Faith Goldy & Gavin McInnes: Zionist SuperCucks

On a recent interview Faith Goldy and Gavin McInnes, two well-known alt-light cuckservatives, confirmed their status as Sabbath Goys working for Jewish interests.

Both Goldy and McInnes have flirted with the alt-right over the past year, but have disavowed the “Nazis” of the movement who are critical of Jewish power and Israel. Neither has had the nerve to call out the Jewish role in foisting multiculturalism on the West, sticking firm to their uncontroversial civnat critique of Islam and liberals.

In the clip McInnes and Goldy boast of their Zionist credentials, with McInnes even saying that while in Israel last year he wanted to “become a Nazi skinhead… but for Israel, beating up Palestinians with my boots” … meaning he wants help the Jews achieve supremacy over the Arabs and the rest of the world.

McInnes has at times criticized and dismissed white nationalism, advocating for a race-blind, pro-Jewish “Western chauvinism.” Meanwhile, the hypocrite vehemently supports full-blown Jewish racial apartheid in Israel.

Goldy was fired from Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media earlier this year for going on an alt-right podcast. Obviously her flirtation with the alt-right went a little further than Levant, a Jewish supremacist who hates white nationalists, approved of. Levant is a Jewish media ringleader in Canada who has successfully made Canadian conservatism into little more than an Israel worship cult.

Goldy has always been a Zionist Christian cuck working for Jewish media companies like Levant’s Rebel and before that Sun News, a Zionist operation with ties to Levant that went bankrupt. So Goldy has had no choice but to shill for her masters’ beloved ethno-state, Israel, while making sure to avoid affirming the arguments of white ethno-nationalists in the West, especially those who’re critical of Jews.

So Goldy and McInnes hold the position that Israel is the exclusive homeland of ethnic Jews, but the West is for “Christians” of any race, and even some other benign religions so long as they’re pro-Jew and support Israel. Goldy and McInnes open themselves up to so much criticism when they cuck out like this, especially McInnes for his degenerate antics, like sticking a dildo up his own ass during a broadcast.

These cucks will never be on our level. They’ve expressed time and again that they’ll never tell the full truth about Jewish power and will forever serve their Jewish masters like the good Sabbath Goys that they are.

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  1. Brandon
    Are you aware that Non Aligned Media is now up and running?
    With the same url as your old website that you closed down in April.
    I am not sure whether this new website has any involvement from your good self.
    I vaguely recognize some of the article topics but cannot find your name mentioned.
    Is this a propaganda op, and should I try to remove the links to it which still remain in the NAM archive.
    Hope this information is useful news for you.

        1. I stumbled upon it just now, when I clicked your avatar (passport photo) link in the comments of an article in the nam-archive.
          I thought the link would not work and to my surprise . . . it did.

          1. Okay, that’s not too difficult, your comment avatars only link to that new site in my original manually created pages.
            I can either remove the manually created pages (57 of them), or update the avatar links to
            The newer imported wordpress nam-archive has avatar links that do not link to that new website.
            Instead they are set up to be author tag links.
            So clicking them you will stay in the nam-archive and go to all articles tagged with the author Brandon Martinez

  2. So it would be a good idea to keep an eye on it and to try to find out who it is.
    I might be able to update your avatar links in the nam-archive so they jump to reconquista europa, instead of that new website if you like?

  3. I will do that now, just to be on the safe side.
    Updating my 57 manually created pages to link to
    Wordpress nam-archive should not need changes, unless you find some outdated non-aligned media links there.

    1. Turns out there were many links to that old domain throughout my 57 manually created pages.
      So it was best to delete all of those and just leave the official wordpress version nam-archive, which has all the articles and is clean of the links to the strange new website (I think).
      The archive is useful to people and I have had the occasional email saying thanks for preserving their work (comments).

        1. Brandon is this still your donate link for contributions regarding your old nonalignedmedia?

          If it is, then I can edit it into each of the 1007 articles of the nam-archive.
          Or do you have another link you would wish to use.
          Don’t worry about the effort to do that.
          It is easy, I can edit 1000’s of files at once.

  4. Just because she worked at Rebel and was fired, doesn’t mean she is now an infiltrator and it was all staged or whatever. You’re assuming too much. Give the woman a chance for crying out loud. She has to undo years of Christian programming. At least she sees Israel is an ethno-state and how Europeans are attacked for also wanting it. In fact, in a video she made with someone else not too long ago she had talked about how she was seeing lots of “coincidences” and she repeated it several times (in a video with LS of all people). Relax. One woman is not going to subvert your movement.

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