Libtard Canada Wants to “Reintegrate” ISIS Terrorists

By Brandon Martinez

Canada’s SuperCuck Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to “deradicalize” and “reintegrate” returning ISIS terrorists.

Questioned by the opposition on how “reintegrating” ISIS terrorists would work, the PM gave a robotic scripted response without addressing the obvious lunacy of the terrorist-support programs he has implemented.

This is a trend among many cucked Western nations, who have similarly set up programs to help plant Islamic terrorists in our midst so they can kill more white infidels. Britain, led by the incompetent woman Teresa May, just did the same, granting returning jihadis “tax-payer funded council homes and counselling to stop them attacking the UK.” In 2016 self-hating Liberals in Sweden also created a reintegration program to coddle returning terrorists with “housing and benefits.”

This is the death-knell of our civilization. Our leaders so despise their own populace, that they’re willing to put them in grave, lethal danger to pander to non-white minorities involved in Islamic terrorist activities. They’re so committed to the failed and disastrous anti-white ideology of multiculturalism, that they’re willing to risk massive terrorist blowback in the streets just to have a few hundred non-white Muslims come back to the West.

The Kalergiites in charge of Western governments don’t mind the terrorism, and in fact want more of it so long as the majority of the victims are white people. In their diabolical effort to achieve white genocide, the Kalergiites are allowing swarms of hostile Muslims into our countries, encouraging them to build mosques to spread their cultural imperialism over our heads.

Meanwhile, the Jewish elite schemers behind this plan have a highly militarized, secure ethno-state – Israel – to seek refuge in when the shit really hits the fan. They can always run back to Fortress Israel when Europe descends into civil war between Muslim militants and nationalists. At that point, they will probably start to fund and arm both sides, like they’ve done in Syria, to have their Goyim enemies slaughter each other while Israel reaps the spoils.

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2 Comments on “Libtard Canada Wants to “Reintegrate” ISIS Terrorists”

  1. There may be a civil war. However it will probably be between the left and right, with radical Muslims allying with the left. I really think the best option is for those who are Jew wise, ally with one another, regardless of background. Obviously these radicals are not Jew Wise at all, considering their bogus caliphate was created by the CIA and Mossad.

    A united opposition will no doubt be more difficult for the elite to deal with. Let us not forget the countless wars, governments overthrown, and genocides this elite has caused . They’ll shut down anything that is a threat to them. The best thing going for them is the fact that the goyim are constantly fighting one another.

    With that said, a civil war in Europe is unlikely considering most of the people are too comfortable to take up arms. The Jews have their world wide system in place. Not only are most people unaware of it, they realize if they attempt to make it collapse, there will be devastation to the point where most of the world will fall into the dark ages.

  2. One of the *reasons for being” of Fortress Israel is so Jews can do their work of destruction abroad knowing there will always be a safe place to return to when their goyim hosts start committing national suicide/devouring each other (much due to Jewish subversion).

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