Old Woman May: ‘We Will Tackle the Far-Right’

Teresa May, the senile old woman unfortunately in charge of the UK right now, has pledged to put resources into combatting the “far-right.”

The old bag absurdly likened British nationalists to Islamist terrorists.

Britain has seen three major Islamist terror attacks under May’s watch. She has completely failed to protect her country from the Islamist scourge. Instead of shutting down extremist mosques who churn out foot soldiers for the ISIS caliphate, May, under orders from her Jewish supremacist paymasters, is obsessed with shutting down the nationalists who would put an end to that madness. How can this fool consider British nationalists a “threat” when they actually want to save the country from the Islamic danger and other foreign threats currently plaguing their soil?

After Trump retweeted videos from Britain First, May condemned Trump and sounded alarm bells about the far-right in general. Britain is so cucked at the moment that the “conservatives” are trying to outdo their Labour leftist counterparts in virtue signalling for Muslims.

Britain’s Labour Party, led by leftist maniac Jeremy Corbyn, has called for Trump to be banned from the UK, flinging the meaningless “racist” charge at the president for retweeting videos showing Muslims committing hate crimes.

The left are so out-of-touch with reality that they believe simply showing brown people committing crimes is “racist” because it makes them look bad. Only positive depictions of brown people are allowed, according to the lunatic left, who endeavour to tear down Western civilization and replace it with a communist gulag.

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19 Comments on “Old Woman May: ‘We Will Tackle the Far-Right’”

  1. Some police AI somewhere in the West, some crime database was being shutdown because the statistics were “racist” , this is a meme now: https://www.theguardian.com/inequality/2017/aug/08/rise-of-the-racist-robots-how-ai-is-learning-all-our-worst-impulses. Reason in the West is dying – it’s the “Eclipse of Reason” that cultural marxists wrote about (and helped to achieve) in the 60s. After a brief period of total irrationality/madness/violence, it will all be replaced by the brainchip – they’re already sowing the seeds of that with transhumanist propaganda.
    Whites, non-whites, Jews are all pawns from this perspective.

  2. Why are you using ad hominems when you are far more intellectually talented? How can you settle for tabloid journalism when you can write forensic essays? How can you maintain that you are honorable while verbally abusing a woman? How does any of this further the causes you have been struggling for years over?

    1. Meanwhile you give Chabad Jew sociopath Jared Kushner no attention whatsoever while he runs the White House like a Mossad kibbutz. What is going on with you?

      1. In these times, the British instinct for gentility will get you all slaughtered, raped, or dispossessed. You are not dealing with rational, civilized Western people. You are dealing with liberal cat ladies, degenerate leftists, unprincipled beta males, Jews, Muslims, and other third world trash who mean you serious harm because they are envious of you and what you and your ancestors have had. They are acutely aware of the gap in accomplishments and possessions between the peoples, and it infuriates them because it stands as a rebuke to them. As a civilized person, you do not understand the envy-driven hatred of these people toward you. I suggest you seek to understand the bottomlessness of their resentment and irrationality real quick. They mean to take it ALL, and you are kidding yourself if you think there is a non-totalistic outcome possible to all this. You have to get angry about what is going on and go full Iliad against your enemies. Regardless of what the cat lady tells herself, Theresa May will eventually carry out her anti-British and anti-white program to its full logical conclusion. She has to be removed. Manners and politeness are not virtues in this context; they are liabilities.

    2. Tabloid usually involves gossip and other nonsense. That’s not what I’m doing here. I’m commenting on legitimate news stories from an alt-right perspective.

      Teresa May is trying to destroy our civilization and has openly called for shutting down people like me for opinions she doesn’t like. And you’re asking me to be nice to her?

          1. Theresa May is a British woman and an elected official representing British interests. However unpalatable her politics, an ad hominem attack against her is an affront to Britain. I don’t see much to admire in the Queen of England, but you better believe that I would call her “your majesty” in her court. If you really intend to represent a political movement, maybe you should consider how speaking civilly saves lives down the line when people act on your suggestions.

