Trump Retweets Britain First’s Muslim Videos

Trump is getting better and better. Weeks ago he went after Zionist Chuck Schumer, whose “Visa Lottery” program facilitated an Islamic attack in New York. Trump pleaded for stronger controls on immigration and to expedite construction of the border wall.

And now Trump just retweeted three videos posted on Twitter by Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of the civic nationalist Britain First group, causing libtard media outlets to flip out.

10 Downing Street issued a condemnation of Trump earlier today. The reason for this condemnation is that the U.K. government feels threatened by Donald Trump’s show of support for a nationalist dissident whom they are currently trying to prosecute under Orwellian speech control laws. Fransen has just released a video pleading for Trump to intervene and stop Theresa May from prosecuting her. If Trump reaches out further to Fransen, it could be a serious blow to Her Majesty’s Government’s authority.

As for the videos, the first one showed ISIS terrorists tossing a teenager off a rooftop, probably in Syria. The second depicted a bearded Muslim cursing and then smashing a Virgin Mary statue. The third showed a Muslim immigrant in Holland beating up a defenceless white Dutch kid on crutches.

Instead of condemning the Muslim criminals in the videos, libtards have called the mere posting of the videos an act of “hate” by Trump.

So radical Muslims throwing a kid off a roof, smashing a Christian idol, and assaulting a helpless kid on crutches are not extreme acts of hate by Muslims? The real haters are Jayda Fransen and Donald Trump simply for highlighting Muslim acts of violence towards infidels?

In the minds of libtards, showcasing criminal acts by brown people is “hate propaganda” because you’re not allowed to think brown people are capable of doing wrong, since they’re eternal victims of white oppression. Leftist doctrine says that when brown or black people commit evil, it is because they were driven into a corner by the “white supremacist power structure,” and felt they had no other choice but to act out violently. This kind of hogwash is fed to millions of college students every year in major Western universities. Entire studies departments are dedicated to “white privilege” and brown victimhood.

Britain First is a civnat group run by Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen. They do street patrols to draw awareness to the Islamization of Britain and the threat of Muslim rape gangs. They do good work on that front, but, like all civnats, fall well short of the mark on the Jewish question. BF’s leadership are major cucks for Jews, and can be seen at rallies waving Israeli flags. They constantly tout “Judeo-Christian” culture as what they’re fighting to preserve. That is, in practice, the preservation of Jewish supremacists lording it over and degrading white Christian culture for their own ends. This needs to change if BF wants to be taken seriously by true nationalists in the alt-right. BF are good on opposing mass immigration by Muslims, but predictably limit their critique to Islam, ignoring the central role of Jews in opening the floodgates.

I implore the leaders of Britain First to view the evidence I’ve compiled on my breakdown of the Kalergi plan, showing Jewish supremacist handiwork behind cultural Marxism and the browning of the West, as part of their Talmudic revenge fantasy to rectify what they’ve claimed happened during “the Holocaust” as well as past European anti-Semitic uprisings.

Right now Jayda Fransen is undergoing tyrannical state persecution because of speeches she’s given criticizing Islam’s destructive impact in Europe, which the Marxists in charge of Britain are pursuing as “hate speech.” She deserves support on the free speech front, and if we can bring her over to the true alt-right, all the better.

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19 Comments on “Trump Retweets Britain First’s Muslim Videos”

  1. Britain First are nothing but Zionist agrents . This whole thing is an op to continue the great divide between Islam and the West. The only thing Trump did by retweeting Britain First’s videos was show he is part of the cabal. All videos to this point cannot be verified and the one supposedly showing a Muslim beating a boy on crutches was fake. The others are in Idlib Province in Syria. The acts done by Al Qaeda linked groups. If you’re worried about Islam not being criticized enough, I suggest you turn on Fox News, or heck even CNN and the BBC. All MSM outlets and alt media criticize Islam and the Western backed terrorists constantly. The idea behind what Trump did is to continue with the great divide for the Jewish Cabal of course. After all he payed homage to Israel and Saudi Arabia and was called the first Jewish president because nearly all of his children are Jewish.

    1. So the prosecution of Fransen for hate speech is an “op”? How would that work? Hardcore Zionists are fine with the Islam critique, but the more globalist libtard wing of Jewry is not comfortable with this civic nationalist critique of Muslims as they’re the main immigrant force that are being used to destroy the West. They’d prefer that we’d all embrace Muslims with open arms which is why libtard media do all these pro-Muslim puff pieces trying to normalize Muslims in our midst and even promote their culture, like the hijab, as “hip” and “cool.” Trump is kosher on the JQ but his civnat stances are definitely NOT appreciated by the elite Jews in charge of the Kalergi plan.

  2. As a follow up Britain First will never join the true “alt-right” . Their leader is Jewish and a Zionist. Controlled opposition just like Trump. The NYC attack was also an effort to implement self driving cars. Whereas Islamic terrorism and immigration is what the media throws in your face and is not the true motive of these attacks.

    Remember the elite operate like any organization. Many plans and projects being implemented simultaneously. It’s not just Islam and Immigration.

    Ultimately the trumpster is pissing in everyone’s cornflakes and calling it milk. He’s gonna shit in his followers scrambled eggs and they won’t know what they have eaten until it’s too late.

    1. Fransen followed me on Twitter. So she may come around at some point.

      You sound like you’re stuck in the leftist anti-Zionist critique where you want some kind of anti-racist/anti-Zionist “gentile alliance”. That’s a pipe dream and ignores the Kalergi agenda specifically targeting whites for extinction.

