HIV Restaurant Opens

The nation of Canada has outdone itself once again. In Toronto a restaurant has opened which exclusively employs HIV positive staff. This is dangerous and downright disgusting. Even worse, the restaurant was opened by a hospital. Medical institutions are supposed to be protecting the population from disease, not potentially infecting members of the public in order to normalize having a degenerate disease like HIV.

What if children were to go this restaurant and contract HIV? This restaurant is a ticking time-bomb and I am positive some customers will contract HIV at some point. It is for this reason that prisons all across the West do not allow HIV positive prisoners to work in the kitchens, in case they cut their finger or contaminate the food in other ways.

What’s next? A euthanasia themed restaurant where customers are given cyanide in their food? This is cultural marxism at its finest where the weakest and most abnormal, accursed elements of society are glorified and given special protected status. The woman behind the project justifies serving customers food that has possibly been contaminated with HIV by saying, “HIV doesn’t live well out of the body for any length of time and through the cooking the virus dies.” Is this not the most insane thing you have ever heard? They even want you to kiss the HIV infected staff! Mainstream society is now so degenerate that they encourage people to kiss persons with deadly transmissible diseases. No healthy society would ever focus its energy in encouraging disease-ridden people to serve food to the public and quite likely kill them.

Toronto used to be a wonderful city. Now it is overrun by immigrants, Whites are a minority there, and people infected with HIV are serving up meals to the populace. The head of the immigration of Canada is even a Somali immigrant himself, poised to let in as many people as possible like him. The president is a die-hard feminist. What a dump. Time for a revolution which will lift the entire Anglosphere out of this sickening rot.

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  1. West becoming more of a joke everyday. Nothing new, unfortunately. Fucking degenerates. And nothing but code for “drug addict/homosexual cooks-only”. The con artists still try to spin it as effect of oppression of Indians by Catholics, etc. That’s another niche in the massive (and ever expanding) anti-white “market of ideas”.

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