The Obvious Kalergite Agenda of PragerU

Neo-Conservatism exists for two reasons. Reason one is to make sure that any opposition to the continued destruction of society by the liberal left is watered down to the point that it only ever so slightly slows the transformation which is taking place. Any anti-immigration rhetoric has to be funnelled against Islam on purely religious grounds so that we conveniently ignore the other invading ethnic groups diluting our people. Reason two is to make sure as many resources as possible are delivered to the State of Israel and that the Likudniks are given the ultimate green light to bombard the native Palestinians as they spectate from hilltops celebrating as if it were the 4th of July.

PragerU was founded and is run by an Orthodox Jew called Dennis Prager and releases well animated videos fronting the most stereotypical cuckservative positions you have ever seen. Pure cuckservatism is the best ideology for the Jews: strong on Israel and weak on immigration. To them, the far-left are less trustworthy because they have a tendency to oppose apartheid Israel. Three days ago PragerU released a video on their youtube channel titled ‘What is the Alt-Right?’ which is narrated by Michael Knowles.

Firstly Knowles says that the alt-right is ‘really small, like your high school reunion small’. This is not true. If you were to add up all of the ethnic nationalists in the West it would be millions of people (look at the movements in Ukraine for example, the largest anywhere in the West).

In the video Knowles says that the alt-right has more in common with the left than it does the right. He says that the far-left seeks special status for minorities whereas the alt-right seeks special status for whites. Knowles then repeats the widely spread falsehood that the founding fathers weren’t white nationalists. Yes they said ‘all men are created equal’ in the Declaration of Independence, but they also said that only white Europeans could be citizens of the new country. One thing which is always conveniently left out is that very quickly after the establishment of the nation and most notably during the presidency of James Monroe there was a real attempt to end slavery in the United States by bringing the slaves back to Africa and freeing them. The entire American establishment, from the far-left, to the liberals and the cuckservatives repeat the blatant lie that the Founding Fathers of the United States were not white nationalists, when they clearly were! Many were also anti-slavery white nationalists.

Knowles then goes on to say that the alt-right and the far-left both reject God. This is not true. Christian leaders for the past thousand years have been both racialistic and tribalistic. In living memory the British Empire had a clearly defined racial hierarchy with white British people on top (who today are now being genocided). The British Empire spread Christianity to some of the remotest places on the globe. Was Great Britain not Christian?

The rest of the video goes on to explain how it is ridiculous for anyone to think that there is an inseparable link between the nation and the people who created it. It also claims throughout the video that ethnocentrism is bad for whites in America. The real hypocrisy is obvious when you look at Prager’s other videos. There are countless videos praising the ultranationalist state of Israel which is so ethnocentric that it uses genetic testing to determine whether or not its potential citizens are ethnically Jewish. Not only does PragerU praise Israel but there are videos as ridiculous as ones claiming Israel never discriminates against Arabs. There is even a video calling the genocidal IDF ‘The World’s Most Moral Army’. Frequently, non-Jewish shills narrate, such as Knowles and the British Colonel Richard Kemp (Israel: The World’s Most Moral Army video), as well as numerous blacks advocating anti-racism and pro-Israel stances. If only the cucks could realize what they’re being fed!

The only validity to Knowles’ stance that the alt-right is quasi-leftist is illustrated by the Nazbol (National Bolshevik) faction that has infiltrated the American alt-right, who promote socialism and seem to prioritize extreme cucking for the Nazbol Russian regime above the racial nationalism that they espouse. Alexander Dugin’s National Bolshevism is similar to Neo-Conservatism in the sense that Dugin is friendly with so called ‘ultra-Zionists’ Avraham Schmulevitch and Avigdor Eskin. Dugin’s Eurasianism is in fact part of Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi’s plan to mix out the white European race with Negroes and Asians transforming us into ‘the negroid-Eurasian race of the future’ as he wrote in his book Practical Idealism. Eurasianism was the civic nationalist identity made up by the Bolsheviks in order to incorporate Central Asians, Muslims and Mongolians into the Russian identity. This is what Dugin considers Russian. Around 25% of the Russian oligarchs are Jewish. They are the ones who control Dugin and Putin. Through the Chabad Lubavitch sect, the leading Jewish oligarchs such as Abramovich in Russia are linked to Jared Kushner and the leading Jews in New York and Washington. Politico has done a detailed article on this network. Their Modus Operandi is to pretend to be conservatives while ensuring that native Europeans are continually diluted into minorities with our group power severely reduced. Unsuprisingly cuckservatives like Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich and Roger Stone also support Putin and Alexander Dugin. Alex Jones has had Alexander Dugin on his show several times. Boomer Cuckservatism and Duginist Putinism are two sides of the same coin.

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4 Comments on “The Obvious Kalergite Agenda of PragerU”

  1. You pose the question of whether the British Empire was or was not Christian. Unfortunately, there are too many ways in which it was not deeply Christian, but only superficially so, “keeping up appearances” being something of a cultural standard amongst the Anglo elite. In fact, the British Empire was just as much a project of Sephardic Jewry who relocated their global base of operations to the Netherlands and then London following their funding Cromwell and their so-called Glorious Revolution. By subborning the power of the King to a parliamentary system, they virtually ensured their continual influence through the purse as it works in the real world.

    Perhaps a better example of the authenticity of Christian tradition and governance in European history is Czarist Russia. For an example of a Christian monarchist leader and counter-revolutionary operating within a parliamentary system (the Duma) we have Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin, prime minister of Russia from 1906 until his assassination in 1911. Land reforms he led brought wide ownership of natural resources directly into the hands of industrious native peasant farmers, making Russia a world leader in agricultural exports and possessing one of the lowest levels of external debt of any European country. Russia during this period refused any efforts to create a central merchant bank along the line of the Bank of England, owing its existence to the Rothschilds and doing their bidding politically.

    1. In terms of European empires spreading Christianity I could have just as easily used another country as an example such as Russia to make the same point. The rest of what you say is somewhat true. There was definitely Jewish influence going back to the Reformation particularly within the Calvinist movement. This penetration was then furthered by Cromwell and the Glorious Revolution. In Russia Stolypin was a fine conservative, preserving the good parts of the original feudal system and expanding it to benefit the growing peasant population. Where I disagree is that despite being weakened by Freemasonry, Parliamentarianism, the Jews, Cromwell, the Glorious Revolution and the Tenures Abolition Act (which happened beforehand in 1660, during the beginning of The Restoration) traditional British society lived on. The work of Jonathan C. D. Clark especially shows that before 1828 the vast majority of the British people believed in the divine right of kings, the absolute legitimacy of a hereditary nobility, and in the rights and privileges of the Anglican Church. The Rothschilds promoted liberalism first via their puppet prime minister Archibald Primrose (1894 – 95) who was strategically married to Hannah de Rothschild. I would not give the Rothschilds or any Jews for that matter credit for the British Empire, which was a product of British ingenuity.

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