            1. White have no political solution as Eustace Mullins pointed out in Our Secret rulers. England, a land plagued by one revolution after another, hasn’t had one since the BOE was created. Think about it.

              Theresa May is a marrano.

  3. I try not to get drawn into petty arguments, trolls try to do the opposite.
    I disagree with Erin’s reply and it seems to me Erin’s nit picking is detracting from the subject matter of the article.
    We are not allowed to get angry and speak our minds now and again?
    My last comment to Brandon regarding a measured degree of anger I still stand by.

    In our Britain we are surrounded by diversity posters in our job centres and jobclubs.
    Immigrants must be aware there is resentment, when the jobclub leaders tell them “Now if anyone is horrible to you, you come and tell us.”
    They don’t say that to indigenous Brits.

    I know a guy who had to where a leg tag and was on a curfew one christmas for verbally upsetting a muslim taxi driver.
    This “put up and shut up” nonsense has to stop.

    1. I am just as bad as Brandon, hence a hypocrite. I am just projecting my desire to overcome my own pottymouth. Lol.

        1. Erin
          I am not the person to ask sorry.
          So I won’t be following the link you placed.
          I am not really interested in politics (seriously I have other things that interest me more) and I do not follow the mainstream media narratives (smoke and mirrors).
          I am not a member of the BNP (any more) or the NF or BF, I am simply a concerned citizen, concerned for my country and its indigenous people..
          As David Icke has indicated many times on his videocasts, it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the result is usually very similar (it is like a one party state).
          Same wars same hidden agendas, same self serving politicians.
          I am a patriot who does a personal website, as a labour of love and I try to make a difference in my own way.
          I can tell that you don’t like what I do.
          Well that’s tough.
          So stop trying to wind me up . . . it won’t work.
          Thanks for you input.

          1. You get me wrong. I like what you do. I can barely fathom British politics myself, so if you tell me it’s all in vain, that itself is what I needed to hear. To me the point of politics is so that many people can cooperate for their own good. Sadly, I don’t think we really have politics anymore but technocracy, and that seems like what you are saying too about where it all ends up about the same. But patriots need some way of working together for our own people and our freedom, so don’t chuck the baby out with the bath water, please.

    1. Clearly there are people who follow politics for their own financial reasons.
      They are trying to predict which stocks will perform well or not, based on likely future events.
      Politics can dictate events.
      Self serving politicians are closer to the insider information and so can ‘front run’ events . . . get all their ducks in a line, so as to speak.
      They profit from such things as fracking (hydraulic fracturing) and wind farms and cell towers, because they take back handers from the industry and know ahead of time what to invest in.
      Loot, pollute and scoot.
      Ordinary people like us only suffer from the pollution, bad pharma and immigration (which is like a form of pollution to us indigenous patriots).

      1. People may counter – with how wonderful and beneficial the new technology is.
        Many of us realize that it is very harmful to our health also, but the mainstream media and vested interests seek to cover up the true facts regarding the negative effects.
        Well they would wouldn’t they, they are motivated by profit.
        We however are motivated by survival and we will prevail, the monster will eat its own tail eventually. Immigration will not be allowed to destroy us.
        Wake up Britain . . . to do that first open your eyes, and do something . . . anything to keep youself from falling back into apathy and slumber.
        Wake up others . . . the fight is now on.

      2. For instance this local Dorset MP works for the oil industry.
        Quoting the revolvy website
        Alongside his political career, Burns works as a consultant for Trant Engineering Ltd earning £10,000 quarterly for 10 hours work a month.[18] He acts as a consultant for real estate developers, the Quantum Group, working 6 hours a month for a quarterly fee of £6,250.[18]
        End quote

        ‘They Work For You’ website . . . Register of Members’ Interests

        18. https://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/24780/conor_burns/bournemouth_west#register

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