Nazbol Matt Heimbach Reached Out to North Korea to Become Their Stooge

By Brandon Martinez

Nazbol leader Matt Heimbach, the founder of the Duginite Traditionalist Workers Party, sent an email to the North Korean regime asking to become their mouthpiece in the US.

Heimback admitted sending the email as “a message that not all Americans agree with our foreign policy” towards the Hermit Kingdom. He told The Diplomat that he “thought about going to [North Korea] and giving a tour, or something like that, especially if the DPRK government wanted to be able to reach out to Americans. That would definitely be an invitation that I would be more than happy to accept.”

In other words, Heimbach was offering to become a stooge of and fifth-columnist for North Korea in America, most likely hoping to receive some kind of funding in return for his efforts to propagandize for the belligerent communist nation.

This underscores Heimbach’s treasonous Bolshevism and that of many American alt-righters who glorify communist regimes around the world even while they smear genuine ethno-nationalists, like those in Ukraine, who have come into conflict with their beloved Bolshevik Russia. An article by Nazbol lunatic Vincent Law on similarly exalted Kim Jung-Un and North Korea, even advocating a North Korean invasion of the South on the basis that South Korean men are effeminate and “might even benefit from North Korean rule.”

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8 Comments on “Nazbol Matt Heimbach Reached Out to North Korea to Become Their Stooge”

  1. Some nationalisms are recently formed and based upon hatreds of neighbors. Croatian nationalism is based on hatred for Serbs. Kurdish nationalism is based upon hatred for Arabs and Turks. Ukrainian nationalism is based on hatred of Russians and sometimes of Poles (polish nobles ruled what is now western ukraine in the 1700s and 1800s). All three of these nationalisms would gladly embrace the EU and neoconservatives for sake of hatred of neighbors, getting goodies and dreaming of liberal democracy. Nationalism can be bad thing just like any ideology. It was a cause of the First World War after all. By twists of fate and irony, the First World War made appearance of marxist governments possible.

    1. Agreed in general, although from my reading of history its Serb nationalism that is most chauvinist and Croatian nationalism arose to defend itself from proponents of a “Greater Serbia”. Modern Ukrainian nationalism is also reacting against the expansionist tendencies out of Russia. They do have some squabbles with Polish nationalists though, which should be cast aside because of common interests and bigger fish to fry.

    2. Because I am guessing it was Croatian nationalism and imperial ambition of Greater Croatia that sparked WWI killing Franz Ferdinand??? Obviously you need a history lesson. Yugoslavia and the type of rule from 17-34 provoked Croatian fascism in first place. Also was not Black Hand in contacts with Trotskysts prior to war secretly meeting and organizing assassinations of both the Czar and Archduke.

      Of course Greater ” ( ) ” you know what was reason for last war.

  2. Not only is Matt Heimbach delusional, but he is very pudgy, and dorky looking. If he wants to be taken more seriously, he should hit the gym and work on his appearance. Seriously, just looking at this guy makes me laugh. He looks like he’d be out of breath just by climbing some stairs……and he’s supposed to be the representative of the white race? and the inspiration for its survival? Ha ha! Give me a break.

    1. He got bored of the weekly Dungeons and Dragons meet-up at the local game store, so found some gear off eBay that he can now role-play to as leader of some kind of political party. He’s making Daddy Kim proud, so give the man a break haha

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