Hispanic Student Writes Op-Ed Calling for White Genocide

A Hispanic-American college student shackled under the oppressive octopus of white privilege published an opinion piece in his university newspaper calling white people and our DNA an “abomination.”

Rudy Martinez, a non-white Hispanic attending Texas State University, wrote the piece for the University Star which carried with it a picture that said “white is over.”

Martinez’s article regurgitated textbook cultural Marxist rhetoric about white privilege, racist cops, and how whiteness is a “construct used to perpetuate a system of racist power.”

Martinez casually ended the piece with a plea for white genocide, writing:

Whiteness will be over because we want it to be. And when it dies, there will be millions of cultural zombies aimlessly wandering across a vastly changed landscape. Ontologically speaking, white death will mean liberation for all… Until then, remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist. You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.

It’s hard to put into words the absurdity of this, but it clarifies how bankrupt the idea of “white privilege” actually is, where you have a Hispanic penning and successfully getting published a blatantly anti-white genocidal screed in a college paper. Somehow Martinez’s “final solution” to white people slipped past the white racist editors at the paper. If the roles were reversed in this case where a white man wrote a piece maligning the entire black race as an “abomination,” it would, firstly, never have been published, and, secondly, resulted in that person being expelled from the university.

Martinez’s opinions are not his own, but the official doctrine of cultural Marxism, which is taught verbatim to millions of university students across the West who take sociology courses. History courses are also heavily infused with Marxist bias against white males, degrading their historical achievements as “oppression.”

If Martinez and his non-white compatriots are so horribly oppressed by “institutional racism,” then how is he able to attend a good university and write such tripe openly? Obviously whites, let alone whites who are racially conscious, do not have commensurate power in the United States anymore. If anything, whites who are in positions of authority are obliged to work against their own people, towing the Marxist line on “diversity.” Whites with power are constantly virtue signalling at the minorities in order to keep their jobs. Look at former US Vice President Joe Biden, who proclaimed shamelessly in front of cameras with a smile on his face that whites were on the verge of becoming a minority, and how that’s a “good thing.”

Is this the “white privilege” that SJWs are talking about? A vice president gloating about whites losing their majority and with it any political or cultural power?

If this nutcase Martinez is so unhappy with life in America, then why is he still there? Why doesn’t he deport himself back to the paradise of Mexico, where narco-traffickers run the country and behead anyone who gets in their way? Instead, he continues to parasite off the prosperity built by the whites he despises. Martinez and his family chose to emigrate to the US precisely because they knew living amongst white people would raise their standard of living. Yet instead of being thankful, the loser damns whites and solicits for a “white death.” He resents whites because he’s jealous of their success and wants to replace them at the top of the food chain in a society that they built. He, like all the other minority race hustlers, are riding the anti-white Marxist wave for all that it’s worth, hoping to find a brand new Ferrari at the end of it.

The anti-white narrative is growing and has become mainstream. Fighting it is our only option!

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5 Comments on “Hispanic Student Writes Op-Ed Calling for White Genocide”

  1. What the hell is a “hispanic” anyway? “Latino”? Who invented/established these terms? Rockefeller. The US oligarchy created/funded these groups (La Raza/Mecha etc.) to create a schism among the peasants in the country. Ford Foundation still runs these cocksuckers – they’re no different from Black Lives Matter: puppet-rebels for the elite. Useful idiots are generally idealists, but they can be turned into a semi-criminal/terrorist element on command. This is the art of revolution. Consider the synchronicity between this and Dugin’s agitation – seems the US is marked for death.

  2. Yes, some Latinos are nuts. Their hatred for white people is irrational. Latinos themselves are partly white. But hard to call this “marxism” anymore. Old school marxism was not identity obsessed, the main focus of 19th and 20th century marxists was class struggle and more rights and social programs for working class people. These “cultural marxists” do not care about worker rights or fiscal social programs anymore. People like this goofy Latino were likely for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. “Cultural marxism” is inside the Overton window of elite accepted opinion. Mainstream liberal parties endorse it.

  3. So then how do we go about claiming the moral high-ground? If a fight is inevitable because it is coming against us, how do we avoid the same pitfall of mindless racism. I see non-whites as valid human beings with feelings and hearts, even if they hate me without a cause? I don’t want to be reduced to some beast that strikes out at the sight of the ‘other’, or I would be no different than this misguided college kid trying to please his Jew professors.

    1. I think that it is one matter to accept as fact that there are those people out there who want to target you because you are White, and another entirely to validate race war yourself and participate in it. If we join in a race war then the only possible outcome is genocide, either for us or for them, which is a dehumanizing dead end for everyone. What we need is justice and survival, but who is good enough to really be just and not merely vengeful? Peace is the only end which will ensure survival, so we need to not embrace reaction in the face of provocation. Let’s not assume the opponent is so simple that he doesn’t value peace more than war himself. Is White really civilized or is it high tech barbarism? Do we possess a real culture with objective value, or just a self-serving bunch of non-values? We are quite literally dealing with fire here, and the inflamed passions of youth. I don’t want to see this hispanic kid punished for his foolishness, but given a reason to see it for what it is and move past it. Maybe he really is just trying to be a good student to a bad teacher. Courage might be refusing to be alarmed by this nonsense, refusing to react. The reality of war is that it isn’t us or them, but both of us that are going to suffer and die in it. And military victory without political and moral victory is unstable and always in threat of being overthrown. I still encourage you to educate people to the reality that a race war is a major risk, not a paranoid fantasy.

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