Ukrainian Nationalists vs. American Alt-Right

By Brandon Martinez

Ukrainians really love and cherish their nation, and will die for its continued independence and sovereignty. On a daily basis, Ukrainian nationalists take the fight to treasonous pro-Kremlin forces within their country, as well as to weak liberals and the business class who would rather strike deals that open up Ukraine to Russian subversion than guard against its pernicious influence. Looking at this video, you can’t find a single non-white face among Ukraine’s nationalists, proving that it is a genuine ethnic identity movement. It’s no surprise that Ukraine has produced some of the best boxers and combat sport fighters in the world. They are real men.

Ukrainian nationalists are far more organized than anything in Western Europe or North America, counting tens of thousands of activists and supporters. And they’re far less cucked than the race-blind civic-nationalists and LARPers dominating “nationalism” in Western Europe, North America and Australia.

The American alt-right throws its weight behind cowardly and weak civ-nats and controlled opposition, like UKIP in England, Pegida in Germany and Le Pen in France, and make common cause with kosher frauds like Milo Yiannopoulos and Paul Joseph Watson. Richard Spencer was even filmed giving a fascist salute to Yiannopoulos while the latter, in his traditional flamboyant effeminate style, sang America the Beautiful in a bar.

Spencer seems to spend a lot of time in bars. Here he is LARPing Depeche Mode in a karaoke joint:

So the leader of America’s alt-right bends over and salutes his Jewish-Zionist homosexual Führer, Milo, while at the same time ridiculing and smearing strong, patriarchal Ukrainian ethno-nationalists as “controlled by the Jews, Soros, globalists” or whatever Nazbol fiction he can come up with. This really shows the dismal state of the American alt-right and their extreme, subservient cucking to the Nazbol Putin regime.

Many Scandinavian nationalists have joined Ukraine’s Azov Battalion to drive out the communist Russian rebel forces that Putin sent into the East. Surprisingly, numerous Russians joined Azov too, citing the threat of Putinist Eurasianism to Europe. One Russian Azov fighter said Putin’s regime is anti-Russian. A Swedish Azov volunteer said that he “fights for Europe and Ukraine” so that Putin can’t march further into Europe with his Bolshevik armies.

Meanwhile, virtually all of the foreign volunteers fighting with the forces of Novorossiya are open communists and Antifa warriors who view the current conflict in Ukraine as a new Bolshevik war against Fascism and Nazism, in which Putin is playing the part of Comrade Stalin and Novorossiya rebels as the Red Army.

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