White People Now a Minority in Toronto

By Brandon Martinez

Whites are now a visible minority in the iconic Canadian city of Toronto, according to a depressing new report in the Toronto Star, which documents in fine detail the rapid decline of the White population. Calling this White genocide a “milestone,” the leftist paper noted:

Most people in Canada’s biggest city now identify as visible minorities, as new census data shows increasing diversity in Toronto and many of its neighbouring suburban areas.

More than half of respondents to the 2016 census in the City of Toronto — 51.5 per cent — said they’re from visible minority communities, a milestone that was narrowly missed when 49 per cent identified that way in 2011.

The news comes as part of a tranche of census data, released Wednesday, that paints a multifaceted portrait of a country where more than one in five people was born outside its borders. Canada is now home to millions of people who claim more than 250 distinct “ethnic origins,” with historical lineages through Indigenous groups and countries all over the world.

Over 160 languages are spoken in Toronto, and there are 250 different ethnicities populating the city. Earlier this year there was another report projecting that by 2030, Whites would be a minority in Vancouver as well. That report, nearly gloating about the demise of White civilization, observed that the SuperCucked nation of Canada is “experiencing the fastest rate of ethnic change of any country in the Western world.”

Major Canadian publications have been forecasting the demise of Whites for years. A quick google search will bring up headlines like these:

The politics of 2036, when Canada is as brown as it is white

‘Visible minority’ will mean ‘white’ by 2031

An American publication highlighted the bleak predicament facing Canada’s Whites, noting that they’re “already ‘visible minorities’ in two of Canada’s three largest cities” and will become a national minority by 2045.

This one in CBC complained that the Toronto police force was “too White,” pleading for more efforts to “diversify” the force with minorities. But now that Whites are the minority in Toronto, will the diversity police be demanding that the police and other institutions start hiring more White people? Of course not, because “diversity” is a one-way street heading towards White genocide. Any attempts to reverse or stall that tide is condemned as a manifestation of White supremacy, White privilege, Fascism, etc.

How amazing is it that in countries founded and established by Whites, we have the major media publications, universities, and our own politicians celebrating our dwindling numbers and declining influence. We are living in an absurdist fantasy world where an actual ethnocide, planned and designed by globalist elites at the top, is widely hailed and championed as a great achievement of humanity. Yet leftists insist that “White privilege” is a thing and that White supremacists are still running the show?

This Post-Modernist/Cultural Marxist diversity cult is hell-bent on the elimination of Whites in nations that Whites built from the ground up into successful titans of industry and prosperity. These dysgenic nihilists are intent on degrading their own living standards by replacing Whites with Third World ethnicities who can’t possibly maintain the high quality of life that intelligent Whites have created.

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