según publicó EL PAÍS, perfiles prorrusos con gran seguimiento en las redes sociales han compartido informaciones a favor de la independencia de Cataluña en semanas pasadas, en algunos casos haciéndose eco de noticias falsas o manipuladas.

Putin and his Bolshevik regime are working overtime to sow chaos in our societies while he and his cronies map out their future conquests in Eastern Europe. Like Stalin, Putin lusts for all the former Soviet territories that were lost in 1991, and has been working diligently to get them back under the bogus pretext of protecting minorities of Russians in Eastern Europe from imaginary persecution.

This absurd level of Machiavellian scheming is on par with the worst of International Jewry, with their Kalergi plan to erase Europeans from the face of history, and their Oded Yinon blueprint to carve up the Middle East for Zionist spoils. Putin’s Russia is right in the thick of it, working alongside Cultural Marxists, Kalergiites, Zionists and Islamists to expedite our downfall, resurrecting their Zio-Bolshevik slaughterhouse on our ashes.

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5 Comments on “Bolshevik Russia Continues to Meddle in Spain”

  1. There is an issue with the corrupt Kremlin-controlled Latvian government and Spain also. Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis was telling non-stop lies that ‘Sweden’ caused the largest bank in Latvia to collapse even though really this was caused by Russian Mafia. Then he was caught accepting cash for promoting Catalan independence. Also some Latvian journalists who helped to support the ‘Sweden’ lie started promoting Catalan independence.

    1. Thanks for the information! I wasn’t aware the Latvian government is pro-Kremlin. I do know the Baltic states are especially targeted by the Kremlin though, through Boris Spiegel’s “Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee” (SAFKA) which I know sponsors a lot of anti-nationalist activities in Estonia and Latvia. The dots seem to connect all over the place and towards the same direction

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