Semites Squabble in London Streets

By Brandon Martinez

Look at this. Mass demonstrations were held by pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli protestors to mark the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, a historic 1917 British government pledge to help the Jews establish a “homeland” in Palestine.

The pro-Palestine movement is strong in Britain owing to the fact that there are so many Arabs, Pakistanis and Muslims occupying British cities, especially London where even the mayor is a Muslim of Pakistani origin.

Muslims have a soft spot for Palestine simply because the majority of Palestinians are Muslims. If Palestinians were mostly Christians, Hindus or another faith, Muslims wouldn’t give two shits about it, hence why you’ll never see Muslims protesting “oppression” going on in non-Muslim countries or oppression by Muslim regimes against non-Muslim minorities in their midst.

Where are the Muslim protests against the foul treatment of non-Muslims and atheists in Muslim-majority states? Where are the protests against the sadistic tyranny of Saudi Arabia where infidels are either killed or made slaves? Even the non-Sunni Muslim sects like Shia are viciously persecuted in that land. You won’t find Muslims protesting that because they most likely approve of oppressing non-Muslims in countries where Muslims are dominant.

Hundreds of British leftists join with the Muslims in the pro-Palestinian protests. These self-hating whites are willing to get off their sofas to promote the interests of a foreign people and land, but couldn’t be bothered to protest the occupation of Britain by these same foreigners. The displacement of their own people is just a vague afterthought: brown foreigners and their interests come first.

If these Arab, Muslim and leftist protestors think there’s an issue that needs resolving going on in Palestine, then why the hell are they still in Britain? They should pack up and head over there. Instead, they plant their two feet on British soil because they know life is better there.

Don’t get me wrong, the pro-Israel Jews on the other side are equally condemnable. These Jews want us to side with them in a quarrel that they started with Palestinians a century ago because they wanted to fulfill biblical prophesies of a magical “return” of Jews to their historic “homeland.” Zionist leaders like Chaim Weizmann bribed and blackmailed British leaders to aid and abet this Zionist project, and today’s Zionist leaders do the same. If these Zionist Jews are so concerned about Israel and its conflict with Palestine, then they should get the hell out of Britiain and go to their “homeland.” Why have a “homeland” if you’re not going to live there?

It makes no sense that Jews have terrorized the world into accepting the existence of Israel, but millions of them refuse to live there. That’s because they want the best of both worlds: raking in the cash running rackets in Western countries and then having a safe-haven (Israel) to run to when they get caught. Zionists are ruthless killers who have murdered Westerners – USS Liberty, Operation Trojan, etc. – in order to dupe us into siding with them in one of their various squabbles with Arabs.

Neither Muslims nor Jews are our friends. As you can see here, both of them are trying to rile up white Europeans to do their bidding. Meanwhile, Muslims and Jews are more actively collaborating to work against nationalism in the West, which, as occupying groups, they both feel threatened by.

We, as European nationalists, need a clean break from both these groups who’ve brought nothing but trouble to our lands.

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  1. Congrats on the new website, Brandon. You’ll probably get some extra traffic due to the website name 😉. What you talk about here is of course the issue that totally elides the conventional anti-Zionist conspiracy-happy crowd that rages online. Their shit is old news – still banging on about 9/11 relentlessly when there’s state-sponsored jihadi attacks weekly – & straightforward organic attacks simply thanks to mass immigration of a problematic population (which this crowd will stupidly deny against all reason). Just like your ancestors in Spain once recognized: #TeamSemite is collectively a problem. These anti-Jewish White pro-Palestinian activists are becoming more and more of a pathetic joke.

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