Trump Points Finger At Globalist Zionist Chuck Schumer After NY Terror

By Brandon Martinez

Responding to the terrorist attack in New York, Donald Trump rightly pointed the finger of blame at Chuck Schumer, the globalist Jewish architect of the “Diversity Visa Lottery” program that permitted the Uzbek terrorist to enter the country.

As you’ve probably heard, an Uzbek Muslim murdered eight people in New York the other day, mimicking previous dastardly ISIS-inspired attacks by ramming his infidel victims with a truck. The Muslim terrorist proudly declared his allegiance to ISIS after being arrested, telling police that he wanted to “kill more” in the name of the unbelievably savage terror group.

The Uzbek terrorist entered the US in 2010, thanks to Schumer’s diversity “lottery” scam, which “distributes around 50,000 visas to countries where there is a low rate of immigration to the US.”

Schumer is a classic anti-goy Jewish globalist who supports total open borders for the West while he vigorously backs the Jewish supremacist ethno-state of Israel, which ethnically cleanses and mass murders Arab Palestinians, builds border walls in order to, as Netanyahu remarked, “keep out the wild animals” and sequesters African Blacks into holding pens before deporting them.

While a horrible tragedy for the victims, who happened to be mostly Argentinian tourists, one good thing to come from the attack is Trump’s populist response. He’s getting more staunch in his anti-immigration rhetoric that won him the election. After the attack, he said that he’d press congress to repeal Schumer’s disastrous diversity lottery program, and would further act against chain migration, moving American immigration laws towards “a merit-based system.”

What he needs to do is properly enact his proposed Muslim ban, which he, under immense pressure from the liberal establishment, watered down to a travel ban from seven Islamic countries. Then he needs to get the border wall up as soon as possible to stop Mexican drug dealers, pimps, rapists, murderers and assorted criminals from crossing the border, bringing their violent gang culture with them. Then he needs to really pull up his boot straps, step outside his comfort zone and declare that Israel is not our friend, and that globalist Zionists like Schumer are the enemy within.

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11 Comments on “Trump Points Finger At Globalist Zionist Chuck Schumer After NY Terror”

  1. It’d be great if the wall was actually built completely across the entire border, but something tells me it won’t be. Another issue is even if the wall does get built, it still won’t stop invaders because they can swim from Tijuana to San Diego. My BJJ instructor was down in Tijuana with his cousin and they got into a spat and he left him there. His cousin was Brazilian and didn’t have the required ID to get back into the states, so he just swam back lol.

  2. Hey Brandon, love your personal description BTW…

    “A prolific writer, historian and social commentator, Brandon Martinez is a 21st century counter-cultural heretic and rebel intellectual for the new European Reconquista.”

    Haha, that’s great shit man. 🙂

  3. What I find ironic is how fixated you have become on immigration and Islamic Terrorism. It’s for the most part, clouded your ability to see the agenda, so to speak. The attack in NYC along with most of these vehicle attacks are false flags if not outright hoaxes(not all of them of course). Why? They want to implement self driving cars Why would the elite do that? So that big brother can watch you even when you are going to the grocery store. Many companies are ready to mass produce self driving vehicles

    So what’s the need for terror attacks? Well as we have seen terror gets people moving left, right, up or down. It’s easy just give them a little fear porn and they’ll do anything. It turns out most people don’t want self driving cars

    Common sense when you think about it. Ultimately it’s an effort to completely control the goyim’s lives. Don’t get me wrong I don’t agree with what they’re doing in Europe, but not everything is tied to Islam, terrorism or immigration. It’s much bigger than that.

    P.S. Trump was actually called the first Jewish president. Don’t get your hopes up for him.

      1. I think you missed the point. Not everything is a false flag yes. And it’s possible the governments in the west are allowing this to happen. My point is the agenda at play here has nothing to do with immigration or terrorism. There are other agendas at work. The Kalergi plan is simply one of many.

          1. Not at all. You’re missing the point again. These attacks whether they are false flags or not are meant to push an agenda, that agenda is self driving cars. It wouldn’t surprise me if false flags occurred in the middle east. An Israeli general even bragged in a book how the mossad orchestrated false flags in Lebanon to divide the country so the army could invade. Just pointing out the obvious Brandon. Not trying to discredit you.

  4. People with agendas seize on attacks, but that doesn’t prove the attacks themselves are not real.

    It’s simply impossible that every attack committed or inspired by ISIS was a false flag. There have been hundreds of such attacks in dozens of countries in addition to an actual military insurgency being waged by the group in at least 6 countries: Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya and the Philippines.

    It’s not the least bit fake. ISIS has a real ideology called Wahhabism, and it’s pure evil.

    1. I never said it was fake. I said it was a false flag. The agenda is clear and the only way to make it happen is to push terror and fear into the people. Which the elite are doing very well. There is a reason why all of a sudden these attacks be it Charlottesville, Nice or NYC are all carried out using vehicles. It’s to push the agenda. I’m willing to bet the elite orchestrated this.

      1. The terrorist in New York has been arrested and proudly stated he did it for ISIS and wanted to kill more people. So this would literally have to be a mind control scenario if it was a false-flag.

        Does Iran and Russia conduct false flags or does only the evil White man in the West do these things?

        1. I’m pretty sure all governments do to an extent. They’re not very hard to carry out, and it makes agendas easier to push, such as war and security.

          Whatever we know about this terrorist is from Zionist news sources. What they say should be taken with a grain of salt.

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