Muslims Hijack Christmas

This music video is a prime example of how multiculturalists want to alter European culture and traditions. Douglas Murray was right when he said it is not radical Islam which will conquer Europe, but the moderate more subtle peaceful form of Islam which will usurp Christian European culture. Now imagine for a second a similar music video in which the roles were reversed, with White European Christians taking a Muslim song, Christianizing it, as well as changing it from Arabic (the undisputed language of Islam) to English. There would be outrage across the Muslim world. Clerics would issue fatwas and whoever made the video would likely be hunted down by ISIS militants as the staff of Charlie Hebdo magazine were. The most extreme Muslim radicals embrace moderate Muslim penetration into Europe as it paves the way for future more formal conquests of key European cities. This is what is happening in London which has a large Muslim elite occupying key areas of the city. These new elites of largely Gulf Arab extraction are now beginning to govern London through it’s Pakistani Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan. Is this this the kind of future we want for OUR children?

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