Islam on the Rise in Russia

You’ll often hear alt-righters lamenting the Islamization of Europe, posting pictures like the one below to demonstrate the point.

Muslims clogging up the streets of Paris, London, etc., to pray is certainly an ugly sight to behold and warrants much protest. Except the same excitable alt-righters who criticize Islamization of Europe have nothing to say about the Islamization of Russia because it interferes with their false depiction of Russia as “less cucked” than the West on issues like immigration.

Here’s drone footage of hundreds of thousands of Muslims gathered in the streets of Moscow in 2015 during the Eid al-Fitr celebration:

And here’s more footage of 15,000 Russian Muslims running a rat race to arrive at the new mega-mosque that Putin built in Moscow in 2015:

Here’s Putin inaugurating the Moscow mega-mosque:

Here’s footage of Muslims rampaging through the streets of Moscow during another event:

At the Eid celebration Putin “sent his best wishes for the holiday, praising Russian Muslims for keeping their religious traditions alive.” According to Russia Today, there are 20 million Muslims in Russia, comprising 15% of the overall population. They’re the fastest growing religion in Russia and generally have higher birthrates than other groups. Since Putin became president in 2000, more than 7500 mosques have been built across the country.

All of this debunks the myth that Putin is a white nationalist or even a Christian nationalist. He’s allowed Islam to grow and deliberately increased the Muslim population of Russia by refusing to allow Chechnya to secede in 1999, occupying the republic with military forces to prevent its secession. Instead, he’s pumped billions of dollars into the Muslim-majority regions of Russia, contributing greatly to their population boom. He’s even given his Chechen puppet Ramzan Kadyrov a free hand to implement parts of Sharia law in Chechnya. In exchange, Kadyrov sends thugs to intimidate and assassinate Putin’s domestic political opponents.

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9 Comments on “Islam on the Rise in Russia”

  1. The persons in the picture look like asian mongoloids, not like chechens. The chechens are armenoids. There are actually not that many chechens in the world according to statistics books. Maybe only 2 million at most. There was only 1 million of them in the 1980s. There is a bigger global trend that no european society (including Russia) could avoid that is noticeable in statistics books. The general international trend has been that all european birthrates have been dropping and dropping below replacement levels since the 1980s. Meaning the populations will age, labor forces would inevitably decline, but new workers and taxpayers are needed to maintain state finances. These demographic trends and economic circumstances make migrants attractive. And which capitalist does not want cheap labor? Then there is the issue of the places migrants are coming from, be it Central Asia, North Africa, Africa, have high poverty and high demographic growth rates. Britain, France or Russia in the past controlled such places and created economic opportinities there. But once you give up on colonies, colonies do not give on you. There are pull and push factors making migration attractive. These demographic processes are global and objective. No politician in the world was able or would be able to change them.

  2. ‘Roman’ over here is like a pro-multicultural parrot squawking on repeat about how nice foreign migrants are to make up for whites’ declining birth rates.

    Ummm, yeah dude, we’re aware of whites’ declining birth rates and falling populations. Somehow though, it’s not dawning on you that bringing in foreign migrants into white countries creates lots of problems. White countries aren’t like Muslim countries, especially Gulf countries where they can bring in Filipino, Indian, Somali, etc., migrants to work for cheap, while also being second class citizens in those countries because they’re not Muslims and they don’t have access to welfare, affirmative action, or a mainstream media there that lionizes them while demonizing the Muslim populations there. They’re not so friendly to people who have overstayed their limits, either.

    Welfare use in America by race, for example:

  3. China is an obvious example of how multiculturalism doesn’t work, including among Chinese from different provinces (not just talking about the feuds between Chinese and other Asians, or Chinese and black Africans, etc).

    China has experienced it’s biggest internal migrations in history over the last few decades. Many of these new migrants have been migrant workers coming to fill new factory jobs. It turns out migrant workers have caused increased levels of crime and tension, and this shouldn’t be a surprise. This is no different than the conflicts between Chinese born in America and new Chinese arrivals, or for instance Japanese Brazilians creating conflict and increased crime in Japan when the Japanese government tried to get them back to Japan to make up for Japan’s demographic declines.

    There is a PDF you can look up called “Status and Causes of Chinese Migrant Workers’ Crimes”… yeah, they commit crime at rates out of proportion to other Chinese.

  4. There used to be a time when there were no mosques in Russia, no mosques in all of Central Asia and the Balkans. That was when the communist parties (old school economic marxists) were in charge. In the 20th century stalinist communists were militantly anticlerical, including against muslims. Hoxha, Shehu and Alia in Albania closed all mosques and threw muslim clerics into jails. The Afghan left-wing regime, that Soviet Union aided, had it’s intelligence agency, police and army shoot numerous sunni muslim clerics and implement official education of evolution and materialism in afghan schools. This growth of islamism in Central Asia and Russia was made possible by anti-communism. When a progressive modernistic ideology declines, more medieval and backward ideologies tend to flourish. Communists were at least admirable in their anticlericalism.

    1. “This growth of Islamism in Central Asia and Russia was made possible by anti-communism”….Not entirely. Chechen Islamist Shamil Basayev was linked to the Kremlin and staged his suspicious incursion into Russia which only benefited Putin. The spread of Wahhabi groups in Chechnya and Dagestan was promoted by the Kremlin when it served their interests to discredit and have them fight against the more secular nationalist Chechen separatists.

  5. This communist half mongoloid dictator Putin really hates Russians. I don’t understand why so many “white nationalists” think Putin is the savior of the West when he’s not even white. Last time I was in Moscow, I saw bunch of mexicans, chineses and colombians walking with white slavic girls. I almost punched them. Interacial couples are more common in Putin’s Russia than in many western european countries like Spain or Italy.

    1. Mr. Putin believes in capitalism, which makes him not a communist. Communists historically promoted atheism and anticlericalism, they disliked muslim clerics too. In China it is hard to get a Quran. Albanian and Afghan communists imprisoned or shot a lot of muslim clerics. In any major metropolitan city, there are many tourists, foreign students and many bars and nightclubs. Mr. Putin may not hate anyone, but may simply be indifferent and ignorant. Cut out the creepy conspiracy stuff. Ignorance, indifference, degeneracy, greed and statistical trends explain multiculturalism a lot better.

      1. Roman the “mind reader” again over here?! ‘Cut out the creepy conspiracy stuff’?! Roman, I hate to break it to you dude, but not only aren’t you a mind reader and not only aren’t you psychic, but you strike me as a moron who needs to do a whole, whole, whole lot less talking, if you know what I’m saying, lol. I don’t know why morons feel such a need to comment on/about shit that’s way over their heads, but this problem is of epidemic proportions, unfortunately.

        1. Russia’s obvious “Neo”-communist, hybrid strategy is visible. No point debating that. Many will always deny reality until the end. Putin is probably just a temporary frontman for Russia’s “rebirth”.

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