Russian Trolls Instigated and Backed Both Sides of Street Protest in Texas During US Election

By Brandon Martinez

New findings from the Senate investigation into Russia’s influence operations during the US election found that Russian trolls organized an anti-Islam rally in Texas through Facebook and also spawned the pro-Islam counter-protest at the same time.

Russian trolls manipulated a Texas pride fraternity and a Muslim organization on Facebook in order to engineer a conflict between the two in the streets of Texas during the election. That op was one of many during the US election, all part of Russia’s Duginite “chaos” strategy to pit Americans against each other.

Business Insider reported:

“Russian actors organized both anti-Islam and pro-Islam protests in the same location at the same time on May 21, 2016, using separate Facebook pages operated from a so-called troll farm in St. Petersburg, the Senate Intelligence Committee disclosed on Wednesday.

A Facebook page named Heart of Texas, whose link to Russia was first reported by Business Insider, organized a rally at noon on May 21 at the Islamic Da’wah Center in Houston to “Stop Islamization of Texas.” The account paid to promote the event, which was viewed by about 12,000 people, said the committee’s chairman, Sen. Richard Burr.

Another Russia-linked account, United Muslims of America, organized a counter protest — a “Save Islamic Knowledge” rally.

As The Daily Beast reported in September, the United Muslims of America page was impersonating a real nonprofit organization. More than 2,700 people saw an ad placed by the account that targeted people in the Houston area, Burr said.”

Last month a Russian internet troll confessed to media that his job was “to set Americans against their own government” and promote Russia and Putin as their saviour. He would sit around in a Russian office trolling social media, using divisive issues like gun control and LGBT rights to instigate fights between Americans.

The full extent of Russia’s manipulation during the election is not yet known, but Russian trolls impersonating Americans created all kinds of phony accounts on social media to foment chaos.

Satanic Kabbalist Alexander Dugin has written unabashedly of this strategy, telling readers in a screed about a “Coming Great War” with the West, that for Russia to win the battle it must “create the entirely negative, monstrous, satanic image of the United States and the West in general.”

He wrote this even while he lies to dupes like Alex Jones that “anti-Americanism in [Russia] … has vanished” since the election of Trump. He’s addressed videos to Americans, calling them “my friends in our common struggle” in a clear effort to win over dissident Americans to his satanic Eurasianist cause. Dugin wrote about this trickery as well, advocating openly the need for Russia to exploit dissident tendencies in the West, harnessing their anger towards Russophilia. In his “Coming War” diatribe, Dugin writes:

Russia should be actively involved in the struggle for influence on the American society, strengthening the explanation of the Russian spiritual position in the war, showing that Russians and Americans have a common enemy: a manic satanic elite that have usurped power and are leading the whole humanity, including the Americans, towards the inevitable catastrophe.

Writing for this website, Sean Jobst documented that Dugin is a satanic Kabbalist in league with leading Kabbalists in Israel who share his Eurasianist ideology and hatred for the West. Effectively Dugin seeks to deliver the world into a fiery chaos in order to bring about its end, and by doing so fulfill Kabbalist prophesies about the return of Jewry’s Messiah during such a time. Jobst explained that Dugin has praised the Judaic concept of Tikkun Olam, which holds that Jews are a special chosen people destined to “bring light” to the “inferior” Gentile nations by ruling over them and destroying all dissent to their satanic rule. So Dugin, with his Eurasianist quest to ignite an earth-ending nuclear war between the US and Russia, is essentially carrying out the will of Messianic Jewry.

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4 Comments on “Russian Trolls Instigated and Backed Both Sides of Street Protest in Texas During US Election”

      1. Nice article that one. Notice how they package Russian interference as “fake news”. With Alex Jones openly associating with Dugin, it’s visible what they’re doing: they want to completely delegitimize any questioning of the system (including the many half-truths put out by Jones himself) under that label, using Russiagate as a symbol. It was a toxic, Soviet label from the beginning, temporarily hijacked by Trump-cultists, but in the end it WILL serve it’s proper purpose. Jones, a guy who openly admitted to being an esoterist from a family of esoterists, is majestically throwing his flock under the bus. To be honest, many of them deserve it.

  1. How is this video not London-Kremlin-Likudnik mafia satanic doublespeak? :
    “2017SOURCE : Christian News Alerts
    BREAKING: Mueller Hit With Devastating Blow, This Won’t End Well
    Former FBI Director Robert Mueller may be the most hated man in America where conservatives are concerned. (etc…)”

    That really comes across as a threat, in particular the untracable computer voice delivering the highly coercive “Wont End Well.” While this is a political threat against Muller and he would fully understand this, it also tries to come across as speaking as a fellow grass roots American to the masses of disgruntled conservatives in blatant hopes that someone on the edge of sanity will take it as a cue to assassinate him. They are frigging wallpapering the Internet with this type of material. I am going to thumbs down and flag the video 😛

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