Poland Might Prevent Richard Spencer Speech for Wrong Reasons

By Brandon Martinez

The government of Poland has voiced opposition to Richard Spencer entering their country to deliver a speech at a Polish nationalist rally in November, mischaracterizing him in their denunciation as a Holocaust denier, which unfortunately is illegal in that former communist nation.

Spencer in fact doesn’t question the Holocaust, telling Haaretz last year that, “I think it’s clear that Jews underwent tremendous suffering during World War II. I don’t deny the Holocaust.” He further assured the Israeli paper that American Jews “have nothing to fear” from the Alt-Right and “have a place” in an Alt-Right America.

The only Holocaust Spencer does deny is Ukraine’s Holodomor, Tweeting out that it was a “natural famine” and Stalin dindu nuffin wrong.

If anything, the Polish government should keep Spencer out on the basis that he’s an extreme Russia cuck and promoter of Duginite Eurasianism which seeks to erase Eastern Europe from the map and have it be subsumed into a new Russian-led Eurasian empire. Poland has a long history of oppression under Russian Bolshevik aggression and mass murder, becoming a Soviet colony and puppet regime after World War II during which Stalin had thousands of Poles butchered in places like the Katyn forest.

In a speech and on Twitter, Spencer has said that Ukraine is an “artificial country,” green-lighting Putin’s attempts to colonize Eastern parts of it under the Kremlin-sponsored insurgency of Novorussiya.

So while Spencer affirms the sacred Holocaust narrative of the Jews, which forms an ideological weapon to legitimize the Jewish ethno-state of Israel, he denies the right of White nations like Ukraine, and probably the Baltic countries as well, to exist outside of a sphere of total Russian domination.

This shows that Spencer and his Nazbol faction are not truly pro-White, as they reject the self-determination of certain Whites whose interests conflict with the hegemonic agenda of Moscow. On issues involving Russia, Spencer sounds strikingly similar to far-left communists who also deny or underplay Soviet atrocities and today, like Spencer, preach the idiotic lie that “Russia is our friend.”

Spencer is of little use to European nationalism and does more harm than good when he does chime into European affairs with his Bolshevik nonsense.

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5 Comments on “Poland Might Prevent Richard Spencer Speech for Wrong Reasons”

  1. The Poles should be more concerned with their true national interests and not shilling for the “holocaust” propaganda which is as much directed against Poles as its directed against Germans. Any reading of that genre of fiction is filled with denunciations of Poles collectively for their “anti-Semitism”, meant to guilt and shame the Polish nation.

    No, what the Poles should be focusing on is the Natbol godfather Dugin, who has written in his books that he sees Slavic Catholics (Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Croats, Slovenes) as “traitors” to “Slavdom”, because according to him only Orthodoxy is “traditionalist” and he wants all Slavs to be linked to “Mother Russia”. Of course, that doesn’t stop his machinations against the Orthodox Ukrainians too – it seems to be all about Judaic interests more than anything, with him attacking the same peoples often accused of “anti-Semitism”.

    Check out this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjoIRTzMfHW

    I’d love to find the source for this, but basically this woman – a Romanian who attacks Duginism from a Catholic perspective – mentions an interview Dugin gave to a Polish Catholic magazine in 1999, where he openly said that an independent Poland and Ukraine were obstacles to Russia.

    The stunned interviewer asked if there was anyone in Poland he would support, and Dugin replied he supported Masonic and Progressive movements to undermine the Polish Catholic Church! He then called on Poles to give up their Catholicism and go into the warm embrace of Mother Russia.

    As an agent of this enemy of Polska, Richard Spencer can definitely be prevented to speak by Poland, as we know more than likely his speech will be designed to stoke the fires of old rivalries between Poles and Ukrainians that would try to turn Poland towards the Kremlin!

    1. I think the Polish magazine that she is referring to is “Fronda”. This website (http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~sarmatia/100/hutchins.html) quotes Dugin as saying he wants to reorient Catholicism ” in a more heterodox, more New-Age-y direction.” I believe the interviewer she mentioned in the video was Grzegorz Górny. Here are two articles from “Fronda” where they interviewed Dugin (they are in Polish, so you might have to translate it.) Here’s the first (http://www.fronda.pl/a/aleksander-dugin-czekam-na-iwana-groznego,45653.html?part=2) and the second (http://www.fronda.pl/a/rosja-nie-jest-zainteresowana-istnieniem-niepodleglego-panstwa-polskiego,38493.html). One of the articles quotes him as saying he is more interested in the Anti-Catholic elements in Poland and “Russia in its geopolitical and sacral-geographical development is not interested in the existence of an independent Polish state in any form.” (using a translator, so it could be incorrect)

  2. Actually, since Richard had a run-in with a Jewish gal in whitefish, Montana due to her allegedly trying to shake his mom down, Richard has become much more anti-Jewish….to the point where he has aligned himself with the losers at the Daily Stormer, and of course was happy to participate with “NazBols” at the disastrous rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, among other activities. Regardless of where Richard is on Jewish power and influence, he is a loser and a moron.

    Probably the funniest and Ironic thing about Richard’s rise to celebrity status is at least for the most part, it is not due to his own efforts. As I said, he’s a loser with no accomplishments who’s a mama’s boy. He’s just living off of his rich parents. The funny and ironic thing about Richard’s rise to fame is because of the heavily Jewish influenced main-stream media! LOL! Seriously, the mainstream media in the USA has been lifting him up as some kind of spokesman for the alt-right who is having SO much influence over SO many people. I’m no fan of Max Blumenthal, but he was right when he said that Spencer’s celebrity status is a creation of the main stream media looking for a story.

    Spencer talks tough, such as when he talks about peacefully ethnically cleansing the USA. Ha ha! How are you going to do that, Dicky, you pansy? You realize that that will turn into violence, right and war would break out? Are you going to lead that fight? You can’t even fight back when an antifa sucker punches you. What a phony he is.

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