Britain to Bribe Islamist Radicals Not to Attack

By Brandon Martinez

It’s been reported that the British government will try to bribe Islamist radicals not to attack Britain. Radicals who’ve returned back to Britain after hewing heads for the ISIS terror group in Syria and Iraq are said to begin receiving government subsidies, housing assistance and help with employment in order to sway them not to mass murder innocent civilians.

The UK’s Sun newspaper reported:

BRITISH terror suspects returning from Syria will be offered taxpayer-funded council homes to “bribe” them not to attack the UK, according to reports. The plans, codenamed Operation Constrain, could even see jihadis jumping to the top of council house waiting lists.

And the suspected ISIS fanatics could also be given counselling and help finding a job, Mail on Sunday reports. Official documents seen by the newspaper reveal that up to 20,000 extremists investigated by MI5 will be given the “bribes” to stop them attacking Britain.

The programme will reportedly start next year and police and councils are hoping the Home Office will pay for it out of their £900 million counter-terrorism budget. It has been slammed by experts and MPs.

This is the ultimate cucking on a level we’ve never seen before. Actually paying terrorists not to attack us? Giving them privileged access to government services, housing and jobs? Has the world gone mad?

British taxpayers’ money is being used to put up Islamic terrorists in their own country! The only option here with these radicals is to deport them and then ban them and their families from entering the country. Most British Muslims are not loyal to Britain and a radical minority harbour hidden sympathies for ISIS.

Islam says that nation-states are a blasphemous affront to the laws of Allah, so no Muslim is permitted to have any respect or affinity for the country in which he lives. Rather, the Muslim is commanded to hold ultimate reverence for the caliphate governed by the Shariah. This is why Muslims can be seen building parallel societies in Europe, setting up their own courts and institutions that follow the laws of the Koran rather than the laws of Europe.

The British government is so anti-White and cucked that they place the interests of suspected terrorists above their own citizenry. All part of the Kalergiites’ ongoing project for White genocide.

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5 Comments on “Britain to Bribe Islamist Radicals Not to Attack”

  1. For traditionalist muslims democracy too can be viewed as apostasy and idolatry. Modernist things like nationalism, democracy, humanism, socialism, atheism are wrong for traditional muslims and were shunned by some traditional christians too because in all those things man is worshipped, instead of god, his laws and life eternal. Though oftentimes muslim peoples did not have any caliphate or had multiple competing caliphates. The form of government they usually had was either theocracy or autocratic hereditary monarchy. Traditional muslims tend to shun democracy too, because the Quran demands a monarchy (a sultanate or an emirate) or a clerical government.

  2. Hola Brandon! Fellow Spaniard here and very concerned for the future of my country and Europe. I’d like to wake up people here and I am a bit lost as most people don’t care. Could you please write an article about the Barcelona declaration? That might make some open their eyes to reality.

    1. Also, it would be interesting to dissect the ISESCU document. I am a translator and would like to help the cause by translating your and the other authors a’not Spanish as I feel it is sorely needed. Let me know if you are interested. I want to give this cause my very all. I have a very good knowledge of the Muslim and Jewish worldview so that can help.

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