Globalists Promoting Genocide of Native Swedes

By Brandon Martinez

This video is a few months old, but interesting nonetheless.

It shows the Nordic Resistance Movement, a nationalist group in Sweden, giving speeches outside at some kind of event. The videographer interviews various non-whites and leftists badmouthing the nationalists.

What is the logic from these non-whites who instinctively oppose the nationalism of native Swedes? Their sole argument is that the nationalists are not “tolerant” enough of the presence of tidal waves of foreigners who are demographically displacing them. They constantly say that “this is 2017” and can’t believe such people – nationalists – still exist.

The position of the non-whites here is typical: they feel threatened by rising nationalism that would, if ever to attain power, stop people of their kind from entering the Nordic Viking nation of Sweden. The non-whites want more of their kind of people in Sweden so they can gain more influence and power. They don’t want Swedes being proud of their culture and race because that would mean that they’d resent the foreign invasion displacing them culturally and demographically. That would mean less non-whites would be able to enter the country and take advantage of what Swedes have built.

Essentially, these immigrants are waging a racial war against the native Swedes, and seek to instil guilt feelings in the whites so they welcome their own ethnocide with open arms. The Bolshevik government of Sweden is aiding and abetting the ethnocide at every step, both by bringing the foreigners in and promoting anti-Swedish propaganda in the media. Insane crap like this actually appears on Swedish television:

That ad is literally promoting the genocide of white Swedes. This is where we’re at. We have Marxists controlling immigration policy, Marxists controlling the universities, and more Marxists controlling the television industry.

A new report tells us that Sweden is changing some of its road signs from Swedish language to generic symbols in order to accommodate non-Swedish immigrants:

As of December 1st, some new road signs will pop up on Swedish roads and will be illustrated with symbols rather than text in a bid to make them more comprehensible for non-Swedish speakers. One of them is the road sign that warns of an accident ahead.

“The warning sign shows a vehicle tipped on the side. It’s much faster to comprehend than text. In general, symbols are easier to read also for those who don’t know Swedish,” Niclas Nilsson, at the Swedish Transport Agency, said in a statement.

Another sign that will be replaced and which was previously only understandable to Swedish-speakers was the one indicating 24-hour restaurant services. The text “nattöppet” (open at night) is replaced by a clock face and the number 24 written inside.

Is this not a foreboding sign of a creeping genocide against the Swedes? They’re slowly edging out Swedish language and culture from public spaces in an organized campaign to pave the way for the “New Sweden,” which will be a dystopian melting pot of every culture in the world with hardly any genuine Swedes.

This evil plot must be stopped in its tracks!

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  1. Sweden is the (Israelite) Tribe of Asher. Wake up. We must help them. We must stop this Genocide of the White (Adamic) race. Yahweh Bless all who read this.

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