Bannon Cucks Out

Steve Bannon has, to the nth degree, cucked out! Now, Bannon was always a cuck don’t get me wrong, but we thought, and we hoped, that deep down Bannon held sympathies for the alt-right. On Sunday the 12th of this month at The Zionist Organization of America’s annual awards gala, Steve Bannon vocally declared, “I’m proud to be a Christian Zionist!”.

This move by Bannon is sufficient evidence to finally extinguish once and for all any remaining rumours that Bannon secretly opposes Jewish globalists. Moreover, it shows that Bannon never actually was anywhere near alt-right. It also means that when he said Breitbart was ‘the platform for the alt-right’, he either didn’t know what ‘alt-right’ meant, or that he was trying to subvert it by watering the alt-right down with cuckservatism.

Everyone thought that once Bannon ended his career at the White House, he would no longer be pressured by political correctness, move closer to white nationalism and further away from the Zio-con cuckservatism he supposedly was being forced to follow. He did the opposite. Richard Spencer was clearly wrong when he said that Bannon is someone that we (the alt-right) can work with, falling for his cuckservative deception.

In order to use the alt-right to help boost himself to the presidency, Trump brought Bannon on board to his cabinet. This allowed Trump, through Bannon, to cultivate a cult of personality around him, one greater than previous U.S. presidents have had, complete with memes and music videos singing how Trump would save the day and ‘Make America White Again’. Hopes were incredibly high, Trump was going to send all of the illegal Mexicans back to Mexico and he had an alt-righter (Bannon) on his team. While this cult of personality was not necessarily a bad thing, Trump, after winning the election, proceeded to discard the alt-right after it was no longer useful to him.

Bannon’s speech shows that he is in fact a traitor whose true allegiances lie with Zionist Israel. The U.S. / Israel relationship is stronger than ever under Trump, whose minor increase in immigration controls will end as soon as the pendulum swings back to the anti-white Democratic Party. We must go it alone, we must increase our numbers. We must conquer!

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24 Comments on “Bannon Cucks Out”

  1. The author might not be aware that Harry Truman said once that he as a (evangelical) Christian believed in Israel before it existed. Christian Zionism has deep roots among christian whites in America, Britain, Australia and South Africa. Pro-Israeli attitudes existed in the anglosphere decades prior to diversity. There was once a white nationalist Prime Minister of South Africa John Vorster, who visited Israel and praised it on numerous occasions. There are South African whites who perceive Israel with respect and admiration.

    1. Well the Jews ended up stabbing the South Africans in the back didn’t they by supporting Mandela. You could maybe argue that ‘oh those were left wing communist Jews’, but as we have seen in our previous articles, many right wing Jews appreciate what left wing Jews do in the West in regards to weakening the power of whites in their countries.

      around 2:00 in this video

      1. It was the United States Congress with it’s “Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act” in 1986 that stabbed South Africa in the back. The United States Congress demanded Mandela release and immediate democratization. The Israeli Likud government of Shamir and Sharon did not want to sanction South Africa. It had no interest to. Israel received precious minerals from South Africa. More often than not, white cuck liberal politicians do more to hurt white people than jews do. Did jews hold guns over heads of all those Congressmen? No, no one forced them to vote the way they did. The vast majority of the US Congress was anti-white on South Africa in the 1980s.

          1. People around Mandela (his puppeteers really) were German-Jewish communists. An argument could be made that Jews are divided amongst themselves though.

        1. Roman is a Jewish apologist. Not long ago he was talking about how Jews were powerful and thus there must be something good about them, lol.

          There are loads of anti-white Jews, I’ve compiled six pages worth of them; they are the primary force behind the anti-white agenda, just like they are the primary force behind every other Marxist agenda. The Ben Shapiros will say the problem isn’t Jews but liberals, but he neglects to say that Jews as a group are extremely liberal. And yes, there is such a thing as Shabbos goyim and there are such things as bribes and threats. Jewish apologists have no arguments.

          Ron Jeremy knows the deal:

          “”We’re Jews, and we Jews are liberal. We don’t go for that ‘you’re going to burn in Hell,’ good and evil stuff,” says Jeremy, in town to promote his autobiography, “Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz,” as he polishes off the scone and moves on to a dish of strawberries and cream.”

          Yes Ron, as Roman would say, since Jews are very liberal, this must be what’s good about them. Watch Roman become a liberal now, lolz. 🙂

      1. I’ve had people who are, for the most part, otherwise Jew-wise tell me that MGTOW was created by Jews. The simple fact of the matter is that somehow these folks haven’t researched or noticed the prevalent anti-male agenda in the West. MGTOW is a response to misandry and male disenfranchisement. They’re practically the same version of pro-whites (just that they’re the gender version of it being pro-male) in that they’re kind of secessionist minded in places like one’s occupation. For example, MGTOWs are aware that if you’re in a work environment where there are also a lot of women, the male is the one who has to walk on egg shells because he ‘s in a situation where potentially any female can make false accusations against him and get him penalized or fired, among other things, where he is not in the same position to do so to females himself (meaning he’s the one being disenfranchised here). It’s also true that women on the job often want men to do the heavy/hard lifting and hard jobs for them yet expect to be paid the same. So MGTOWs are not in favor of working with other women, and this also extends to the military. I remember even towards the end of my time when women were starting to become integrated in the military just what a pain in the ass that was and how out of place these women were and just how little of value they actually contributed. So they’re like secessionists in that they don’t want to work around women and they often don’t want to cohabitate with women either because there are laws like VAWA where a female can make any false accusation against you and get you put in jail. You might also find yourself paying for a female who had you thrown out of your own house that she pays no bills for, and she gets to live there for free for an untold number of months.