      Leftist anti-Zionists who virtue signal for Palestinians all day are also “controlled opposition” who support the Kalergi agenda to brown the West.

      1. Fransen is still a Jew. Her being “targeted for hate speech” is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

        Likewise you are stuck on the Kalergi agenda without focusing on the bigger picture. The Jews. They are the common denominator in all this. If it wasn’t for them, there would not have been these wars in the Middle East along with this mass immigration to your Europe. Both of which I condemn. Of course they control the world as well, economically.

        You act as though Trump is the first US president to be truly populist and right wing. That’s false. There have been others like him, just not recently.

        Trump’s “stances” are whatever his Jewish overlords tell him to be. 90% of his donors were Jewish and a large portion of his administration are Jewish and/or represent the elite. So I’m sorry but he’s nothing but controlled opposition. Don’t get your hopes up for him.

        The Jewish Elite have started wars to keep their agenda going. They have collapsed economies, overthrown leaders, and are now dominating this planet. Including the information were being fed. They are not gonna let some orange oompaloompa ruin their plans. He is a part of the plan, not against it.

        1. You’ve got no evidence to claim that Fransen’s charges are “smoke and mirrors”. That’s vague conspiratard talk.

          I’m aware of what Jews are doing. And your grand solution is to have us stop talking about white genocide so as not to offend these Muslim immigrants being brought in? Should we just virtue signal for Palestinians until the end of time? I’m European so I’m fighting the parts of the Jewish agenda that affect us most. I’m not Arab so Jewish scheming against Arabs is for Arabs to sort out. It just so happens that Jews and Muslims have teamed up on the project to “kill whitey”. Most of these Muslim immigrants in Europe couldn’t give two shits about their brethren in Palestine. They’re more interested in making Europe more Islamic for the eventual Sharia takeover. Screw them all!

          1. No again you misunderstand me. Fransen is a self proclaimed Zionist. Just because the zio msm and alt right media claim something doesn’t make it true whatsoever. Her charges are irrelevant because behind the scenes her Masonic Jewish overlords will bail her out.

            See again you are really stuck in the mud with regards to the kalergi plan. I’ve traveled the world, and the entire world is slowly becoming more and more multicultural.
            This is a fact. The elite view culture as a problem. They want their one world materialistic culture so it is easier to control the masses.

            I’m not sure where Arabs and Palestine came up, but Jewish scheming against anyone is my problem, because currently they dominate all walks of life globally. This includes the migrants coming into Europe. Who as you said could care less about Palestinians or Jews and more about $$$.

    2. What is wrong with being a little Zionist? Being a Zionist makes you appear more respectable, mature and modern. When a British nationalist endorses Israel, he undermines the nutsi stereotype.

      1. Why would a British nationalist endorse Israel? Especially considering Jewish terrorists murdered Britons during the mandate of Palestine, it’s obvious Zionists are not friends of Britain unless it is doing the complete bidding of the Jews. A group calling itself “Britain First” should have no affinity for foreign states. Zionists should be deported to Israel. Which means, you need to go to Israel.

        1. No one will ever realistically deport anyone to Israel over supporting Israel in the foreseeable future. There are millions of white christian zionists. Should they be deported too? Israel would not accept them. Politics is the art of the possible with the Overton window. Excessive hate of Israel and of Jews is way outside the Overton window.

          1. Yes, Christian Zionists should all go to Israel to serve their masters in the flesh. They’re traitorous lunatics who think starting a nuclear Armageddon will bring about the return of their Jewish messiah.

            Criticizing Jews is outside your Overton Window because you are a cuck for them. Are you Jewish yourself?

  3. Jayda/Robinson are not only Neocons, but they appeal to the British lowest common denominator on purpose. It’s a mindjob – in the end they’re just liberturds who do the semi-authorized attack on Islam. BF’s videos are unwatchable, too childish. It’s like Daily Stormer adapted for British “good lads”. At their core these people are as hostile to survivalists as the leftists.

    1. Their base of support is fertile recruiting ground for us. It’s unlikely Golding or Fransen will start calling out the Jewish supremacist issue anytime soon, but we can spam their followers with our content to bring them over to our side.

  4. Re: “Trump is getting better and better.”

    Better at what? Pandering? Lying? Saying what he thinks you want to hear? You yourself have identified dozens of lies which he told, so why trust a known liar? This is like deer hunting at dusk — people start ‘seeing deer’ because they are running out of chances and time, then they shoot…

    1. Plus re-tweeting is ideologically vague enough to be deniable later. I would call it slippery, cynical and oportunistic racist signaling (like his campaign support from “88” generals and admirals) not a commitment to immigration policies which respect natives while honoring the human dignity of refugees.

    2. “Look well into your bargains before your moneys pay,” or you might end up like Germany: bombed flat and raped by Commies.

    3. I have some optimism that Trump will follow through on his populist-nationalist tendencies. He went after Chuckie Schumer and isn’t afraid of offending the cucks when it comes to immigration. I don’t like his Russia ties but he already got rid of the bigger Kremlin cucks within his inner circle, like Manafort.

  5. Sorry to run on here, but I think that where you are mjstaken is believing that the people in power actually respond to democratic pressure and modify their policies accordingly. The evidence is to the contrary: we live in the post-political era, where technocrats are engaged in a game of winning the consent of the governed by placating them with plastic. There is no truth in them because they themselves care not for truth, only power. As hard as this is, and potentially depressing, it has a lot of facts behind it. Forgive me for being the bearer of bad news.

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