Cuckservatives Serve Jewish Power

By Brandon Martinez

The cuckservatives are alt-lite civic nationalists who promote mainstream social conservative positions. They counter-signal hard against the excesses of leftism and liberalism – like third wave feminism, social justice warriors and mass immigration – but push a civic nationalist platform that focuses on economic and “freedom” arguments, opposes only illegal immigration, and seeks to “integrate” non-white immigrants instead of repatriating them back to their countries of origin. So, in the cucks’ view, so long as Mohammed bin Abdalala renounces Islam, anti-Zionism and starts nightclubbing, he’s a welcome member of “Western civ.”

The cuckservatives disavow the genuine far-right, white nationalists and “anti-Semites.” Cuckservatives like Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Lauren Southern, Paul Joseph Watson, Ben Shapiro and Mike Cernovich talk vaguely in defense of “Western civilization,” but only the version of it in which Jewish elites are still dominant. They seek to maintain the status quo of Jewish supremacy in the banking, media and politics of the West, glorifying a “Judeo-Christian” culture in which white Christians worship the state of Israel and give Jews all of their money by buying useless consumer goods. The cucks openly disavow and eschew ethnic nationalism for whites for the reason that the Jews who pay them would be excluded from power.

The cucks work diligently to censer any discussion about Jewish influence, putting all of the blame for our woes on generic leftists and liberals, as well as a special focus on the negatives of Islam. Many of these cucks work for explicitly Jewish-owned media companies, like the Rebel and Breitbart, which have editorial policies forbidding explicit criticism of Jews and Israel. The Rebel’s founder, Ezra Levant, is effectively a Jewish activist for Israel within Canada whose mission has been to usurp conservative, Christian and libertarian Canadians to vote for the Zionist-owned Conservative Party.

Breitbart itself was founded by two Zionist Jews, Andrew Breitbart and Larry Solov, who, during a 2007 trip to Jerusalem, conceived the idea for the network as “unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel.” Solov expounded on the network’s Jewish origins, writing:

“We were sick of the anti- Israel bias of the mainstream media and J-Street. By launching Breitbart Jerusalem, the journey comes full circle and a promise between two friends is fulfilled. And in a very real sense, Breitbart News Network returns to its roots.”

The position of these cucks against white nationalism is so glaringly hypocritical when you consider their rabid support of Israel, a Jewish ethno-state with all kinds of laws dedicated to preserving the Jewish majority. Mainstream Israeli political parties rail against African migrants and vow to keep them out. They’ve even built border walls and holding pens to stem the tide of African migration to Israel. The native Palestinians – Israel just kills them en masse.

The cucks must maintain that white nationalism is bad because most of them personally have non-white spouses and they know Jewish power would suffer from a resurgent nationalism that was ethnically-based. Their job is to steer populist energy away from a revolution against the Jewish elites running our societies into the ground. Many of the cucks like Yiannopoulos, Cernovich and McInnes are morally and sexually degenerate con-men out to make money and profit off the populist wave while misdirecting it at the same time.

Degenerate alt-lite con-man Milo Yiannopoulos bathes in pig blood. He also married a black man.

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8 Comments on “Cuckservatives Serve Jewish Power”

  1. Fuck people who really believe there’s anything genuine abobut these CivNats. They’re obviously low-level gatekeepers/mind-managers.People who go along show their own personal decadence/shamelessness. That’s part of the scheme, by the way – get imbeciles feeling like Crusaders by bashing Islam and praising homosexualism with Macinnes/Milo and co. Interesting detail: Macinnes admitted in a video that he’s a member of Catholic esoteric group “Knights of Columbus”.

    1. Cooper, you’re a complete and total moron. The amusing thing is that many of the people you would refer to as “spics” are as white or ever more white than you. Thanks for confirming how stupid many “white nationalists” are, especially in the USA.

    2. I remember back in the military how there was this epidemic of cheating girlfriends and wives while their ‘SOs’ were on deployment, including all these women who would do shit like clean their bf’s and husband’s bank accounts out while these dudes were overseas. Some of these dudes could have a few bad experiences with women and become full-on misogynists. While I wish I could have done that, lol, I just couldn’t take that mental leap. My road to misogyny (at least the vast majority of people would consider me a ‘misogynist’ although I don’t really refer to myself as a misogynist, but as a gender/sex realist) wasn’t just from seeing so many other dudes get the screws, but also from all kinds of bad personal experiences, along with years of study on the topic. How long exactly I’ve done nothing but research feminism and misandry, I don’t know because I was almost always researching different topics at the same time) but let’s say you woke at 8 in the morning and did nothing but research feminism and misandry all day, everyday: I’d say I have to have spent over a year doing that.
      Of course I also wound up finding sites like The Unknown History of Misandry and then you go on to find that women putting the screws to military dudes is and has been nothing new, and female military rackets go way, way back.

      In any case, I didn’t take any short cuts; I really put the work in. You’ll also find other dudes in the Manosphere and in men’s rights activism who had a few bad experiences with women and they’re also full-on misogynists. They didn’t put the work into studying the topic, but they run their mouths like they actually have. They’re not particularly good at articulating or giving reasons why they are the way they are, and when they talk, you can tell they’re on the stupid side. So, many of their views are actually correct, but then some of their views about the topic are way off. They got to where they did in view by luck, more or less. With their approach, they could easily be dead wrong because you know they really don’t know much at all about the topics, but they’re there anyway.

      Well, the same can be said about certain pro-whites. Some of them have had a few bad experiences with minorities, and that was all it took for them to become full-on haters of non-whites. They didn’t really put the work into WTF they’re talking about, but still wanna chime in as if their opinions really mean anything. Anyone who gets offended by these above folks being referred to as cuckservatives hasn’t put the gotdamned work in on the topics. They also might well be stupid and/or mentally malfunctioning while they’re at it. They’d do themselves and everyone else a favor by reading and listening a whole lot more and talking a whole lot less, but I don’t have a lot of faith that many of these types ever will.

  2. Maybe Paul Joseph Watson, Lauren Southern, Mike Chernovich are this way because they would like to be accepted in the existing political paradigm. They might be forced to disavow far right white nationalism. That is outside of the Overton window. To be trendy and popular in the media you must be inside the Overton window of permissible opinion in polite society. It is better to watch what the existing power structure is, where it’s Overton window ends, getting inside mainstream discourse and through activity attempt to move the Overton window in gradual increments. Politics is the art of the possible and they might be doing the best they can within the rules.

    1. No, they’ve said many things which make it clear they’re purposefully gatekeeping to steer people away from the two most important hot button issues of: race and the Jewish question. In other words, they’re sell-outs who can’t be trusted.

  3. the alt-lite closed ranks with the alt-right in order to get Trump elected. Notice, there was a big blowup between them as soon as he was. I blame the leaders of the alt-right for hitching a ride on the Trump train and you can add Kevin McDonald and David Duke to the list of enablers to suspend critical thinking which then makes you ask why would ppl that specialize in critical thinking suspend it? The answer to that may depend on the side they are really on.
    I beefed with Brandon because he failed to call out Spingola in the days when false flags weren’t irrelevant, and Sandy Hook obviously was. Granted, Brandon owed huge exposure to her but a traitor is a traitor in the end, all niceties aside

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