Canada’s Immigrant Immigration Minister Vows to Speed Up White Genocide

By Brandon Martinez

Canada’s non-white Muslim immigrant immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen, has vowed to speed up the process of white genocide by importing a million more immigrants from mostly Third World countries.

The moron said the move would “guarantee the country’s future prosperity,” but refused to explain how importing a million more Third Worlders with virtually no useful skills or education would produce anything but problems.

Hussen is a Somali Muslim immigrant who was put in charge of immigration by Justin Trudeau, the libtard prime minister whose platform consists of little more than pandering to racial, religious and sexual minorities. Hussen’s policies are consistent with his own ethnic interests and the liberal anti-white agenda to bring as many non-whites to Canada as possible, replacing the original whites who founded and built the country with dark races.

It was recently announced that White Canadians are now a minority in Toronto, and are projected to be a minority in Vancouver within two decades. Canada has experienced “the fastest rate of ethnic change of any country in the Western world,” seeing 300,000 new immigrants arriving each year, four out of five of which are non-whites.

Toronto was a once-pristine, Anglo city that had virtually no crime. But since the wave of massive Third World immigration, gangs, gun crime, sexual assaults, robberies and homicides have skyrocketed in the city. The gangs are almost entirely formed by new Black arrivals from Africa and the Caribbean.

Police are now afraid to do their jobs fearing charges of “racism” and protests from the Canadian branch of Black Lives Matter. So the murders and violence will only increase as Blacks demand the police stay out of their business, which inevitably involves drugs and crime.

It’s become so bad that even the former mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, was himself embroiled in a scandal where he was pictured hanging out with Black gangsters who took a video of him smoking crack in a gang house.

Canada is one of the most cucked nations in the West with a strong SJW culture dominating mainstream politics. Canada’s only right-wing party, the “Conservatives,” are terribly weak cucks too afraid to challenge the status quo on multiculturalism and immigration despite the disastrous consequences. Their only strong commitment is to bend over for the foreign nation of Israel in order to please domestic Jewish donors.

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  1. I like your new wordpress template.
    Just a quick note regarding your comment form, it did and still is, sometimes revealing other users’ email addresses.
    This could allow all sorts of mischief.
    Perhaps if you could set it up so users either have to login, or maybe you send them a confirmation “was this you” email?
    Just a thought.
    Anyway great site and great articles.

    1. I think the email problem might be fixed now.
      Overall I prefer this commenting template you have here, to the horribly slow to load and spammy Disqus plugin.
      Brandon, you can email me with the details of any articles you think could be removed from my website as counter productive, or with stuff worth adding.

        1. Thanks Charlemagne
          A nationalist friend asked me to create it in June 2010.
          I did the technical bits and he wrote several news articles.
          He quit in June 2011 (lost interest) and then it was just me.

          Then a few years ago, when all the mainstream british nationalist parties started declining with in-fighting and scandals, I decided to ditch the narrow minded approach and look further afield for the underlying reasons for our problems.
          Problems include (too many to list here).
          Reasons include (i am still researching them).
          It is an uphill struggle convincing people who have been taken in by the mainstream media, BBC, RT etc. They think RT and Putin and Trump will save the day. I continue to hope that they read some of the websites I link to, which might wake them up.

  2. Heritage is different things to different people. Some Brits might not concur with the heritage images in your new header. It is difficult to please everyone though, so if you like it, that’s great.
    Just a thought.

  3. Canada will be a sworn enemy of the American continent (From Mexico to further south) in less than two decades if they become a caliphate.

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