Anti-White Lunatic Tim Wise: ‘It’s Time to Destroy White Alabama’

Anti-white activist Tim Wise has called for the destruction of “white Alabama” if Senate candidate Roy Moore wins the upcoming election.

Is this not a plea for terrorism and violence? Wise is the ideological ringleader of the domestic terrorist anti-white Antifa coalition who desire to bring revolution and death to America if politicians seen as pro-white are elected.

Wise has made a career promoting white guilt. His lectures and books helped popularize the cultural Marxist “white privilege” myth. Critics have often pointed out that Wise is ethnically Jewish, yet never talks about the privilege of Jews in America. Jews overwhelmingly dominate the American media and banking industries, yet Wise and his anti-white acolytes never challenge the very real phenomenon of Jewish privilege. He rarely if ever criticizes Israel – a Jewish ethno-state. Why isn’t he in Israel pleading with his fellow Jews to stop killing and oppressing brown Muslims? That’s because Wise is working on behalf of Organized Jewry to distract the public from their real rulers by proliferating boogeymen about white racists in power.

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2 Comments on “Anti-White Lunatic Tim Wise: ‘It’s Time to Destroy White Alabama’”

  1. Interesting story Brandon, but I have my suspicion that what we are seeing here is not what it appears on the surface. Starting with the proposition that the Antifa are not self-propelled and independent actors, but rather are themselves controlled and funded from above, by some eminences-gris, then we have to look ahead three moves as in chess.

    Take the documentary “Hyper-normalization” as indicative of the kind of game which the intelligence services, and in particular the KGB are playing; creating a kachina doll of nesting envelopes of virtual players.

    View Hyper-normalization here : (

    So, there is no way in which I would accept these high-profile Antifa as anything but pawns in a much larger and very devious game, based on what I have already seen and personally know from experience. So when they make the sort of statements you are rightly noticing as being alarming, let us ask whether there is a game of Provokation at hand.

    My impression is that there is, and first of all that it is meant to stimulate Neo-Confederates into feeling embattled and indignant. There is little reason to suspect that a boycott of ol’ Bammy is going to actually occur, much less effect the economy and wellbeing of the people there if it did. On the contrary, there are many reasons which indicat that the United States are being intentionally destabilized by agents of foreign influence with the goal of precipitation of a civil war along the lines of North vs. South.

    If this is so, the purpose of such a conflict is not decisive victory of one side or the other, but the complete inward turning of America away from the world and upon itself. The result: Europa will no longer be protected from invasion by a much superior force from Eurasia. This, in my opinion, is the real game here.

    1. I agree. Dugin has openly hinted at all this, in fact: they want to create internal chaos in the US, so as it cracks down on it’s own, Moscow is free to get more audacious. In Russia if you strongly criticize Dear Putin you either get arrested or they find your body oozing plutonium. Navalny is making some waves there though.
      “From Lisbon to Vladivostok”. Then they noticed Britain in the map and rephrased: “From Dublin to Vladivostok”.

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