Supercuck Justin Trudeau Apologizes to LGBTQ

Canada’s virtue signalling phenom PM Justin Trudeau made a tearful official apology and a promise of reparations to LGBTQ Canadians for alleged mistreatment by past governments.

Trudeau is the embodiment of the Supercuck: an effeminate, emotional, feminist, anti-racist, minority-pandering libtard who just can’t stop apologizing to every possible “victim” group under the sun. He previously apologized to First Nations Indians and for a 1914 incident wherein the Canadian government turned back a ship full of Indians trying to enter Canada.

He’s presented himself as a champion of women and LGBT rights on the world stage, playing up the dangerous myth of a “rape culture” in the West which claims that a man so much as asking a woman on a date is a form of sexual harassment. Meanwhile, he supports mass immigration of ultra-conservative patriarchal Muslims who have actually been rampaging across Europe raping and grooming girls and women as they please.

Here’s Trudeau making a fool of himself doing a funky Indian dance:

And here he is at the Canadian Gay Pride Parade:

Trudeau represents the death of Western civilization. He is engaging in turbocharged cultural Marxism, doing everything in his power to dispossess the white majority of Canada, while empowering the weakest and most degenerate elements of society.

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