Russia Has a Problem With Islam

By Charlemagne

This video below depicts a giant horde of Muslims stampeding through the streets of Moscow in order to get to a mosque. This is not the Christian conservative white man’s paradise we in the West have been led to believe Putin is maintaining.

This next clip shows around 500,000 Muslims occupying entire districts of Moscow in order to pray during their holiday of Eid.

Footage like this completely debunks the widespread claims that Russia has less of a problem with mass immigration and Islam than the West does. This is far worse of a Muslim presence than there is in New York for example, but seemingly akin to the situation in parts of London.


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3 Comments on “Russia Has a Problem With Islam”

  1. I don’t think their elite sees it as a problem though. The traditionalist/perennialist element sees muslims (of all kinds and colors) as puppets/front people for their hybrid strategy, just as some factions see Jews as theirs. I haven’t confirmed it yet but it seems Renè Guenon once openly said that “Europe would either mass convert to Islam or return to barbarism”. And this hybrid National-Leftism (Spencer), just like the original swastika-boys, has affinities for Islam (Hitler admired Islam and said he wished it was Germany’s religion instead of Christianism). From a purely social engineering/elitist perspective, if I was a psychopath, I’d prefer that too. Islam is much more rigid (five prayers a day, dress/food codes, codes for everything), and produces much more psychological pressure on the masses than Christianism. It produces collectivistic, easily controlled sheep.

    1. It interesting to see how well the pro-Muslim Perrenialism meshes into Eurasian Duginism. Many similarities there which should be explored. Both seek to alter Europe in various ways. In this we can see a possible scenario in which Russian imperialists, Muslims and Jews unite in order to conquer the weakened old white man in the West.

  2. The purpose of Law is Trust however those in power are using law as control it is not barbarism to rebel against their law as a unified group as a society are maintaining your trust with each other taking measures to ensure that your children are in the care of those not politically endangered and then in Mass violating every minor law regarding their silencing you to overload their systems is a viable form of rebellion if you have the numbers. Do not give the system a moment’s rest keep it clogged or flee to Poland and Hungary because after a certain point you will be offering you and your women up for Slaughter

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