The Promising Platform of Ukraine’s National Corps

By Brandon Martinez

In 2016, members of Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, a volunteer unit that fought against Russian-backed militants in the country’s Eastern parts, formed the National Corps, a radical nationalist political party dedicated to the sovereignty of a nationalist Ukraine.

Their main goal is to free Ukraine from the scourge of Judeo-Russian Bolshevism, liberate the Eastern provinces currently held hostage by Putin’s foot soldiers, re-arm the nation with nuclear weapons and secure the borders, locking out hostile invaders from the Third World.

The Right Sector, Svoboda and the National Corps form a grand nationalist coalition that has been fighting on the front-lines against Bolshevist Eurasian expansion, which aims ultimately to recapture all of the territories once held by the Soviet empire, reaching possibly all the way to East Germany.

National Corps’ platform includes severing all political and economic ties with Putin’s Russia. It, however, does not seek membership in either the EU or NATO, but rather pursues an Intermarium alliance with Baltic and Black Sea nations, forming a new political-military alliance to keep Putin’s Bolshevik hordes at bay.

I say Western and Southern Europe should re-calibrate its current trajectory, focusing more resources on supporting Ukraine and the Baltic States in their front-line struggle against the resurgent Sino-Russo imperialism.

Those executing the Kalergi plan for White genocide from within the EU are doing so by way of mass immigration from the dreggy Third World. Synchronously, Russia’s Kalergiites (the Eurasianists) plan on implementing a similar policy of race-mixing in Eastern Europe in order to break down the distinct European identities of the region, replacing them with a generic Russified culture and civic identity, a strategy first attempted by the communist Soviets. The Soviets Sovietized their subjects and forbid them from expressing cultural, racial or religious identity. Putin’s Russia aims to do the same so as to smooth the way for Russian expansion, limiting resistance to small pockets of nationalist rebels.

Putin is a vicious Bolshevik who assassinates his critics and opponents in cold-blood. Those not killed are either beaten until the point of irreparable brain damage or locked in prison for years. Interpretations of history not congruent with the fabricated Soviet version are banned. His Jewish friends are made into billionaires through state-sanctioned chicanery while thousands of Russians live in squalid conditions.

But big Russian money is flowing to “nationalists” in the West who reject any criticism of their Kremlin paymaster. In exchange for money, Putin expects total compliance with the Eurasian agenda in return. That’s why it’s so difficult for Ukrainian nationalists to make alliances with other like-minded nationalists in Western Europe who, beholden to blood-stained Kremlin money, pay lip service to the Nazbol fiction that Ukraine was “always a part of Russia” and forever belongs so.

This documentary shows how the Russians paid off Marine Le Pen, who, after receiving Putin’s pay off, promptly began lip-syncing Kremlin talking points:

This is a very real and dangerous phenomenon, and nationalists ought to be on guard. Russia is not our friend, as the alt-right Nazbols chant. It is our eternal enemy and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

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5 Comments on “The Promising Platform of Ukraine’s National Corps”

  1. Someone assassinating political opponents does not mean to be any bolshevik. All kinds of world leaders had assassinated political opponents. In low trust societies outside of North America or Western Europe happens all the time. It is what you sometimes have to do to survive in power. The historical bolsheviks believed in economic socialism, which implies relative economic equality. Mr. Putin believes in capitalism, very likely of a crony kind. Does not make one good or bad, but bolsheviks were obsessed about economic systems and not about identities. Professor Chomsky wrote that Eastern Europe had for a long time was part of the third world and lived in squalid conditions. It was late in industrialization compared to say Britain or Belgium. There are no eternal friends or eternal enemies in politics, only permanent interests.

    1. Putin practices the Bolshevism of total state control and regulation of media and important industries like oil and gas. Bolshevism functioned as state-run crony capitalism for the privileged few in the party elite, and Putin’s system works the same. Communist China today is run in a similar way, where the elite party members and their friends exploit the country’s resources to get rich, while the rest of the population slave away in terrible conditions. Putin doesn’t believe in pure capitalism as he attempts to control and oversee the big businesses and shuts down the ones that don’t do his bidding. Hence his limited crackdown on select oligarchs and empowering of others. He’s also Bolshevik in that he’s made the secret police an all-powerful force in the country, operating with impunity. He’s a career KGB agent after all. Old habits die hard.

  2. The states in Eastern Europe are not threatened in any meaningful way by third world migrants because they are themselves third world in terms of low wages and low GDP per capita rates. Migrants go where the average salary and GDP are high. Places like ukraine, moldova, bulgaria, bosnia, albania have average monthly salaries 400 euros or below. Turkey has higher average salaries than them. The migrant gains no economic benefit from going there. Those eastern european states can be sources of migrants too. Third world migration is logical from an economic and demographic perspective. Western Europe and North America have hordes of retiring baby boomers, but low birth rates. Thus third world migrants might be necessary as more workers are needed to caretakers and revenue sources for the baby boomer retirees. Can’t blame no nutty calergi plan conspiracy for that. There are economic and demographic objective conditions (ageing of all european populations, low birthrates, unsustainable retirement plans, jobs which migrants do) creating a demand for third world migrants.

    1. The salaries in Eastern Europe are still way above what you’d make in most African, Asian and Latin countries, so migrants are going there too… just not as many. The EU is also trying to force those countries to re-settle migrants which they’ve refused to do.

      As for your statements about ageing baby boomers, that is not the whole story. The reason Europeans have low birthrates is because of the whole gamut of Cultural Marxist policies that our elected leaders and educational establishment have been promoting for the past 50 years since the end of WWII. Feminism has killed the family unit and destroyed normal relations between men and women, which has led to our current demographic winter in the form of low birthrates. Fewer couples are getting married and having kids because feminism says the woman must pursue education and a career first, and that’s what most young women are now doing instead of making families. So that is the Kalergi plan right there. If Europe had stayed traditionalist and not allowed these Marxists to subvert and dominate the culture, we wouldn’t be in this situation. In that sense, this was all planned from the start by the big Jews at the Frankfurt School who sought the death of Western man as revenge for Hitler, Fascism, the Inquisition, pogroms, etc.

  3. How can we awaken our people to the threat of Russia/Putin? It’s so obvious what the Russians are up to in the West. RT is one of the most, if not the most anti-White propaganda outlet out there today. Russian Jews (who have strong ties with the Russian government) within the United States are helping organize, fund and direct groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa… a Russian Jewish woman from NYC (she’s been on RT multiple times), who now leads ‘The New Orleans Workers Group’, lead (from behind the curtain aka behind black faces) the push for the removal of Confederate monumeants and as we all know, New Orleans is what kicked off the removal of Monuments across the nation.

    I don’t understand how people still aren’t able to see through the Russia propaganda/deception.

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