Disturbing Video: British Muslims Hail “Multiculturalism” in UK

A disturbing new video from Lauren Southern shows British Muslims hailing “multiculturalism” as a great thing, even going so far as to say that Britishness and British culture itself means “to be multicultural.”

Muslim invaders are attempting to redefine British identity to mean “being tolerant of other cultures” in an obvious effort to colonize the island for Islam.

Are these Muslims being honest or deceitful when they hail multiculturalism in Europe? Does Islam or Islamic countries embrace multiculturalism?

In all countries where Muslims are a majority, minority religious faiths are brutally repressed. Radical Muslims from ISIS just slaughtered 305 people in an Egyptian mosque because they were Sufis, a sect of Islam that Sunni fundamentalists claim are heretics. Now just imagine what they’d do to Christians, Buddhists or other non-Muslims?

In Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Pakistan and Iran, non-Muslims caught preaching their faith in public are put in jail, deported or even killed. In Saudi, even non-Sunni Muslims are kept down like dogs and their leaders executed for criticizing their subjugation.

Islam is so intolerant of other faiths that it’s essentially a death-wish to profess a faith other than Islam in a Muslim country. Muslims absolutely scorn “multiculturalism” in their own countries. If multiculturalism is good, as these British Muslims say, then shouldn’t they embrace homosexuals, transgenders, and people who consume alcohol and drugs? Shouldn’t they embrace Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Pagans, Christians, Jews and other religions in their midst? Shouldn’t they welcome non-Muslim immigration into the Middle East? If these Muslims truly support multiculturalism, they should embrace those things in the Islamic world.┬áBut obviously they don’t. Instead, they violently reject any other culture that isn’t Islamic. Yet here they are occupying a European country and demanding the locals accept and embrace their primitive practices under the guise of multiculturalism.

These Muslims are practicing Taqiyya, an Islamic religious concept that permits lying to non-Muslims to advance the faith. Muslims only support “multiculturalism” when it allows them to bring as many of their co-religionists as possible to the place they’re looking to conquer for Islam. That’s clearly what they’re doing here, praising multiculturalism when it suits their interests as a minority to increase their numbers, and then when they’re numerous enough, they’ll take over and install Sharia law.

In this video below, a British Imam explicitly tells his followers to stealthily take over Britain by slowly building a “parallel” Islamic state within the country, which could then launch an insurgency to take the rest of it for Allah.

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5 Comments on “Disturbing Video: British Muslims Hail “Multiculturalism” in UK”

  1. Get real. Double standards or triple standards are the norm of the day in contemporary political life. There was a history of multiculturalism in the Muslim world. The Ottoman Empire and Shahist Iran multicultural. A multicultural state is possible in the muslim world as Pat Buchanan once wrote, not under conditions of democracy or equality. Under conditions of hierarchy or authoritarianism, multicultural societies in the muslim world did exist.

    1. Roman, I guess what irks me about you is that you’re a fucking moron. Tell us about some of these multicultural conflicts in the Muslim world since you seem to be an expert on the issue…

      1. There used to be epochs when multicultural societies in the Middle East did exist in a more or less stable manner. In the 1800s the Ottoman Empire and Egypt became more lenient to Christian minorities. That was prior the Young Turk revolution. An Italian composer Donizetti wrote an orchestral anthem for the Ottoman Turks. British, French, Italian, German merchants, craftsmen, engineers, scientists would settle down with their families in Istanbul, Izmir, Adana, Mosul, Alexandria, Cairo to do stuff like building railroads, steamboat, make watches, build stores and factories. They were legally protected by muslim rulers in exchange for taxes. That seems cool. Back then white people could settle in a Muslim city and be comparatively untouched. Processes happened in the Middle East that made muslims more intolerant than they used to be.

        1. Back then white people could settle in a Muslim city and be comparatively untouched? All other religions as well, including various sects of Muslims, right? Well I asked above for you to tell us about some Muslim multicultural conflicts and you didn’t. Why not, for example, mention anything about the Arab, Berber, and Ottoman slave trades of whites?

    2. The Arab empires essentially wiped out and colonized the other cultures. There are some minority cultures that still exist but are minuscule and repressed. Islam also erases cultures that it conquers.

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