        The reason people are pro-white and why the movement is growing so quickly is basically the same as why MGTOW has been and is growing so quickly – the prevalence of institutionalized anti-white hatred, disenfranchisement, and double standards aimed at whites that aren’t aimed at non-whites. You might be aware of how simple expressions like ‘It’s OK to be white’ are causing so much outrage. If people were creating expressions like ‘It’s OK to be black’ or ‘It’s OK to be Hispanic’ there would be no outrage. But likewise, you’ll also cause a lot of outrage if you create an expression saying ‘It’s OK to be male’. There is a whole, whole lot of anti-white hatred in society, just like there is a whole lot of anti-male hatred.

        One thing about white nationalism is that quite a few people tend to associate the name with Naziism or the KKK. It’s true that the KKK has had many Jewish leaders and members like Bernard Baruch and many others, and it’s also true that Hitler was in cahoots with Jews, but to say white nationalism itself was created by Jews or that the pro-white movement was created by Jews is entirely incorrect. Pro-whites especially are a response to anti-white paradigms and bigotry.

      2. But there is an abundance of evidence that British Israelism was a creation of the Jews, so why not answer that? Nearly everything “WN” which I have checked out has a very gefilte-fishy smell to it, with its adloescent “niggers suck” race baiting and “evil Jew” memes. It is a question more of semantics than Semitics, as to whether the Chosen are involved.

        But on the subject of WN, KKK, and warmed over Confederate rebel sentiments written large in the “alt-meeja”, see if you can follow this syllogism:

        1.) Trump is a JEWISH SOCK PUPPET, proven elsewhere and supra,

        2.) Trump’s “base” includes many nativist bigots and racist morons, who are also porno-wankers and Neanderthals, who would gladly embrace a revaunchist Confederate takeover and subsequent purge of darky and lib.

        3.) The US military (following the purge of the officer corps under O’Commah) is firmly under the control of Zionism, and is staffed by a large proportion of Southerners with ignorant and provincial attitudes about nearly every political subject, who would gladly follow orders to round up/murder spics, niggers, liberals and immigrants following a declaration of national emergency.

        4.) The Mueller probe into Russian influence in the 2016 election has reached the level of indicting Gen. Flynn, the man Trump made Secretary of Defense; Mueller’s strategy has been to start at the lower levels and flip indicted witnesses to testify against their superiors…at this point there is nowhere higher to go that Flynn except The Great Pumpkin himself. And calls for impeachment continue to grow, but of course they come forth from the mouths of nigger Congressman and women and other non-persons under Kike Sharia law.

        5.) Trump will respond to his forthcoming indictment/impeachment by pointing out that Congress has no enforcement mechanism besides the Executive branch, which he alone controls as President. Supported by the Jewish controlled miliary, he will declare martial law, dissolve Congress and begin the meticulously prepared liquidation of dissidents and preppers, Constitutional patriots and resistors. Once they are out of the way, darky will be forced back to the plantation where he will labor to “make America great again”, and spic will be forced to “build the wall”.

        Do the math people. If you think it’s cool to jump on the White revaunchism bandwagon, you will end up serving the ends prepared for you by the Jewish supremacists and their nework of British Israel Freemasons.

        1. Trump getting impeached is seriously like Hillary getting brought up on charges: Neither is gonna happen (I’m saying this with a practically almost 99% certainty because they’re both part of the Kabal).

          Ignorant white Southerners? White Southerners are actually a highly intelligent group compared to the rest of the country, despite the Hollywood/media bias against them. I mean, in an economic collapse, white Southerners are head and shoulders beyond blacks to say the very least.

          Seriously though, what’s wrong with being pro-white? What you’re saying is like it’s a crime to be pro-male. Really, both sides you’re talking about (pro-anti-whites and pro-females) will get absolutely crushed in any debate. Both pro-male and pro-white groups are gonna grow practically exponentially.

          Hopefully you’re nobody I’ve talked to before like Negentropic. Dude had a serious problem with knowing WTF he was talking about.

          1. BTW, I was just commenting on a femmie’s page where she was sticking up for Ameriskanks and Western-skanks (her name is Sarah Kornbrek). She was telling men to grow up and so I was basically telling her to MAN UP. Of course the cunt blocked me within two comments, lol. There might be rather feminine women coming into the alt-right, but pump and dump is their middle name and this is no bullshit. They’ve been asking for this for far too long.

