British Cuck Says ISIS Terrorists Should be “Reintegrated” Into Society

Leftist cucks say we should welcome these head-choppers!

By Brandon Martinez

A British female cuck has shockingly pleaded with audiences on BBC to be more welcoming towards ISIS terrorists returning to Britain after partaking in Jihadist terrorism in Syria. This insanity was actually spewed on mainstream British television:

So now the leftist motto is no longer simply “refugees welcome” but “ISIS terrorists welcome” too.

Despite numerous Islamist terrorist attacks in Britain killing dozens of people over the past year, this accursed traitor wants Brits to embrace more death and destruction by coddling returning Jihadists. This coincides with recent reports that the UK government intends to “integrate” Muslim terrorists who’ve returned from their Jihad, who most likely carry with them a few infidel heads as war trophies. Radical Leftist Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn holds a similar position.

The suicidal multiculturalist left will invent any asinine excuse to facilitate the invasion of Europe. These people literally shill for terrorists and their safe passage into our countries because they want to see more dead White people lining the streets. The ultimate goal of the left is to remove and replace White people with brown foreigners, and what better way to reduce the White population than having a small army of ISIS Jihadists “reintegrated” into the society where they can then plan future attacks against infidel Whites.

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