Nigel Farage Calls out Jewish Lobby Power in Effort to Cuck for Russia

By Brandon Martinez

Nigel Farage, the former leader of the civic nationalist UKIP Party and architect of Brexit, actually called out the power of the Jewish-Israeli lobby in the United States in an apparent effort to cuck for Russia.

A caller to Farage’s radio show said that the Israeli lobby is more worrisome than Russian hacking, which was met with agreement from Farage, who echoed the caller’s remarks saying that “there are about six million Jewish people living in America, so as a percentage it’s quite small, but in terms of influence it’s quite big.” “In terms of money and influence [Israel has] a very powerful lobby,” Farage added, remarking further that “there are other very powerful lobbies in America, with the Jewish lobby, that has links with the Israeli government, is one of those strong voices.”

While Farage’s comments acknowledging Jewish power are good, the fact that these words only came out of his mouth in an attempt to shill for the Russians, who stand accused of meddling in the US and other elections, lowers my opinion of it. It is actually amazing that Farage, whose UKIP Party was totally pro-Jewish and known to have expelled members for “anti-Semitism,” is willing to out the Jewish lobby’s influence in order to deflect scrutiny from the Kremlin. It seems that Russia has such a hold over these civic nationalist cucks in the West that they’re more afraid of Putin than the Jews!

Farage has been a darling of Kremlin media channel RT, appearing regularly there to push for Brexit, which the Kremlin supported as part of its campaign to break up the EU.

Farage was immediately taken to task for the Jewish lobby comments by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, a powerful Jewish lobby group in Britain.

It’s true that the Israeli lobby has more influence within the walls of Washington than Russia does. That’s evident from the fact that no American politician will be caught dead criticizing Israel but many are strong critics of Russia and Putin. But that doesn’t mean Russia is not involving itself in a subversive way in the affairs of Western states; it clearly is. Both of those groups are a problem for us, so pointing fingers at one in an effort to excuse the other is the wrong approach.

Moreover, Russia and Israel have formed a strong bond over the past 10 years under Putin’s reign, so separating the two as if they’re not actually in league with each other is also wrong. Russia and Israel have much more in common culturally and historically than the West and Israel. A third of Israelis are of Russian origin, speak Russian as their first language, and regularly visit Russia and vote in Russian elections. That’s why Putin called Israel a “special state” for the Russian world.

Both Russia and Israel want us to cuck for their interests and agendas, which means that our best response is to oppose them both, stopping their schemes dead in their tracks.

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3 Comments on “Nigel Farage Calls out Jewish Lobby Power in Effort to Cuck for Russia”

  1. It is more factually correct to say that about 25% of Israelis come from the former Soviet Union. A lot of those israelis come from lithuania or ukraine. Not only that, lots of israelis come from poland. Some ashkenazi jews are indigenous to France and Britain. There used to be 100s of thousands of jews in Britain and France in the 1800s. Compared to recent arab, turk or negro migrants, jews lived on the european continent for centuries. Farage is a moderate and civic, because of the internal qualities of British political discourse. Most british people are middle class. Middle class people prefer soft talking, calm demeanor and intellectual atmosphere. Farage is firstly “cucking” to the average british middle class person, who aint fond of gun toating wild radicalism.

  2. Attacking the disproportional influence of AIPAC (which is real) generally aligns with Pro-Palestinian hysteria (an ideological branch of the Left), which itself attracts the “enragèe” element that hates Israel and blames “Zionists” for everything under the sun (this includes many New Ager/”Truther” types as well). It’s waving a red banner for the low-level “activist” bulls to run towards. Effectively it’s just protecting Russia by activating the Pro-Russia Left. These mind games are played constantly, by every ideological faction. Duginists just seem to have a much bigger arsenal, and can draw allies from pretty much anywhere.

  3. The joint-strategy of Israel and Russia is to “tag-team” nationalist movements: There may be those who criticize Israel, but are pro-Russian – but even these are watering down their anti-Zionism. An example being Jobbik in Hungary. More often than not, there are movements that are openly pro-Russian AND pro-Israeli – AfD, Front National, Farage’s and Wilder’s parties, FPO in Austria, etc..

    BUT what (((they))) cannot tolerate is a consistent, principled, TRULY nationalist movement that is opposed to both Israel and Russia. Unfortunately, these movements are few and far between nowadays in Europe, with everyone trying to cuck out for the Kremlin’s funding.

    Few people can seriously deny Jewish influence or the power of the Israel lobby nowadays – Jewish publications are getting even more public about it nowadays. So they will increasingly tolerate some Shabbat-goyim who may admit it – just so long as they don’t truly do anything about it. Farage is definitely in this category, as he still pursues very pro-Jewish policies within Britain and still advocates for Israel.

    Its more about what one does with the information. For example, the leftist Marxists who will speak about it but still excuse the mass of Jews and even boast about their Jewish ties. George Galloway is one example in this category. Many of those Marxist cucks will still go out of their way to regard those Jewish lobbies as a “minority” of Jews and distinguish Zionism from Judaism. Many will go further and claim those lobbies are subordinate to Western corporate big business interests that are allegedly “calling the shots” with Israel as their instrument, not the other way around as it really is.

    Dugin’s Jewish Eurasianists, Yakov Bromberg and Avigdor Eskin, have spoken about “Atlanticist Jews” vs. “Eurasianist Jews”. Basically, this is a left vs. right rivalry among Jews about tactics. But many are playing into this false distinction, such as Richard Spencer. Its all a Duginist script they’re following, and an ignorance of the true nature of Zionism, because even the most far-right Zionist Jews still have no problem subverting U.S. foreign policies towards Israel, and they still love to capitalize on the “holocaust” and guilt-trip Europeans about “anti-Semitism”.

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