Canadian Libtards On Attack At Laurier University

Canadian libtards are on the march once again, this time going after a teaching assistant at Laurier University because she played a clip of a debate on “gender neutral pronouns” in one of her classes.

The clip featured Jordan Peterson, the embattled University of Toronto psychology professor who caused a stir a few years ago when he refused to use “gender neutral pronouns” to refer to trans students in class.

Lindsay Shepherd of Laurier was harshly reprimanded by the leftist administration of her university simply for showing the clip of Peterson to encourage debate among her students. Shepherd recorded the meeting with her superiors bullying her about not condemning Peterson’s views, and has received an apology from the University for it. Now leftists have descended on the university to stoke up the spectre of rising “white supremacy” and “transphobia” on campuses.

Shepherd is not even alt-lite, let alone one of us. She’s said that she doesn’t even support Peterson’s views on the subject, but merely playing the clip in a class was enough to get her into trouble with the Marxists in charge.

Western universities have become Maoist-style indoctrination centers for radical Marxist ideology which promotes extreme dysgenic social norms and anti-white hatred. The agenda of the Marxists is to completely destroy traditional values and social norms in Western societies in order to throw the West into chaos and disarray. The Marxists are nihilistic lunatics who want to radically transform the modern world into a communist utopia with an impossible ‘total equality’ between the races and sexes.

With the election of the male feminist, pro-LGBT liberal Justin Trudeau, Canada has descended into utter leftist madness where even an alt-lite classical liberal like Jordan Peterson is considered controversial and akin to Hitler. Peterson has condemned the true alt-right for its “anti-Semitism” as he tries to hold onto his job at the Jewish-dominated University of Toronto. Peterson is not nearly strong enough on these issues. All he did was mildly rebuke the LGBT cult for its insistence on using “gender neutral pronouns”. On the true taboos like race and the Jewish question, Peterson falls far short of the truth.

Cultural Marxism and its modern offshoots were invented and promulgated by Jewish supremacists in order to extirpate any possible cultural tendencies towards Fascism and Nazism. The Jewish intellectual braintrust behind this leftist onslaught promoting LGBT, transgenderism, mass immigration and anti-white propaganda envisioned a totally emasculated West which couldn’t assert its cultural dominance around the world or even within its own societies.

White males are the prime targets of these Marxist attacks because it is white males on an intellectual level who represent the greatest challenge to Jewish hegemony in the West. The worst nightmare of the Cultural Marxists is white males re-establishing their authority and acting in unison towards their collective racial interests. This is why the Cultural Marxists promote everything seemingly unnatural, abnormal and dysgenic in order to break down the natural hierarchy, social norms and gender structures that made white societies so strong and powerful  in the past.

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3 Comments on “Canadian Libtards On Attack At Laurier University”

  1. I might add that use of fictional, imaginary gender pronouns is now a matter of legal compulsion and concrete consequences — the complete reversal of the axiomatic order from which law itself draws its meaning. This is apparently the Chaos from which the New World Order will supposedly rescue mankind, with its so-called traditionalist neo-Eurasian Fourth Way.

    “Canadians Could Face Hate Crimes Over Using The Wrong Gender Pronouns

    June 16th, 2017
    Canada passed a law Thursday making it illegal to use the wrong gender pronouns. Critics say that Canadians who do not subscribe to progressive gender theory could be accused of hate crimes, jailed, fined, and made to take anti-bias training.”

    Cultural Marxism is a neutered social critique compared with actual Marxism, since it confines itself to petty external differences between plebs, lacking the conviction that concentration of capital is the most important issue. Perhaps this is because Cultural Marxism is a top down mandate from Jewish international capital itself, in furthering its emerging totalitarianism with a sock puppet drama meant to teach everyone why they need to be saved and who is going to save them?

  2. Jordan is insignificant, a smart opportunist at best. The fact that normies are going at each other over light-weight shit like that shows how hopelessly lost they are. And yeah Universitoilets today are getting very close to Gulags.

  3. I have found some definitions in which we all are made to believe.

    I wonder what the leftist are going to do when their ideology come back to bite them?

    Racist – noun – Anybody who wins an argument with a Liberal;
    Homophobe – noun – Anybody who wins an argument with a Liberal;
    Nazi – noun – Anybody who wins an argument with a Liberal;
    Fascist – noun – Anybody who wins an argument with a Liberal;
    Misogynist – noun – Anybody who wins an argument with a Liberal;
    Bigot – noun – Anybody who wins an argument with a Liberal;
    Hitler – noun – Anybody who wins an argument with a Liberal

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