          2. #654, have you noticed that US presidents tend to do back-to-back elections, especially since GB senior? The chances of this shit happening on it’s own in a country of over 300 million people are incredibly slim. I’m not worried about Hillary next. I’m more worried about what Trump is gonna do, lol.

          3. Revaunchism is different than pro-White, I think. I am not trying to discourage people being loyal to their own kind, just pointing out that the whole British Israel Christian Zionism has taught Anglos that they are the Chosen people like the Jews. That is a sick attitude. And Trump is going to be indicted for espionage by Mueller, pay attention to what I say. The calls for impeachment are predictably going nowhere due to lack of votes.

          4. Also, ignorance is not related to a lack of intelligence — it is a refusal to put that intelligence to work discerning the truth, instead preferring comfortable and flattering lies. Southerners are brought up in one of the most dismal educational systems in the world and are taught that honor means putting on a uniform.

          5. Erin, you said: “Southerners are brought up in one of the most dismal educational systems in the world and are taught that honor means putting on a uniform.”

            WTH are you talking about, dude? How is the Southern education system any worse than that of the rest of the states? The average Southerner doesn’t go through the K-12 educational system or what? Are you thinking the average Southerner is missing all but three teeth or something? Honor means putting on a uniform? What uniform are you talking about, exactly?

            Speaking of dismal educational systems, I’d rank California’s as being seriously f’d up; heavily Marxist. At least in the South, people are more likely to be secessionist minded compared to dumbed down, Marxist whites in the North and in the West. In a massive economic collapse, Texans are gonna be doing much better than Californians. Southerners tend to be more self-reliant.

            They’re brought up in one of the most dismal educational systems in the world, yet somehow Southern states’ GDPs per capita are doing about as well as the rest of the nation’s. You can easily look up the GDPs per capita of states like Texas, Florida, Missouri, Arkansas, etc. They’re also doing much better than the world’s average GDP per capita as well.

            This dude says he was “brought up in the most dismal and dysfunctional education system in the world”. Of course I’m only being sarcastic, but you don’t strike me as the type of dude who really knows what he’s talking about, unfortunately:



          “WASHINGTON — Lawyers for Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, notified the president’s legal team in recent days that they could no longer discuss the special counsel’s investigation, according to four people involved in the case — an indication that Mr. Flynn is cooperating with prosecutors or negotiating a deal.

          Mr. Flynn’s lawyers had been sharing information with Mr. Trump’s lawyers about the investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, who is examining whether anyone around Mr. Trump was involved in Russian efforts to undermine Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

          That agreement has been terminated, the four people said. Defense lawyers frequently share information during investigations, but they must stop when doing so would pose a conflict of interest. It is unethical for lawyers to work together when one client is cooperating with prosecutors and another is still under investigation.”

  2. Lol. A few days ago I was in another argument with Trumpians over Trump’s integrity. It all started when some Trumpian had created a video about the Holohoax and he claimed to have ‘compressed’ the video but I could tell he actually copied almost the entire video from another video that had already did the compressing. Well the little shit also happened to have a Trump photo and when I told him that Trump will never be exposing the Holohoax, the Trumpians started calling me names like shill and retarded, lmao. Some even claimed that he knows, but he’s just not saying anything because he’s a strategist lol. He could very well know, but him not saying anything because he’s a ‘strategist’ is pure hogwash; more like Trump is a shill himself. You’ll also hear the dummies talking just like Trump… ohhh dat’s “fake news”, lmao. The mental gymnastics and so-called ‘mind-reading’ skills Trumpians display are on par with any other brand of extreme cognitive dissonance out there. Of course these dummies use the same kind of ‘mind-reading’ ‘professional poker playing’ abilities with Bannon as well… they “just know” that both Trump and Bannon are just sooooo ‘legit’ lol.

      1. It’s true that a good portion of alt-righters aren’t aware of false flags like 9/11. I don’t have any stats on it though, and don’t have a very accurate idea of just how many are and how many aren’t. Given that people tend to roll in ideological cliques/packs, sometimes you might be operating in circles where it seems like a lot of people do, and vice versa.

        For example, there is a dude named Johnny Manachside who actually started out in the 9/11 truth movement. Unfortunately, he didn’t know things that many alt-righters do yet, and was also a Black Lives Matter activist. After operating in that circle for a while and actually researching what BLM was, etc., he became pro-white; rather staunchly so at that. While he was at it, he also went on to wake up other alt-righter to 9/11 like Sven Sontag.

        Alt-righters as a group though are aware of many things that the average 9/11 truther is not and given this all is so much red-pill information, there’s going to be a lag-time between those who have a lot of time to research (like myself) and those who don’t, as well as the time between those who can handle red pills en masse and those who can’t. It is a process of baby steps and I guess me being an ex-special forces candidate often just can’t understand why other people aren’t so hard core about research and the attempt to digest as much red pill information as fast as possible, no matter the pain. There are a certain amount of baby steps that everybody has to make and it’s one of the reasons I’m not a great activist because I personally don’t have the patience to deal with stragglers and/or slackers lol. Some people really do though, and my hat is off to them, but there does come a point with certain people where they’re doing you more harm than good and you have to cut ties with them.

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